Windows 10: IE11 Jump List not working

Discus and support IE11 Jump List not working in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Anyone having issues with IE11 jump list. I have IE pinned and normally right clicking it brings up a jump list but it's not doing anything now. I... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Scottyboy99, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. IE11 Jump List not working

    Anyone having issues with IE11 jump list. I have IE pinned and normally right clicking it brings up a jump list but it's not doing anything now. I tried it in the start menu and get the same problem. I can launch it and use it just fine other than this. I checked reliability history and each time I try to access the jump list it generates a line 'Windows Shell Experience Host stopped working'.

    Funnily enough I have a couple of pinned websites, facebook and amazon from IE11 and the jump lists are displaying just fine for these.

    Scottyboy99, Apr 21, 2017
  2. garywclem Win User

    IE11 and Yahoo Mail

    Attempting to log into Yahoo mail via IE11 yields "Error: Service temporarily unavailable." Logging into Yahoo Mail with Chrome is not a problem. Edge is not as convenient, since it doesn't seem to support jump lists. How do I fix IE11?
    garywclem, Apr 21, 2017
  3. File Explorer jump list not working

    Hi Many thanks for your reply.

    Unfortunately things happen quickly and often in my life and the microsoft updates and other app updates are fairly frequent. I have been putting up with this problem now for a few months and so I cannot remember exactly what happened just before I first
    encountered the problem. I think I thought that "oh I'll be able to fix that soon..just change the settings somewhere" but of course I didn't.

    I have already tried the sfc facility and it found no problems.

    thanks John.
    JohnBarrieUnsworth, Apr 21, 2017
  4. IE11 Jump List not working

    Ignore, it works now. How odd? I just browsed around, cleared history. It wasn't working after clearing history straight away, even after closing IE11. But somehow it now works a few mins later

    although there are no recent items or frequent places showing, just tasks and the option to unpin. It's same on my pinned Mozilla and Amazon icons.
    Scottyboy99, Apr 21, 2017
  5. Recent items are not showing in the jump lists anymore for IE11, Mozilla and Chrome when I right click. The tasks are present but not the recent items. I tried toggling the option under personalisation-start off and on but it's not bringing them back. Anyone have any ideas on this or see similar?
    Scottyboy99, Apr 5, 2018

IE11 Jump List not working

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