Windows 10: Install Win10 ISO onto new SSD drive?

Discus and support Install Win10 ISO onto new SSD drive? in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; Hi All, A few days ago I got a new Win8.1 laptop that I smoothly upgraded to Win10. This laptop now shows as being registered with Microsoft. I just... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by m3110w, Sep 4, 2015.

  1. m3110w Win User

    Install Win10 ISO onto new SSD drive?

    Hi All, A few days ago I got a new Win8.1 laptop that I smoothly upgraded to Win10. This laptop now shows as being registered with Microsoft. I just now purchased a 250GB SSD that will arrive in a week or so. I want to install Win10 on this new drive. A friend just gave me a DVD burned with the Win10 ISO. When I get my new drive I'll install it into the laptop. Then I'll boot from the DVD and (hopefully) do a *clean* install of Win10. And (hopefully) Microsoft will recognize the laptop as already officially registered. Will this plan work? Am I missing anything important? Do I need to get all the drivers first? Or will the upgrade process grab all the needed drivers? My friend said when he did this process it got all the needed drivers. I already did a backup System Image of Win10 to an external hard drive, and I made a System Recovery DVD. There's no personal files or documents on the existing Win10 drive. Thanks,

    m3110w, Sep 4, 2015

  2. Migrating WIndows 10 to an SSD painlessly?

    I wanted to upgrade to Win10 today, and concurrently load the operating system onto a newly installed SSD. The upgrade never gave me the chance to transfer to a new hard drive, and so I have consequently spent many hours watching the Win10 load itself where
    I did not want it, onto my old HDD.

    History - I had early tried to install Win10 with the media creation tool on a USB drive. Unfortunately my bios could not be changed to read the USB during boot up.

    So I am now faced with migrating Win10 from the HDD to the new SSD. I understand that it cannot be simply moved, and would require a fresh installation onto the SSD.

    However I do not want to do a clean installation where all my files and programs will have to be reloaded, I have already spent enough time on this. I don't want to start to mirror my C: drive onto the SSD either which sounds just as painful.

    Could someone please advise the fastest way to do this? For example, could I burn the media creation tool to DVD which my bios will boot up from, and use that to load Win10 onto the SSD? I could disconnect the C: drive to ensure there is no interference.

    How would I then remove the Win10 on the C: HDD? Would I need to deactivate it first before it loads onto the SSD?

    Why don't microsoft have a specific set of instructions for migrating to an SSD? This must me an issue for thousands.
    Andrew Dyrda, Sep 4, 2015
  3. 'Mike P Win User
    Moving win 10 to new SSD.

    Being it was probably kind of pricey new 'goFast' drive & 4 or 5 times faster than a fast SSD, why dont you want to install win10 as a fresh goFaster type of install ?

    Put all your personal files into one drive on the old drive, activate win BackUp, backup your drivers, turn off onedrive temporarily and then install win10 fresh onto the new drive.
    'Mike P, Sep 4, 2015
  4. Joergi Win User

    Install Win10 ISO onto new SSD drive?

    It should activate, but it obviously does not always do:

    Microsoft says that the motherboard is the component, which makes one PC "this" PC and not another. According to that criterion, you should be able to exchange hardware parts like the harddisk and Windows 10 should still activate on it.

    However, I just answered a guy, who has tried exactly that (changing the HDD) and for him Windows 10 does no longer activate. Instead, the Microsoft hotline gave him the great offer to buy a new license for his Windows 10. Here is the thread:
    Solved M$ block my key - Windows 10 Forums
    His situation may be special as he has different BIOSes in the PC(?). However, just take note that although Microsoft claims it would be possible to get Windows 10 activated again on the same PC, obviously this is not always the case.
    Joergi, Sep 4, 2015
  5. Joergi Win User
    For the drivers: Windows comes with a wide range of drivers and Windows Update alsooffers some. Depending on your make and model it may be that realy all drivers directly are there. However, I would not be sure about that. Having the drivers for your hardware at hand surely is not wrong, just in case something is missing afterwards.
    Joergi, Sep 4, 2015
  6. m3110w Win User
    Hello Joergi, Thanks. Is there an easy way to copy all the various device drivers onto a USB stick? I did some google searching on this and haven't found anything yet. You know how to do this? It will be good for me to have the drivers just in case. I'll also continue searching. Thanks,
    m3110w, Sep 4, 2015
  7. fredc Win User
    Go to your computer manufacturers site and download all the drivers onto a USB drive , i was shocked to find all the drivers except 1 were already installed when i clean installed Win 10 .

    Amazingly the computer worked great so i just kept them since my computers manufacturer has not updated my system's drivers in years .
    fredc, Sep 4, 2015
  8. acmanten Win User

    Install Win10 ISO onto new SSD drive?

