Windows 10: HP ProBook 4520s random freezes when starting up to W10

Discus and support HP ProBook 4520s random freezes when starting up to W10 in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi, I am facing one of the weirdest most difficult problems I've ever faced. A friend of mine gave me a HP ProBook 4520s laptop because it was really... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by rambomhtri, Aug 27, 2018.

  1. rambomhtri Win User

    HP ProBook 4520s random freezes when starting up to W10

    Hi, I am facing one of the weirdest most difficult problems I've ever faced. A friend of mine gave me a HP ProBook 4520s laptop because it was really bad: random shut downs, freezes, very slow... it had Windows 7 Pro. By the way, the battery is damaged so I can't use a battery, it constantly warns about low battery and also the BIOS gives warnings about its poor condition while booting up. I will sort it by days so it's clear:

    Day 1: First, I created an USB boot drive with the latest Windows 10 via Media Creation Tool. I boot from the USB, formatted the HDD and installed Windows 10. Once it asks to reboot, it did correctly, but when booting again, it got frozen with a black screen. It was supposed to show a screen saying "installing devices" or something like that, then it should reboot again and then it starts the Windows 10 intro and initial configurations: user name, etc...

    So, that was weird, I thought it could be the Media Creation Tool process, that it went wrong, so created again another USB boot drive using another pendrive. The exact same thing happened, I left it for 2 hours and still blank black screen. I was starting to think that the HDD was broken.

    Day 2: I for no reason tried it one more time, and suddenly, after rebooting, it didn't got stuck, amazing. The "installing devices" screen appeared, then it rebooted again, and then I got to the intro configuration where you got to put the user name and all that stuff. I did all the process and Windows 10 boot up correctly. I restarted a few times and every thing seemed OK. I updated successfully the BIOS to the latest available just in case it was an outdated BIOS problem with W10. I rebooted and started the Windows update process, connected to my WiFi, installed the Windows updates it asked, rebooted, and when it was shutting down, again, frozen. I hard reset it, and when booting up, when it's loading the lock/start screen with the user image, gets frozen again, like a screenshot. Hard reset, turn it on, and gets frozen after loading Windows, right before the lock/start screen. Tried this several times and I give up. The HDD is broken, I believed. I disassemble the laptop completely, repaste CPU and GPU and clean everything, making it fresh new with nice temperatures, just in case it was a temperature problem, but I believe it wasn't. It had bad temperatures and it was dirty, but that was not causing the problem.

    Day 3:
    I replace the HDD by another HDD, use the USB boot drive, do the exact same process, and this time everything works at first try, no freezes when rebooting for the first time while installing Windows 10. The installation gets completed, and I thought OK, it was the HDD. Then I connect to my WiFi, Windows update, etc... and when rebooting, again, frozen when shutting down. You gotta be kidding me. I started to think it was a driver related problem, may be Intel HD graphics which is not supported in Windows 10 I guess. But that couldn't explain the freezes with the original HDD. Anyways, I install Windows 10 from zero again, no problems in the process, formatting and all, but this time I don't connect it to internet after the installation. I use it for a few hours installing programs from pendrives, rebooting, shutting it down... no freezes. OK, I guessed it was a driver problem.

    Day 4: I remove one RAM module (x2 2GB) so I have 2GB, because it thought it could be a RAM problem. I connect it to internet to check if it was a RAM problem, install all Windows updates, reboot, and no freezes happen. OK, it was the RAM I guessed. Since I wanted it to be really fast, I replace the HDD by a SDD and start the whole process again. After installing Windows updates and all, I restart it a few times, shut it down, etc... and one of the times, again, frozen in the lock/start screen. As you can see, the freezes occur always when loading windows, right after that while loading the desktop in the start/lock screen or when shutting it down/restarting it after the desktop is gone, they never occur while loading the BIOS, once I successfully access the desktop or while installing Windows 10 before the first restart. I start to get really frustrated. I try this time to hard reset it until it boots up correctly, since sometimes it freezes while loading Windows and others while loading the desktop. I finally provoke a Windows start error with all the hard resets, and I get to the Windows boot troubleshoot screen. I select advanced options, etc and select restart to boot to safe mode. I restart, boot to safe mode, and now Windows loads correctly. OK, it gotta be something with the drivers, I guessed. I reboot and this time I successfully access to the desktop.

    Day 5: I install some programs, restart it, turn it off/on... after a few minutes, I get the same behavior, frozen while loading Windows or desktop. I go to safe mode, it loads correctly, restart, and Windows 10 loads correctly. I replace both RAM modules by others of the same brand, or sometimes I just put one slot. Nothing really solves the issue: randomly, it will freeze while loading Windows or desktop. One of the times that Windows 10 loads correctly, I note that there's no WiFi, as if the WiFi card was unseen, but it was there in the device manager. Windows in safe mode always boots correctly, so that's good news. One of the times I mistakenly boot in safe mode with network activated, and guess what, it freezes. The first time I see safe mode freezing while loading. That suddenly gave me an idea: let's remove the WiFi card.

