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Discus and support .icu in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; I wana to know how to remove an extension called .icu that pop up every time when I am online... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by SoniaRodrigues6, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. .icu

    I wana to know how to remove an extension called .icu that pop up every time when I am online

    SoniaRodrigues6, Nov 16, 2019
  2. Chino Win User

    CORSAIR Introduces Their iCUE Unified Software

    CORSAIR , a world leader in PC gaming peripherals and enthusiast components, today announced the early access launch of its new unified software, iCUE. Bringing together the full range of CORSAIR products into a single intuitive interface, iCUE powers everything from CORSAIR keyboards, mice and headsets to fans, coolers and PSUs.

    iCUE users can instantly synchronize RGB lighting across all their compatible CORSAIR products with a single click, monitor system performance from a customizable dashboard, and control hardware temperatures with in-depth fan and pump speed adjustment. At the heart of everything CORSAIR, iCUE offers intelligent control, with unlimited possibilities.

    .icu E21xKIDiEn6CTExH_thm.jpg

    .icu Jc673Aduv2nM8JTX_thm.jpg

    .icu anesD9Y4otivHSCL_thm.jpg

    With industry-leading RGB lighting control, iCUE makes it easier than ever to light up your PC. Synchronize lighting across your whole setup with just one-click, explore dozens of easy to customize lighting presets or dive into multi-layer lighting effects that mesmerize and amaze. From smooth transitions, to dynamic waves and ripples, iCUE's lighting control goes beyond the keyboard to light up your entire setup.

    iCUE offers much more than just lighting customization, with a breakthrough partnership between leading publisher Ubisoft and CORSAIR bringing more than 30 automatic in-game lighting effects to Far Cry 5 . Each effect has been co-developed with a deep level of integration to further immerse players in the world of Hope County, so whether you're exploring, fighting for your life, or just watching the world go by, the lighting of your entire CORSAIR setup will dynamically reflect your actions in-game.

    iCUE also offers incredible control customization, with sophisticated macros and key remaps that change the way you work and play. Every single key or button on compatible CORSAIR keyboards and mice can be remapped or fully re-programmed to give you an in-game advantage or productivity boost. Assign a complex spell combination to a single key press to streamline MMOs or add a multi-function image-editing shortcut to a familiar shortcut to make After Effects easier. With iCUE it's your choice how you control your system, with no online login or account required to save and load profiles.

    For the first time from CORSAIR, iCUE combines peripheral, hardware and system monitoring into one interface, with support for a wide range of CORSAIR CPU coolers, fans, PSUs and DDR4 memory. Controlled from a customizable dashboard that provides an at-a-glance recap of your entire system, it's easy to track hardware temperatures, memory speeds and system loads, all from one place. Users can then easily tie lighting and fan speed profiles to not just system temperatures or loads, but specific programs, powering up cooling for demanding games, spinning down for silence when watching a film, or changing lighting color to warm to high temperatures.

    CORSAIR iCUE launches immediately in Early Access alongside Far Cry 5, allowing gamers to experience in-game lighting effects from the first day the game is available. To celebrate, CORSAIR webstore customers who spend more than $150 on qualifying RGB products will receive a free copy of Far Cry 5. See for full details.
    Chino, Nov 16, 2019
  3. MrPepka Win User
    Really hoping for help with BSOD issues

    The Driver Verifier you once used pointed to the Corsair iCUE driver as the culprit. I suggest uninstalling this program
    MrPepka, Nov 16, 2019
  4. Mussels Win User


    Corsair Announces New iCue, Vengeance Pro DDR4, and Obsidian 500D RGB SE

    I've been on the iCUE beta for a while now, and its fantastic having my mouse/keyboard/headset synced to my case lighting

    requires everything to be corsair lighting and hardware, but i already had that through blind luck
    Mussels, Nov 16, 2019


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