Windows 10: In game fps drop, big ram usage

Discus and support In game fps drop, big ram usage in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; Hello, I need help! Recently I asked one of your employees about '' Ram consumption" he took his time to answer my questions but that didn't help me... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by HELPMEPSL, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. HELPMEPSL Win User

    In game fps drop, big ram usage

    Hello, I need help! Recently I asked one of your employees about '' Ram consumption" he took his time to answer my questions but that didn't help me at all that's why I decided to ask here. From the last I think two or three months my memory usage goes above 60% and I don't know why this makes my games run slower and even crash sometimes. My pc is kinda old but this game never behaved like that from around 140 fps to 40 and even lower, there are so many WINDOWS apps running in the background except chrome because it's never opened while gaming. This is my task manager right now Antimalware service and Service host I think are the main memory consumption apps right now In game fps drop, big ram usage 40743fa1-d41c-4e5f-b91e-05b34fd05a1f?upload=true.png

    HELPMEPSL, Nov 17, 2019

  2. drop fps every game


    You can check Preeti Patel's answer on this
    . Some users found her answer helpful. We suggest that you also try to follow the steps she provided and let us know how it goes.

    Lov Dollente, Nov 17, 2019
  3. Random FPS drop

    Hello there,

    Now my problem started a month ago in April, the games that were working fine earlier started having some sudden FPS drops, the drops were for some seconds and then again the games used to come in normal condition.

    This problem was occurring in many games which used to run at 50-60 fps earlier. My laptop is HP 15 BS658TX with all updated drivers and updated windows 10 . The laptop was getting too hot when I used to start a game so I thought that it might be a heating
    problem , so I used MSI Afterburner to monitor usage and temperature of CPU, GPU and RAM , my CPU and GPU were both going to 70+degrees in Celsius and till 65-70 degrees no fps drops were there and CPU usage was also normal , but as it hits 70 the CPU usage
    hits 99 or 100% which causes fps drops then it remains for sometime and back to normal while the temp remains high. The GPU also have high temp around 85 degrees so I stopped with the fear of burning it.

    As the summer is going on so room temperature is usually 40-43 ℃ . I know this is very high but I want a confirmation that the problem is due to the heating only or something else.

    I also tried to play games in front of cooler and it worked , no fps drop occurred.

    So pls give me confirmation that what exactly is happening.

    DhananjayPuranik, Nov 17, 2019
  4. Dull Byte Win User

    In game fps drop, big ram usage

    Sudden FPS drop/Stutter

    Since 2 days ago, I just turned on my Computer, and it starting having issues while I was playing Witcher 3 (starts with decent fpsm and then very low fps, dropping to 35, then 20, and stopping at 12 or so, in a matter of seconds, in a matter of 1min of starting the game), also stuttering without any high demanding programs, randomly. I was playing at 45-60 fps, without any stutters or sudden fps drop. Have tried other games the issue persists. Even setup everything to low settings.
    I have ran several tests with several tools, all seems normal, no sudden memory spikes, or temperature raising out of the ordinary, nothing that would indicate such an fps drop or stuttering.

    MSI Afterburner

    I also did the reset option on Windows10, completly cleaned out all my personal info from the windows partition.
    So at this point, I am not sure if it is a software issue or a hardware issue.
    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    Edit: I kept doing some tests to find out the issue. And this happened before and I was able to replicate it. Same thing happened as before, till I set it up to fullscreen, Alt+Tab from the game and then back to the game, FPS went up to 50 again, stable and good, dropped after a couple of seconds. After a bit it went to 2-5 fps, and I had to shutdown the game, because even the sound was getting messed up.

    MSI Afterburner 2

    In this image those ups and downs in the GPU usage are when the fps dropped really hard and the sound got messed up.
    Dull Byte, Nov 17, 2019

In game fps drop, big ram usage

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