Windows 10: Idiot that locked himself out of the house

Discus and support Idiot that locked himself out of the house in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; I was tired of system editing and making random folders and wanted to limit how much it modified so I restricted its permissions. I have the tweak to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by DypfrystBram, Jun 6, 2021.

  1. Idiot that locked himself out of the house

    I was tired of system editing and making random folders and wanted to limit how much it modified so I restricted its permissions. I have the tweak to have built in admin to use, after the assumption that it'll make it more safe and manageable if I wasn't on an admin account the whole time. I have essentially made my self a read only child in my own Pc. It has led to me not being able to restore from backups, make new user accounts, access any of the drive contents. I've tried most base level things. I am prepared to wipe the whole drive. It's all backed up. I just can't actually do it. If someone has options where I can download essentially a recovery disk straight to USB, I can try to wipe my drive and start again. I am going to try every USB i find until then. I can't access my disc management but I can do it from firmwear or elevated Powershell? Edit. Can't do garbage in elevated power shell. I am not too savvy with it all so probably doing it wrong. Before you all ask: Win10 pro Amd ryzen 3. 2200g. 3.5ghz 16gb RAM 660ti graphics card. Two sdd. One Samsung nvme 100gb I use for OS. and a cheapo Netac SSD 256gb which has the backup saves on it.

    DypfrystBram, Jun 6, 2021

  2. PC Build Steps

    Ok just because I like steps i am going to create some steps. Please give me the stamp of approval/disapproval
    • Install system in case
      • Remember to connect SSD and optical to same SATA ports on motherboard
    • Turn on PC
    • setup HDD
    • run blend test in prime95 for 30-60 min
      • run realtemp at the same time
    • While in Prime95 test
      • if CPU goes above 70c in RealTemp, I have a leaky CPU
      • if my system locks up or blue screens, there is an instability in the system somewhere
      • if my system does not lock up or blue screen, my CPU is not damaged and I am in the clear!
    What do you guys think??
    anandsap123, Jun 6, 2021
  3. Jacee Win User
    Is there any Browser locking software to lock down browsers?

    Read this about Firefox ....... How do I lock my Firefox browser?

    Steps To Lock Mozilla Firefox With A Password

    • Open Mozilla Firefox, click on Tools -> Add-ons.
    • An Add-ons window will appear with a search box. ...
    • At the top of all, you will see Master Password+ add-on. ...
    • After installing, it will ask you to restart the browser.
    • After restarting, you will see a lock icon in the address bar.
    Nov 24, 2018

    How To Lock Mozilla Firefox And Chrome With A password ..." target="_blank" rel="noopener ugc">
    Jacee, Jun 6, 2021
  4. Idiot that locked himself out of the house

    Lock screen issue

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I suggest you to follow these steps:

    • Go to Settings>>Personalization>>Lock Screen.

    • In the right panel, select Picture instead of Windows Spotlight.
    Please feel free to post your queries in Microsoft Community. We will be glad to assist you accordingly.

    Thank you.
    Rakesh Narayanaswamy, Jun 6, 2021

Idiot that locked himself out of the house

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