Windows 10: Hyper-V annoying problems

Discus and support Hyper-V annoying problems in Windows 10 Virtualization to solve the problem; Sometimes, Hyper-V still disconnects after all these years when inserting an user password in the logon multiple times because for some reason even... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Virtualization' started by Random guy, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. Hyper-V annoying problems

    Sometimes, Hyper-V still disconnects after all these years when inserting an user password in the logon multiple times because for some reason even after inserting the right password it tells me it's wrong so to proceed I have to insert a password (right or wrong) multiple times until Hyper-V resets with this message and after that the right password finally works.

    Currently, I'm using the latest Windows 10 2004 x64 Build but I've been having this issue for years.

    Random guy, Jul 2, 2020

  2. Hyper V deativication

    Hi Geoffrey,

    Hyper-V lets you run an operating system or computer system as a virtual machine on Windows. Before proceeding in disabling
    Hyper-V, please create a backup of your files for security purposes.

    To disable Hyper-V, please follow the steps below:

    • On the Cortana search box, type Turn Windows Features on or off and press
    • Look for the Hyper-V folder.
    • Uncheck the tick-box next to the main Hyper-V folder and click
    • Restart your PC.

    Should you have further questions, please let us know.
    Jefferson Ore, Jul 2, 2020
  3. Hyper-V

    That's the problem that I cannot find Hyper-V in Windows Features list, hence I am not able to turn it on or off.
    NarekGrigoryan, Jul 2, 2020
  4. Rex99ny Win User

    Hyper-V annoying problems

    Where is the Hyper V Manager, How to I start it ?

    I am trying to setup an XP virtual Machine on Windows 10 Pro.

    I followed the steps in Neil Peterson article of 5/9/2016.

    System Requirements - done - ok

    Install Hyper-V - done - ok

    Create a Virtual Switch - skip

    Create a Virtual Machine

    Create a Virtual Machine with Hyper-V Manager

    These steps walk through how to manually create a virtual machine and deploy an operating system to this virtual machine.

    • In Hyper-V Manager, click Action > New >
      Virtual Machine
      to bring up the New

    Uhhhhhhhhh - this step obviously implies one knows

    1) Where the Hyper-V Manager is

    2) How to start the Hyper-V Manager

    Isn't that odd ?
    Rex99ny, Jul 2, 2020

Hyper-V annoying problems

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