Windows 10: Hyper-v W10 Pro OEM activation

Discus and support Hyper-v W10 Pro OEM activation in Windows 10 Updates and Activation to solve the problem; I bought an OEM activation key for W10 Pro and applied to host OS, activated the Hyper-V, installed W10 Pro as guest OS and tried to activate it with... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Updates and Activation' started by guillempado, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Hyper-v W10 Pro OEM activation

    I bought an OEM activation key for W10 Pro and applied to host OS, activated the Hyper-V, installed W10 Pro as guest OS and tried to activate it with the same OEM key. As far as I understand, the OEM key is bound to the hardware and I'm activating it in the same PC, but an error is thrown, saying that the activation key is already used in another device. Do I really need to buy another licence?


    guillempado, Jun 25, 2019
  2. JimWynne Win User


    Only Pro or Enterprise versions can run Hyper-V, in addition to the other requirements listed at the link I provided earlier.
    JimWynne, Jun 25, 2019
  3. Rex99ny Win User
    Where is the Hyper V Manager, How to I start it ?

    I am trying to setup an XP virtual Machine on Windows 10 Pro.

    I followed the steps in Neil Peterson article of 5/9/2016.

    System Requirements - done - ok

    Install Hyper-V - done - ok

    Create a Virtual Switch - skip

    Create a Virtual Machine

    Create a Virtual Machine with Hyper-V Manager

    These steps walk through how to manually create a virtual machine and deploy an operating system to this virtual machine.

    • In Hyper-V Manager, click Action > New >
      Virtual Machine
      to bring up the New

    Uhhhhhhhhh - this step obviously implies one knows

    1) Where the Hyper-V Manager is

    2) How to start the Hyper-V Manager

    Isn't that odd ?
    Rex99ny, Jun 25, 2019
  4. Marby Rey Win User

    Hyper-v W10 Pro OEM activation

    Even after Uninstalling Hyper-V - msinfo32 shows "A hypervisor has been detected"


    To address your concern, we suggest that you disable the Hyper V services. Kindly follow the steps below:

    • Type Services on the search bar.
    • Right click one Hyper V service, then select Properties.
    • On Startup type, choose Disabled.
      Hyper-v W10 Pro OEM activation d67aa4cb-46e7-4431-9d29-11005894536c.png
    • You have to disable all the Hyper V services one at a time by following the same steps.

    If the issue persists, we suggest that you check out your post on TechNet (IT Pro’s) to make sure you get better answer.

    Let us know if you need further assistance.
    Marby Rey, Jun 25, 2019

Hyper-v W10 Pro OEM activation

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