Windows 10: HP 1100 MS WORKS WITH W10

Discus and support HP 1100 MS WORKS WITH W10 in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Hi I have succeeded in installing HP 1100 MS on W10 . Ihave saved the Driver and may send to anybody who ma be interested br Yan... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by Yanex 94, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. Yanex 94 Win User

    HP 1100 MS WORKS WITH W10


    I have succeeded in installing HP 1100 MS on W10 . Ihave saved the Driver and may send to anybody who ma be interested



    Yanex 94, Oct 23, 2019

  2. HP Laserjet 1100 does not work with Windows 10

    I had the same problem.. my HP LJ 1100 is connected to my new HP Laptop thru a docking station via USB-Parallel cable, since my new docking didn't have parallel port anymore. My previous business laptop (HP) used a docking that had serial & LPT ports, so
    it wasn't the problem and the printer worked nicely.

    As my laptop got upgraded to a new model and came with W10, I traded the cable in against the USB-LPT one, and initially it was working.. Though after a major windows update, it stopped working and my printer was showing in the Device & Printer list as "IEEE-1284
    Controller", but wouldn't work at all..

    Forget HP's site, there is no driver x64 you can download for this printer, no matter what windows release you chose.. it's all relying on auto-install from windows update..

    Long story short, I tried a couple of other Laserjet model that are still listed in Windows 10 printer setup, but none of them would work, sending just garbage to the printer.

    I finally used the Microsoft Catalog, but my first choice was not working either.. after another attempt I picked up the following driver from the Catalog :

    Microsoft Update Catalog

    Scroll down the page, do not pick the first on the list.. but take this one :

    Microsoft driver update for HP LaserJet 1100 (MS)

    It is written to be compatible with Win7, 8, 8.1, 2008 & 2012 (up to R2).. Since it's a genuine MS driver, I was putting more hope than the 1st one, and even downloaded the one from HP (HP Inc. - Other hardware, Printer - psc 1100 (DOT4)), but didn't had
    to use it. Just unpack the .cab file downloaded from the catalog.

    I added the printer thru the regular way, specifying that I had disks for the drivers, pointed it to the folder and voil , the printer was installed (shows up under HP Laserjet 1100(MS) ).

    Printed a test page and it works!!
    BeatBucher, Oct 23, 2019
  3. LemP Win User
    HP Lesarjet 1100 series printer drivers

    The drivers offered at the HP support link for your printer (HP LaserJet 1100 Printer series Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support)
    do not include any Windows 7 drivers (my Windows 7 system is detected as "Windows NT" -- it's possible that the driver for NT 4.0 would work, but that's not guaranteed).

    On the other hand, Windows Update does have drivers for the HP 1100 up to and including Windows 10.

    Thus, assuming that your problem is a driver -- which is not at all clear from your very limited description -- the best way to get the proper driver is to use Windows Update as described below.

    Without knowing what your "sign of troubleshooting" means or what you mean by "ran through it but good results," I suggest completely uninstalling and reinstalling the printer as follows.

    1. Disconnect the printer from the computer.
    2. Open Devices and Printers, right-click the icon for your LaserJet 1100 and select "Remove device."
    3. Click on any other icon in the "Printers and Faxes" section of Devices and Printers and then click on the link at the top for "Print server properties."
    4. Select the "Drivers" tab, select the driver for the LaserJet 1100 (if present), and click "Remove." Remove both the driver and the driver package.
    5. Click "Add a printer" at the top of the Devices and Printers window. Select "Add a local printer."
    6. Select "Use an existing port" and leave the drop-down list set to "LPT1: (Printer Port)" then click Next
    7. On the "Install a printer driver" screen, select "HP" in the left pane.
    8. In the right pane, scroll down. If you find "HP LaserJet 1100 (MS)" select it and click Next and go to step 11.

      HP 1100 MS WORKS WITH W10 [​IMG]

    9. If you don't find "HP LaserJet 1100 (MS)," click "Windows Update" and wait. Wait some more; this will take some time.
    10. When the update completes, find and select "HP LaserJet 1100 (MS)" and click Next
    11. Share or don't share the printer as you like (if you do share it, give it an 8 character "Share name" with no spaces and no special characters. Click Next
    12. Set or don't set the printer as the default printer. Don't click "Print a test page" at this point (because you haven't yet connected the printer).
    13. Click Finish
    14. Connect your printer to a USB port and turn it on. It should now install automatically.
    15. If you now have 2 icons for the HP LaserJet 1100:
      • Right-click one of them and select "Printer properties." Select the "Ports" tab.
      • If the line that is checked and highlighted shows "LPT1:" as the port, click "Cancel," then right-click and select "Remove device"
      • If the line that is checked and highlighted shows "USBxxx" or "DOT4xxx" then click "Cancel" and check the other icon.
    16. In Devices and Printer, right-click the icon for the printer and select "Printer properties" and then click "Print Test Page."
  4. HP 1100 MS WORKS WITH W10

    HP Laserjet 1100 does not work with Windows 10

    My old 1100 works fine, I use it every day! It worked with the W7 drivers, now it works with W10. Go to Microsoft Catalog and find the appropriate driver. In my case it was Intel 64 bit and download it. It works! Nobody has the (old) scan software,
    but my HP 1100 that I bought in 2000 still works like a dream!

    With a new W10 PC I did have to buy a new cable connecter to convert to USB, which was the only cost involved.
    Frank Shoemaker Jr, Oct 23, 2019


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