Windows 10: Input Audio Driver missing

Discus and support Input Audio Driver missing in Cortana to solve the problem; My input audio driver often gets missing . I don't know why this happens. Can you help me with this.... Discussion in 'Cortana' started by Ashique Iqbal, May 19, 2020.

  1. Input Audio Driver missing

    My input audio driver often gets missing . I don't know why this happens. Can you help me with this.

    Ashique Iqbal, May 19, 2020

  2. Dolby Audio driver

    Hi Joseph,

    Thank you for posting in Microsoft Community and being a part of Windows 10.

    Do let us know the following to assist you better with this issue:

    • What is the complete error message of this issue?
    • When are you facing this issue with the drivers?
    • Have you installed all the latest drivers from the manufacturer's website for current operating system?

    I suggest you to uninstall the existing Audio drivers, download the latest drivers for your device and check if it helps.

    Step 1: Uninstall the Audio driver.


    • Press Windows + X keys from the keyboard, click on Device Manager.
    • Expand Audio inputs and outputs, right click on the driver and click on

    Step 2: I suggest you to manually install the latest audio drivers and check.

    Download the latest drivers from: Lenovo Support for g500

    Select the driver and operating system to download.

    Refer to the article by Andre Da Costa to install the latest driver:

    How to: Install and Update drivers in Windows 10

    Hope it helps. Get back to us with the required information and updated status of this issue for further assistance.
    Deepika Gowda, May 19, 2020
  3. audio input

    Hi Nico,

    Damaged hardware or incompatible driver are some of the possible causes why you are experiencing an issue the audio input on your device. For us to provide an accurate solution, we would need you to answer the following questions:

    • Which build, version and edition of Windows is installed on your computer?
    • Are you using an external audio input device? If yes, what is the make and model of the audio input device you are using as microphone?
    • Have you made any changes to your computer settings before this issue happened?

    In the meantime, we suggest running the automated troubleshooter for audio issue. Visit this link,
    click on Find and fix problems recording sounds and then follow the prompts to successfully run the tool.

    We are looking forward to your response.
    Darleen Pen, May 19, 2020
  4. Input Audio Driver missing

    Audio driver is missing

    Hi Mark,

    Audio issues might have been caused by incompatible or missing audio driver. For us to identify the cause of this issue, we would like to ask the following questions:

    In the meantime, we suggest that you perform the following troubleshooting methods given on this article:

    Fix sound problems

    We will wait for your response.
    Janeane Cru, May 19, 2020

Input Audio Driver missing

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