Windows 10: Inconsistency of Microsoft Explorer

Discus and support Inconsistency of Microsoft Explorer in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi there, I am having a problem with the Windows Explorer and it is driving me insane! Well when I am in a rather big folder explorer keeps jumping to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by zizzler, May 29, 2019.

  1. zizzler Win User

    Inconsistency of Microsoft Explorer

    Hi there,

    I am having a problem with the Windows Explorer and it is driving me insane!
    Well when I am in a rather big folder explorer keeps jumping to the top for no apparent reason even when I am in scrolling down at the same time.
    It’s like I am trying to select a few entities but after a few seconds (it’s not consistent) it jumps to the top of the folder.
    This is happening in all explorer windows, also in the old system control panels, which is distracting to say the least, when you are trying to select several backgrounds or trying to select anything for that matter.

    Have a good one

    zizzler, May 29, 2019
  2. mixa Win User

    Microsoft Internet Explorer renamed to Windows Internet Explorer ?

    Inconsistency of Microsoft Explorer wie1.png

    Since version 7 of the world`s most popular web browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer was silently renamed to Windows Internet Explorer.Such a step from Microsoft is not a surprise since Internet Explorer is part of the Windows operation system for a long time.Obviously Microsoft corp. wants to state that Internet Explorer is already considered as a part of Windows and not as an external browser (remember the IE and WMP law issues last year!?).
  3. Unable to access YouTube websites on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge on Windows 10


    As you are facing issues with accessing the YouTube on Windows browsers, do not worry we will help you with this issue.

    Provide us additional information to assist you better with this issue:

    • What is the complete error message/ error code while trying to access the web pages?
    • Does this issue specific only with YouTube?
    • Have you made any changes to the operating system prior to this issue?

    Try the below workarounds to identify what is causing the issue:

    • Try to access YouTube in different browser and check if it is working fine. This will let us know if the issue is with the website/ the Microsoft browsers.
    • Also, try to access different website on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge.

    Try the below troubleshooting steps to access the website and check if it helps.

    Method 1: For Internet Explorer

    Step 1: I suggest you to run the Internet Explorer Performance troubleshooter.

    • Press Windows key, type
      and select it.
    • Click on View all in the left pane.
    • Click on Internet Explorer Performance
      and follow the onscreen instructions.

    Step 2: If the issue is only on Internet Explorer and to specific website, I suggest you to view the website in compatibility view to check if the issue is confined to compatibility.

    Steps to view the website in compatibility view:

    • Open Internet Explorer
      and open the website.
    • Click on Gear/ Settings icon at the right-top corner of the window.
    • Click on Compatibility View Settings, click on Add
      to add the website and click on Close.
    • Reopen the website and check if the issue persists.

    Step 3: If the issue still persists, I suggest you to access the website in
    InPrivate mode and check.

    InPrivate Browsing enables you to surf the web without leaving a trail in Internet Explorer. This helps prevent anyone else who might be using your computer from seeing what sites you visited and what you looked at on the web. You can start InPrivate
    Browsing from the New Tab page or the Safety button.

    Steps to open the browser in InPrivate mode:

    Open Internet Explorer, press Shift+Ctrl+P
    to open the browser in InPrivate mode and try to access the website.

    Method 2: For Microsoft Edge:

    I suggest you to check if the Adobe Flash player is enabled on Microsoft Edge.

    • Open Microsoft Edge, click on More actions
      (...) in the right-top corner of Microsoft Edge window.
    • Click on Settings, scroll down and click on
      Advanced settings
    • Enable Use Adobe Flash Player
    • Check if the issue persists with accessing the YouTube websites.

    Hope it helps. Reply to the post with an updated status to access YouTube website on Microsoft browsers for further


    Thank you.
    Deepika Gowda, May 29, 2019
  4. Inconsistency of Microsoft Explorer

    Edge Search Does Not Permit Change of Region

    I got these suggestions from the Microsoft Community forum.No. 1 worked for me:

    Thank you for posting the query on Microsoft Community. I am glad to assist you on this.
    We have reproduce the issue here and we are able to access non-regional search for google using Microsoft Edge.
    I would suggest you to try the below steps and check if it helps.
    Step 1:
    Clear browsing data option of Microsoft Edge and check if you face the issue. To do so perform the steps below.

    1. Click on the More actions icon next to the feedback icon present on top right corner of the Project Spartan homepage.
    2. Select Settings and click on Choose what to clear.
    3. Check the boxes Browsing history, Cookies and saved website data and Cached data and files and click on Clear.
    Step 2:
    I suggest you to create a new user account and check if the issue occurs.

    1. Go to Settings.
    2. Choose Accounts and then select Family and other users.
    3. Select add someone else on this PC.
    4. Enter a user name and hit next.
    5. Click on Finish.
    6. Sign out from the current Account and Log into the new account.
    Step 3:
    It could also happen because of network issue. I suggest you to try with different network connection and check if it helps.
    hurricane51, May 29, 2019

Inconsistency of Microsoft Explorer

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