Windows 10: How will Updating from Windows 7 to 10 affect me

Discus and support How will Updating from Windows 7 to 10 affect me in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; I'm using the Download tool now on I used a legitimate copy of Windows 7, but that was... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/Austins-Reddit, Jan 14, 2020 at 8:32 PM.

  1. How will Updating from Windows 7 to 10 affect me

    I'm using the Download tool now on

    I used a legitimate copy of Windows 7, but that was years ago. If I upgrade now will I still be able to access stuff on my computer and use it? Do I need to "activate" Windows 10 to do this?

    Is it okay to use this?

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  2. Kursah Win User

    Repair Windows 7/8/10

    Repairing Windows 7

    Methods of advanced CLI repair were introduced with Windows 7 and Server 2008 that can allow sysadmins and end-users to attempt to resolve issues without wiping their hard drive, re-installing and either losing or restoring data.

    I will list the important repair processes I use in the field, at my bench, remotely, for family, etc. that have allowed me to keep a current Windows 7 system deployed and running smooth. Keep in mind this is not a cure-all, some issues will require what is called an in-place upgrade. In more severe cases, a system re-install may still be required. For many it is worth the time to try and avoid that process and I am hopeful that some of you will be saved that hassle with this part of the guide!

    If you're having issues with Windows 7, hopefully the below repair instructions will help you confirm OS file corruption and help resolve it.

    Spoiler: Windows 7 Repair In-Place Upgrade

    If CHKDSK and SFC fail to repair the issues with the system, then the next option is to perform an in-place upgrade. This is comparable to an Operating System Refresh in Windows 8/8.1 and 10. In that it re-installs most of the operating system's files without losing your profiles, data or programs. In many cases this process accomplishes just that.

    Time to close the CLI windows and get back into the GUI, unless you want to deploy Windows through CLI. You'll have to source a different guide for that process!

    Requirements to perform a Windows 7 and Server 2008 in-place upgrade:
    • Must have installation media that matches the installed OS version and type. You can download that media click here.
    • Must be able to get to the desktop on the affected system to correctly initiate this process, booting to the media will not allow an upgrade to be performed.
    That last rule is the frustrating part of this repair process if you cannot get that far, backup what you can and do a fresh installation. Otherwise proceed.
    • Start the process by using autorun or manually running setup.exe from the installation media.
    • You'll come to the installation window, the options will be Upgrade or Custom. Choose Upgrade. This is critical as choosing custom will force you to overwrite, append or wipe out the current install rather than performing any kind of repair.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts, which should be very few for you to interact with. The overall process looks and is the Windows 7 install GUI. Once it is completed, the system will automatically reboot (may need to more than once).
    • After the reboot(s) after the in-place upgrade you should have a fully functional Windows 7 without issues or corruptions.
    Performing an in-place upgrade makes sense, and gives you a stable and clean running operating system when there's an issue or corruption you just can't fix but things aren't broken enough to warrant a fresh installation. The point of this process is to refresh the Windows 7 OS files but retain your data, programs, and settings. That is precisely what the in-place upgrade procedure accomplishes.

    I should also add that this process can be accomplished remotely as well, from start to finish. I have done so with persistent LogMeIn, ScreenConnect and Teamviewer installations on various remote systems I have performed this task on, RDP should work as well. Being able to do this level of repair remotely is a huge benefit to any sysadmins out there looking to keep a client happy and perform that "remote magic" IT guys are known for.

    **If at this point your issues are not fixed, then there is something else occurring that is causing the issue be it Malware, hardware, drivers, etc. Please refer to the OP in this thread to run through some of those tests and diagnostics, or create a new thread seeking help and stating what you've tried.**
    Spoiler: Update Windows 7 Successfully Update Windows 7 Successfully

    Many of us have or will run into it, the endless hours of waiting for the Windows Update process to actually update or fail trying to update a Windows 7 install. Could be a fresh install, or a years-old install. This will eventually happen to you, unless you run a WSUS server, and even then the OS can get held up. Microsoft has been changing how all supported versions of Windows update, trending towards the cumulative monthly releases. This transition seems to be one of the tipping points on the matter.