    After reading this info message from M3110w, I do not have answers but I have more questions.

    I did my upgrade fro 8.1 to win10 about three weeks ago, and that all went fine. I believe my new system is all fine but I have not yet done a "clean" install. I have made several different ISO file saves on DVD and each of them seemed save OK, as I read one of them as "esd-iso" UDF DVD-RW 3.28GB on 8-14-15 and by that time I had permanent activation.

    ??? Is a "clean install" required before a system transfer is done to an SSD? I really do not understand that yet... So is that just booting the new upgraded system with the ISO file.. or what needs to be done. ???

    I still have not deleted any of the files/folders in my /windows.old folder - as I do not need the space.

    Should I delete the folder /windows.old at this time?? and what command should I use to delete it ???

    I have ordereda new 500gb evo SATAIII samsung SSD and it will arrive soon. I downloaded Macrium Trial version and used that software yesterday to make a clone of my win10 upgraded OS to an extra 1TB backup HHD that I have extra, and I believe that cloned well as I am able to read the files on it.

    I guess I best stop asking questions here.... but I always have more questions.. Thanks for any answers, comments or thoughts to my my message above. All be safe. V/r Cliff M.
    acmanten, Sep 4, 2015
  9. Joergi Win User
    @m3110w: You cannot copy the driver files, which are currently used from your PC to a flash drive, later move them back and they will work. They most likely will not. These files need additional things like they need to be registered inside the registry, they need certain settings to be made and much more. And it will be pretty much impossible to say, which of the many files exactly you need.

    What you actually need is an installer for the according hardware. Your PC manufacturer may offer all of the drivers, which he originally installed, on his website. Having those would be a good start.

    Apart from that, the manufacturers of the different components in your computer might offer drivers, newer drivers, as well. E.g. say you have an nVidia graphics card. You would then go to the nVidia website, to their download section, select your model and your operating system and then you would download the installer for the graphics driver. After a clean install, if the graphics card would not be working correctly (e.g. Windows does no longer use it at its full resolution or so), then you would run that installer. This then takes care to install the according driver.
    Joergi, Sep 4, 2015
  10. m3110w Win User
    Hi @Joergi, Thanks for the info. Somewhere I read that the Win10 ISO file has the most common drivers so I'll take my chances and install it. If drivers are missing I'll download them as needed. Cheers,
    m3110w, Sep 5, 2015
  11. m3110w Win User
    Hello acmanten, Sounds like your situation is the same as mine. Based on my research so far it seems that using the Win10 ISO DVD to do a clean upgrade should work because you've already successfully upgraded to Win10. As mentioned by someone else, if your Win10 upgraded pc registers OK with Microsoft you're good to go since Microsoft mainly locks on to the motherboard which usually is stable.

    In any case you'll have the old drive handy as a backup after you install the new drive.

    Post here how it goes with your clean install and I'll do the same. Thanks,
    m3110w, Sep 5, 2015
  12. topgundcp Win User
    Of course you can backup the drivers from your current system.

    OPTION 1:
    Download: Driver 4.1 Backup Download and unzip then right click on dd.exe->Run as Admin. Click on Backup->Scan Current System. You'll get a list of all drivers, select them then click on Backup Now.

    To restore, re-run dd.exe and click on Restore.

    Most of the drivers will be installed by Windows 10 Installation. However, some of the drivers from third party softwares such as Audio, Intel Chipset etc... can be restored so you don't have to manually install them.

    Install Win10 ISO onto new SSD drive? [​IMG]

    OPTION 2: Open Admin command prompt and run:
    • md c:\Drivers
    • Dism /Online /Export-Driver /Destination:C:\Drivers
    To install a driver. Just right click on the .inf file -> Install
    topgundcp, Sep 5, 2015
  13. m3110w Win User

    Install Win10 ISO onto new SSD drive?

    Hello @topgundcp

    Wow. This is great info. Just what I needed. I'll use both methods and get all the drivers backed up before I install the new SSD.

    U rok.
    m3110w, Sep 5, 2015
  14. KACI Win User
    Since you have a laptop you'd need an external enclosure to attach your new SSD to your laptop but then you should just be able to clone your existing HD and you'll have all the drivers there. If you're activated now it still will be. Just pull the old HD and insert the new SSD and you should be ready to go. If you still feel the need to do a clean install there shouldn't be a problem. If you run into a problem all you have to do is plug your old HD back in. Just a thought.*092
  15. m3110w Win User
    I've got Win10 upgrade successfully installed on my laptop but its full of crapware and old Win8.1 files. Doing a clean install to the SSD is my top priority.

    And you're correct, I'll have the original drive as a backup jic.
    m3110w, Sep 5, 2015

Install Win10 ISO onto new SSD drive?

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