Windows 10: I am slightly confused about my backup plan and retention rules

Discus and support I am slightly confused about my backup plan and retention rules in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; Hello, I am new to this website as Macrium directed me here as being a 'free Macrium support forum' so hello to all once again! *Smile I have Macrium... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by C0zzie, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. C0zzie Win User

    I am slightly confused about my backup plan and retention rules

    Hello, I am new to this website as Macrium directed me here as being a 'free Macrium support forum' so hello to all once again! *Smile I have Macrium Free version.

    I create images of my Seagate 2TB internal harddrive onto my Seagate 2TB external harddrive. Hopefully the image I have added provides viable informataion. (apologies for image size in this thread)

    I am slightly confused about my backup plan and retention rules [​IMG]

    I am slightly confused about my backup plan and retention rules [​IMG]

    For the first time using Macrium free version, I created a 'Full' image on the 1st June. Straight after I create a 'Diffferential' just after the 'Full' was created. I then proceed to creating Differential images every day. (this was working the past few days)
    If I understand correctly, you cannot create a Differential image on the same day as a Full. Thats why you can probably see an error next to the full image (not sure how to fix this? Maybe I have to run the Full again?). I also received an error next to the Differential, but changing the plan days/restarting PC managed to fix then and I was able to successfully create the Differential just now.

    Now as I have a 2TB internal creating image onto my 2TB external, there will not be enough space for more than 2 images. I tried this last week and after another full image was created (now 2 in total) my external HD was 90% full. So hope you can advise what plan I should choose, when to run the images and how many days/weeks I should keep them.

    What I would like is to create a Differential everyday, and a Full image once a month. Or even better, a differential everyday apart from the day the Full image runs (as you cant do both on same day, even though I did just that the very first time I created both images). Hopefully this can be done?

    Apologies if I have gone on for too long, hopefully at the end of this I can have a much better understanding of my plan! *Smile
    Thank you

    C0zzie, Jun 4, 2017

  2. Limiting number of File History copies

    I am on Win10, updated from Win7. My file history storage requirement is 36 GB. I backup to an external 2 terabyte MyCloud.

    According to File History's settings, the least often that I can create a backup is one per day, and the minimum retention of that backup is one month. Hence, the total utilization, assuming that I backup every day, and that the space is available on my
    MyCloud, is about one terabyte. That's a lot!

    Is it possible to reduce the frequency of the backup or the retention of the backup? One per week, kept for two weeks, would be desirable.
    Bill's Lenovo, Jun 4, 2017
  3. cfernzl Win User
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    I really appreciate your fast response to my questions. I do have to wonder if you have ever read the path you sent me. Nowhere does it tell you about the rules of freecell. I am disappointed I don't understand the rules. Sorry, I am elderly and get confused.
    Thank you very much for trying.
    cfernzl, Jun 4, 2017
  4. dalchina New Member

    I am slightly confused about my backup plan and retention rules

    Hi, just a quick comment- we are volunteers- PC users- who use Windows 10. We strongly recommend disk imaging, and most regular contributors use Macrium. As such, this is peer support, nothing more - we have no ties to Macrium otherwise.
    dalchina, Jun 4, 2017
  5. C0zzie Win User
    Oh so this was the wrong place to post my question? Or you just mention that you are not related to Macrium at all? I just asked them if they have free forums where I can ask questions and get advice/help. My apologies

    Also yes, I have created disk image, just was confused with external hard drive imaging and best may to go about it
    C0zzie, Jun 4, 2017
  6. dalchina New Member
    You're very welcome to ask the question... and someone will surely help. I was simply explaining the focus of the forum and putting that into context. I'm delighted you're using disk imaging, as I often recommend it to posters.
    dalchina, Jun 4, 2017
  7. C0zzie Win User
    Oh ok because I wasconfused for a sec haha. Thanks for clearing that up as I was going to find someone to also ask if this was a place to post such a question, but you have confirmed that for me *Smile
    C0zzie, Jun 4, 2017
  8. cereberus Win User

    I am slightly confused about my backup plan and retention rules

    Official Macrium support is only available to users who buy a licence not the free version. Good job you asked here I am slightly confused about my backup plan and retention rules :).
    cereberus, Jun 4, 2017
  9. C0zzie Win User
    Ye I know, it kinda sucks and I think is somewhat unfair..but its their rules I guess *Sad. I am glad this Place is a 'free to ask' forum/community and hopefully I get my issue sorted. It also looks like this website is good for all issues?..sort of a variety website?
    C0zzie, Jun 4, 2017
  10. cereberus Win User
    Look in the tutorials section - you will not find a better resource in the world!
    cereberus, Jun 4, 2017
  11. C0zzie Win User
    Yes straight away before I posted this I looked at the Macrium Tut, but I just wanted to get advise/an answer about a plan for my image backup, whilst taking into account my internal and external HD size and what I should do exactly.
    C0zzie, Jun 4, 2017
  12. C0zzie Win User
    I probably should not bump as its only been 4 days. But I have a feeling that with the above comments accumulating to 8 in total, people might presume my question is probably answered, when all it is, is advice about posting :? sorry
    C0zzie, Jun 8, 2017
  13. me75006 Win User

    I am slightly confused about my backup plan and retention rules

    Here is a text version of how I have set mine up:

    3 each Backup Definition Files -

    Full_MWF.xml (a) Retain 4 Full backups
    Linked incremental & diff images will also be deleted

    Diff_TTSS.xml (b) Retain 5 Diff backups
    stored in: D:\Macriun Reflect Backups\The450\
    • Mon Full 7am (a)
    • Tues Diff 7:15am (b)
    • Wed Full 7am (a)
    • Thurs Diff 7:15am (b)
    • Fri Full 7am (a)
    • Sat Diff 7:15am (b)
    • Sun Diff 7:15am (b)
    Monthly.xml Full backup, 1pm on the first Monday
    of every month. Retain 2 Full images.
    stored in: D:\Macriun Reflect Backups\Monthly\

    Still doing testing to see if I have things right.
    me75006, Jun 8, 2017
  14. Clive K Win User
    It's difficult to make recommendations without knowing your needs for backup data. I normally don't recommend differentials for users unless they have a compelling need for differentials.
    Generally I recommend full system backups, retaining 2-4 of them, and doing your data backups with a file synchronizing program such as Free File Sync.
    But this assumes having your disks are organized for that. A little work up front in organizing your system and data can greatly simplify your imaging.
    Clive K, Jun 11, 2017
  15. C0zzie Win User
    I have had a little think about what you said in regards to my needs of backing up. I have 2 external HD's. One is for University (Uni HD) and the other recent purchase is for Macrium backup (Macrium HD).

    I have recently manually copied and pasted photos/docs/University work etc that I have/edit on my PC, and transfer it onto my Uni HD. So as soon as I make edits to my work on my PC, at the end of each day, I manually copy and paste edited word doc/uni work etc to the external Uni HD. So that is always backed up. (sorry I just repeated myself probably)

    So I probably dont really need to make a 'differential' backup everyday (I have actually skipped the past few days).

    As also previously mentioned, my Macrium HD is only 2TB. My PC internal HD is also 2TB (just under half way full), so my Macrium HD can only really fit 2 full backups and a few differential.

    As I manually backup new/edited documents, photos, uni work etc from PC to my Uni HD, is there a need for daily differential backups? Shall I just run 1 monthly and 3 weekly differential? Not sure how long I would keep these for

    Thanks and apologies for long message and delayed response
    C0zzie, Jun 12, 2017

I am slightly confused about my backup plan and retention rules

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