    Regardless, there are some excellent solutions available to help you keep up your Windows 7 installation.

    • Solaris17's Windows Update Utility
      • Recommended method for most users that simply want their Windows 7 installation updated. Run as admin, follow directions, be patient.
      • Please comment in that thread if you need assistance or run into issues. Solaris has made many useful changes and revisions due to good feedback.
    • Update Windows 7 Manually
      • Manually perform the tasks that Solaris's utility does if you prefer.
    • Update Windows 7 Manually
      • Another source.
    • Update Windows 7 Manually
      • One last source for good measure!
    • Windows 7 Refreshed Media Creation
      • Creating a Windows Image file (WIM) that contains the necessary updates can make future deployments boatloads easier. This is well worth a read for the more technical types and sys admins.
    Those links should provide you with some very useful ways to handle updating Windows 7. If you run into any issues updating Windows 7, please start a thread or post in a relevant linked thread if its kept current.
  3. MrGenius Win User
    Microsoft to make Windows 10 updates mandatory

    Well, at the moment at least, you can choose to defer upgrades. Under Settings > Windows Updates > Advanced options you need to check the box labeled "Defer upgrades". What does that do? Good question. The answer I've found might illuminate it to a degree.

    I hear this only applies to Pro and Enterprise editions. But I can't verify that.
  4. How will Updating from Windows 7 to 10 affect me

    Microsoft Botches Up UEFI Support for Windows 7 on ASUS Motherboards

    How will Updating from Windows 7 to 10 affect me [​IMG]

    Microsoft suggests updating to Windows 10 to patch Windows 7
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    MICROSOFT HAS confirmed a potentially lappy-borking problem that it won't be fixing, because Windows 7.

    Woody Leonhard, the respected Windows columnist, points to a problem involving Asus motherboards, which also appear rebadged in a variety of other manufacturers' machines, and the activation of UEFI Secure Boot for Windows 7 in a patch KB3133977.

    Short version: install update, welcome to Borksville, population you.

    Both Asus and Microsoft acknowledged the problem. Microsoft entitled the article "BitLocker can't encrypt drives because of service crashes in svchost.exe process in Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2", but we prefer to just call it "Trevor for brevity."

    The firm's advice was that it's an optional update, leave well alone, you'll be fine, or alternatively turn secure boot off.

    Then Microsoft did a silly, silly thing.

    It moved the update from 'optional' to 'recommended' and anyone who reads this site regularly will know what happens when Microsoft does this. That's right boys and girls - it makes it automatically install, unless you've specifically told your machine not to.

    So now, if you have one of the affected motherboard and you keep your security updates automatic like wot Microsoft recommends, then your machine will stop working properly.

    We should add it's not permanently bricked, but it will take some mucking about in the BIOS to fix and that's a pain even for an experienced computer user.

    Microsoft has, by offering a workaround, suggested heavily that it won't be fixing the problem, though we have asked the question, so expect a response in about a fortnight.

    But the real kicker is this piece of advice: "Note The Secure Boot feature is supported in Windows 10. To learn more about the security advantages of this feature and about the upgrade path from Windows 7 to Windows 10, go to the following Windows website"

    Holy toledo, this company really knows how to rub people up the wrong way.

    After all - if the advice is to manually avoid the update or move to a version of the operating system where there's virtually no control over updates, then Microsoft is dealing in massive contradictions.

    A more cynical site would suggest that it's yet another example of Microsoft running Windows 7 into the ground and adding built in obsolescence to encourage quicker updates. But we're not that sort of site.

    Its the patching to force secure boot that is the problem win 7 does not support secure boot
    hence it borks systems and well microsofts answer is Cactus >your Asshole > insert

    from the inquirer

How will Updating from Windows 7 to 10 affect me

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