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Discus and support InkBall in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; HI, Maybe not what you'd call a game here but I've played inkball. I used to play it every day. But I'm having difficulty with it in W 10. I've spent... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by awildttrout, Jun 24, 2016.

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    HI, Maybe not what you'd call a game here but I've played inkball. I used to play it every day. But I'm having difficulty with it in W 10. I've spent hours with compatibility modes. Once in a while it will play, so I know that it can work in W10. Any ideas on how I could get it to play? Maybe MS would be willing to create a little code. Appreciate any help.

    awildttrout, Jun 24, 2016

  2. Windows 10 Version 1511, Build 10586.3

    >>>>>>Browsing Od společnosti Games Workshop<<<<<<

    Thank you Linney. I already had a Games folder in my menu. I used a hack to install the older Microsoft games. I loved the Solitaire that ran on Vista and 7.

    After the upgrade ran, my old games disappeared from the menu. I reinstalled the hack and Hry and Od společnosti have both vanished.

    File Explorer looks like this.

    InkBall [​IMG]

    That is kind of odd. I did have a Steam folder. That's gone, too. I don't remember the exact name of the folder.

    I can just imagine the thousands of people who wanted Solitaire and the old Windows games back and the feed back Microsoft got about it, but look what Microsoft does instead? Purble Place and inkball? I would like to delete inkball because it looks like
    someone was to lazy to capitalize the i. InkBall :)

    Ah.....more good links, too. Thank you so much.
    Brenda Woollard, Jun 24, 2016
  3. Windows 10 Version 1511, Build 10586.3

    I just experienced the first time being disappointed that I turned on Automatic Windows Updates. I had already received the Threshold 2 update on Nov. 10. That update was maybe a good 20 minutes in duration and the computer was running well afterwards.
    I didn't think I would have to guard against something like this.

    This morning I wanted to empty temp folders and delete temporary internet files and restart my computer. So I click to restart. I was in for a surprise. Through Windows Update, I was delivered an upgrade to a new build. This was not a simple update.
    It took well over 2 hours to complete.

    My Windows Update history is cleared, of course.

    I had to uninstall the many Windows apps that I don't use.

    I have an app installed that's totally in another language, not uninstalled yet since I do not know what I'm going to uninstall.

    A second "phone" app was installed. One is "phone companion." The new app is "phone." There is no cellular connection on this tablet. I would ask why do these get installed in the first place?

    Sway is installed, as is Microsoft WiFi.

    The process uninstalled all my old Windows games and installed new games, like 3D Pinball, Inkball, Hold'em. I rather liked my old Microsoft games, solitaire, hearts, freecell and others. Now Windows 10 will be complete with bloatware.

    Cortana cannot search for sport teams or weather. The process did leave the current location intact.

    My browser, IE, has slowed to a crawl on websites heavily laden with advertisements.

    When I open Edge, I have to close it with Task Manager. The X simply does not function.

    My desktop has not received this upgrade and is still at Build 10240. I do not use Automatic Upgrades on that machine.

    I do have the option to uninstall this upgrade in Windows Update.

    If anyone knows what the app is in the image below, that will help. In the Most Used list, the app in the foreign language resides in the Hry folder.

    I know what to do to correct the problems. I do want to know why I'm being offered to Uninstall latest preview build and would like information about Hry/whatever.

    Thanks much,


    InkBall [​IMG]

    InkBall [​IMG]

    InkBall [​IMG]

    Tablet is T100 Asus Transformer Book

    Was running Windows 10, Build 10240
    Brenda Woollard, Jun 24, 2016


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