Windows 10: I need help with several thngs all interwoven.

Discus and support I need help with several thngs all interwoven. in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Windows 10 Pro, Version 1909 1909 (Build 18363.1379) Im sorry this is so long. Im trying to condense the three weeks Ive been working on it. I got a... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by 3BilliE, Feb 17, 2021.

  1. 3BilliE Win User

    I need help with several thngs all interwoven.

    Windows 10 Pro, Version 1909 1909 (Build 18363.1379)
    Im sorry this is so long. Im trying to condense the three weeks Ive been working on it.
    I got a new laptop around 9 months ago. Things were going smoothly for awhile. I was using Firefox, trying out the multi containers, and Brave. But didnt need OneDrive and Drop box. I finally uninstalled them, but it left a mess, A lot of my files were under my username and also under OneDrive. I also had two or three desktops, document directories, and download directories with different files on the desktops and download directories. I fiddled around trying to put all of the files in my user directory and made more of a mess.

    At one point, before all this, I tried to set a restore point and found out that Bitdefender messed with that option. It either had to be uninstalled, and when the restore point was set, reinstalled, or I needed to boot into safe mode and set the restore point. Unfortunately, when I first got the laptop it asked me to set a password. I did; and then a pin. After that I used the pin only. Booting from safe mode insisted I used the password to get into my system, which I had forgotten by then. I fiddled around with settings that were there when the boot up first started and somehow got it so I had a choice to use pin or password to get into the system.

    In the meanwhile, a Dell agent had me make a bootable flashdrive with a bare windows install by using my desktop which I dont use anymore because I am handicapped and thats why I got the laptop.
    After I got off the phone with him I restored from an Acronis True Image backup that was thankfully only a few days old. (I told him I had the backup, but I guess he wasnt familiar with the program. I could now log in with my pin, but that still left me with an unknown password and OneDrive and Dropbox. Still cant use safe mode until I replace Bitdefender which, for the most part I like.

    I read about resetting the PC which would change settings back to defaults and reinstall windows while keeping my personal files. I dont know if that means I will lose the Dell programs that are helpful. Im just assuming I will need to go through setup again and set a new password.
    But I will still be stuck with OneDrive and Dropbox since it comes with the windows setup. Maybe I can do a search and find out if there is a correct way to get rid of them.

    I am fervantly hoping some gurus out there will know If a reset will keep the Dell programs that came with the laptop, and get rid of that blasted password, and if there is a way to cleanly get rid of OneDrive and DropBox. I see you use OneDrive & others in your forum, but Ive never needed either of them. Im just not up to trying to learn to use programs I normally have no use for when I have a dozen other things Im trying to learn.
    Also maybe someone can tell me where the reply to a message button is? I couldnt find it when I wanted to thank someone for replying to my introduction message.

    If you have stuck it out reading this, thank you, and thank you a million times if you have some advice!

    3BilliE, Feb 17, 2021

  2. help to remote connect

    not sure how to use both programs u 2 suggested, i need more helpful steps thanks
    Corduroy_Jr, Feb 17, 2021
  3. Edge Search Does Not Permit Change of Region

    I got these suggestions from the Microsoft Community forum.No. 1 worked for me:

    Thank you for posting the query on Microsoft Community. I am glad to assist you on this.
    We have reproduce the issue here and we are able to access non-regional search for google using Microsoft Edge.
    I would suggest you to try the below steps and check if it helps.
    Step 1:
    Clear browsing data option of Microsoft Edge and check if you face the issue. To do so perform the steps below.

    1. Click on the More actions icon next to the feedback icon present on top right corner of the Project Spartan homepage.
    2. Select Settings and click on Choose what to clear.
    3. Check the boxes Browsing history, Cookies and saved website data and Cached data and files and click on Clear.
    Step 2:
    I suggest you to create a new user account and check if the issue occurs.

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Choose Accounts and then select Family and other users.
    3. Select add someone else on this PC.
    4. Enter a user name and hit next.
    5. Click on Finish.
    6. Sign out from the current Account and Log into the new account.
    Step 3:
    It could also happen because of network issue. I suggest you to try with different network connection and check if it helps.
    hurricane51, Feb 17, 2021
  4. jmcslob Win User

    I need help with several thngs all interwoven.

    2 x SSD Raid 0 - is this right?

    Hey Fits

    Can you list a few helpful hints for T ski ,maybe a step by step how to OR what to look out for*Cool I need help with several thngs all interwoven. :cool:
    jmcslob, Feb 17, 2021

I need help with several thngs all interwoven.

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