Windows 10: IE on CU cannot run .exes directly anymore?!

Discus and support IE on CU cannot run .exes directly anymore?! in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; This is honestly one of the main reasons I use IE... so I can run installers without having to save, open, and delete when done. (Yes, I know the... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by drfsupercenter, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. IE on CU cannot run .exes directly anymore?!

    This is honestly one of the main reasons I use IE... so I can run installers without having to save, open, and delete when done.

    (Yes, I know the Run option really just sticks them in a TEMP folder, but emphasis on TEMP, it'll get deleted on its own!)

    So with the Creator's Update, I noticed some prompt about how the file won't be downloaded in protected mode. When I clicked OK, it didn't actually show up?

    I went into Internet Options and turned OFF Protected Mode and rebooted. But still, if I click Run to any EXEs, the download finishes and...absolutely nothing happens. I can't even save and click open from that screen - I have to do "open folder" and run it in Explorer from THERE!

    WTF is up with this? Can I fix somehow? I get security is a concern, but jeez, why even offer a run option if it won't @#$%ing work?

    (Though, I downloaded Remote Server Admin Tools, which is a .msu file, the Run option on THAT worked)... and I can Open ZIP files, it seems to have just blocked .exe.

    drfsupercenter, Apr 28, 2017

  2. Update KB3206632 stuck!

    Hi Taffy, Yes, I'm aware my version of W10 is out-of-date, but it's because all my Cumulative Updates have been failing since that date. I also believe that each CU replaces the previous one because a CU overwrites the whole OS. This view is supported
    by the fact that when I mark a CU as hidden (using wushowhide.diagcab), when a new one comes out (and fails), the old hidden one disappears. I'm not sure why IE is relevant: is it because you are using it to download, or is it's mere presence in an "old"
    version a possible cause? I'm using Firefox to download and none of my (manual)
    downloads has ever given an error. If the mere presence, there may be a problem: IE is integral to W10, so cannot be removed. That raises the possibility that the reason your IE (and mine) is out-of-date is because the updates were part of the CU! If
    anyone thinks I'm wrong on any of this, please say (confirmation would also be nice).
    alex cleric of Dax, Apr 28, 2017
  3. BenOoi Win User
    Running Multimedia Display Application in IE11

    Good day,

    I have old training videos from Noble Publishing that opens using IE 6 and above. However, I cannot seem to run it using IE11. The extension is .exe but the description is Multimedia Display Application. The error says that I need to upgrade my IE, but I
    am already on IE11. Could someone help?

    Thank you.
    BenOoi, Apr 28, 2017

IE on CU cannot run .exes directly anymore?!

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