Windows 10: Intel SSD being overused ?

Discus and support Intel SSD being overused ? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Does this look normal to you for an SSD ? It certainly doesn't to me. Tips ? [img] Another 2 images for debugging purposes. I think they might... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Marron, May 26, 2015.

  1. Marron Win User

    Intel SSD being overused ?

    Does this look normal to you for an SSD ? It certainly doesn't to me. Tips ?

    Intel SSD being overused ? [​IMG]

    Another 2 images for debugging purposes. I think they might help.

    Intel SSD being overused ? [​IMG]

    Intel SSD being overused ? [​IMG]

    Marron, May 26, 2015
  2. Vizal Win User

    Advanced typing options for touch keyboard missing

    Are you being serious?

    Stop copying and pasting these overused replies.

    Why post a new thread if THIS one hasn't been resolved by now?!
    Vizal, May 26, 2015
  3. Why is there so much fragmentation on my SSD?

    There are a couple of reasons for extreme fragmentation on an SSD.

    1. That's the way the SSD controller works in order to prolong the life of the device.

    2. It doesn't affect performance so it doesn't matter.

    The memory cells in an SSD cannot be overwritten like magnetic media can. Cells must be zapped to zeroes before new data can be written. This very substantial charge forces electrons through the cells insulating walls. That causes a very slight singeing
    of the insulation and done enough times the material changes physically to a material that does not prevent electrons from escaping from a cell. The thickness of the insulation between each cell depends on the density of cells. The higher the capacity the
    thinner the cell walls have to be and the sooner they lose their ability to hold a charge.

    It follows that you do not want to write more times than necessary and you do not one part of the SSD overused. SSD controllers work on the principle that no cell is written to twice before every cell is written to once, and so on. A cell has a lifetime
    of from 3000 to 50,000 write cycles (each write cycle means the cells written to have to be zapped first) so the SSD makes sure that no cell is used more than any other cell.

    The result is fragmentation. The SSD simply will not "cluster" memory pages. And you do NOT want files being moved around by defragmentation programs because a defragger would be doing it constantly, each time being another write cycle used up. You would
    lose more write-cycles to a defragger than you would by ordinary data writing.

    The other point is that optimization is pointless in an SSD. Optimization in a HDD improves performance by putting files on tracks that can be reached by the read/write heads more efficiently. The principle should remind you of a vinyl record. A song
    needs to be contiguous because the playback device is mechanical and only replays the song by following a track. An SSD does not have tracks and sectors. It is a matrix. Any point in a matrix is read just as quickly as any other point and it doesn't matter
    how badly scattered a file is, it takes no longer to read it than it would if it were contiguous. An SSD doesn't have a mechanical read/write head. It is a matrix.

    Bottom line: DO NOT defrag an SSD. You are just shortening its lifetime without any gain whatsoever in performance. Most defraggers will recognize an SSD and not defrag it anyway, but relax, a fragmented SSD is a blessing, not a curse. It means no one
    cell is being overused.
    Cbarnhorst, May 26, 2015
  4. Mystere Win User

    Intel SSD being overused ?

    Why would you think it's not? Looks pretty standard to me. Looks like DropBox is syncing.
    Mystere, May 26, 2015
  5. Marron Win User
    Because readspeed is under 100 KB/sec and write speed is under 2 MB/sec and the drive is used 100%, while a SSD's read / write speed should be at least 200 times more, that is at least 250 MB/sec.
    Marron, May 26, 2015
  6. Mystere Win User
    Based on what? If you mean those graphs, you can't read too much into them. Notice that the graph says "Active time", it's how much of the time the drive is in use, not the percentage of it's maximum speed.

    The lower graph shows disk transfer rate, but it only shows a scale based on the maxiumum range shown in the graph, not the maximum speed of the drive.
    Mystere, May 26, 2015
  7. Marron Win User
    Well, I only checked Task Manager because there was a noticeable lack in performance, and what I saw didn't seem right. Looks like DropBox uses a ton of resources (CPU too).
    Marron, Apr 4, 2018

Intel SSD being overused ?

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