    Day 6: I remove the WiFi card, connect to internet via ethernet cable and use the laptop normally. It's been 5 hours without a single freeze while booting up or shutting down. I guess it was the WiFi card, may be the driver of the WiFi card, but that can't explain the original HDD problem, which I believed is the same problem. I've checked of course the original HDD and none of the HDD testers have warned about it, no bad sectors, no errors, nothing.

    Any ideas?

    The problem seems solved, or may be I've been lucky for 5 hours, but I can't really imagine that the WiFi card caused all of this.

    rambomhtri, Aug 27, 2018
  2. Duke3_8355 Win User

    Windows 10 Bluetooth drivers for HP Probook 4520s

    Windows 10 64-bit Bluetooth drivers for HP Probook 4520s

    Product Name: hp probook 4520s

    Operating System: Windows 10

    I cannot locate any Windows 10 64-bit Bluetooth drivers to connect my Jambox speaker to my HP 4520s Notebook.

    On the HP site, Win 10 is not even an option listed under
    Operating System but I've searched the site anyway.

    History: I did the Windows 10 Pro 64-bit upgrade with their download coming from Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Device Manager does not show any Bluetooth device attached, and my attempts to pair the Jambox with the Probook results in no devices found. The Jambox
    worked fine with Win 7 drivers prior to the upgrade. The Wi-Fi works perfectly.

    I have tried several Win 7 drivers, Win 8 drivers, and Intel drivers, but no joy!

    HP is unable to provide any assistance on this matter.

    Anyone have an answer?
    Duke3_8355, Aug 27, 2018
  3. malware Win User
    HP Unveils Affordable ProBook Business Notebooks

    HP today unveils a new brand of affordable notebook PCs that merge business functionality with sophisticated design to stand out from the crowd. The ProBook series joins HP's EliteBook series with a total of five new notebook models which incorporate a choice of merlot or glossy noir finishes, and feature high-definition (HD) LED backlit wide displays ranging from 14-inch to 17.3-inch diagonal sizes. The cheapest offering starts at $529. Please read the full story for more information.

    HP ProBook 4520s random freezes when starting up to W10 hp_probook_thm.jpg

    The HP ProBook s-series includes:
    • HP ProBook 4410s and HP ProBook 4415s – Feature a 14-inch diagonal 16:9 HD widescreen LED backlight display, integrated optical drive with Blu-ray option and choice of ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 or Intel GMA X4500 HD graphics controller. Wireless connectivity includes standard Wi-Fi certified WLAN and optional integrated Bluetooth wireless technology. The notebooks also incorporate an HDMI port to connect to HD displays, and include Intel (4410s) or AMD (4415s) processors to offer a variety of options for mobility and longer battery life.
    • HP ProBook 4510s and HP ProBook 4515s – Offer a 15.6-inch diagonal 16:9 HD widescreen LED backlight display. Customers can select the optional HP Mobile Broadband connectivity with built-in Gobi technology, while standard Wi-Fi certified WLAN and optional integrated Bluetooth wireless technology round out the wireless connectivity technologies. They also feature an integrated numeric keypad. The notebooks include a choice of Intel (4510s) or AMD (4515s) processors to meet high demands for performance and connectivity and choice of discrete or UMA graphics. There is also an integrated numeric keypad on the 15.6-inch and 17.3-inch models.
    • HP ProBook 4710s – Features a 17.3-inch diagonal HD widescreen display, the largest of the lineup. For more graphics-intensive environments, the notebook includes the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330, with up to 512 megabytes of GDDR2 for video memory. It also features the latest Intel Core 2 Duo processors. Wireless connectivity includes standard Wi-Fi certified WLAN and optional integrated Bluetooth wireless technology. The notebook incorporates a HDMI port to connect to HD displays, as well as an integrated numeric keypad.
    The HP USB 2.0 Docking Station is a compatible accessory for the HP ProBook s-series. In just one step, users are connected to their keyboard, mouse, monitor, printer and other accessories, and they are able to get video, audio, network connectivity and up to four universal serial bus (USB) connected devices working at the same time. The HP USB 2.0 Docking Station is available now for $139.

    Source: HP
    malware, Aug 27, 2018
  4. Kevin M Lally Win User

    HP ProBook 4520s random freezes when starting up to W10

    HP 4520 Printer Offline

    My HP 4520 Envy printer says offline and will not print from Windows 10 on my laptop. It will print from other devices. Any suggestions on how I can fix this?
    Kevin M Lally, Aug 27, 2018

HP ProBook 4520s random freezes when starting up to W10

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