Windows 10: Internet Disconnects and Keyboard Freezes Seemingly At Random

Discus and support Internet Disconnects and Keyboard Freezes Seemingly At Random in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Got a new PC fairly recently but having a recurring issue with it. Sometimes, seemingly at random, my keyboard will crash and my internet will... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by LukeEmmett, Sep 24, 2020.

  1. Internet Disconnects and Keyboard Freezes Seemingly At Random

    Got a new PC fairly recently but having a recurring issue with it.

    Sometimes, seemingly at random, my keyboard will crash and my internet will disconnect. The keyboard will fail to register any inputs num. lock light remains on no matter what even when I disconnect and reconnect the USB. As for the internet, it'll stop connecting to my WiFi and is totally unable to reconnect until I restart the computer. I often have to hold down the power button to force the shut down.

    It always does both of these things. It doesn't crash completely, mouse works and can navigate programs no issue.

    Windows 10 latest version, running on high spec PC.

    Any advice will be very much appreciated.

    LukeEmmett, Sep 24, 2020

  2. Random internet disconnects

    Hi everyone, it seems I need your help again with my tricky internet.

    So the problem like the thread name is random internet disconnects, the internet will work fine for a few hours then will lose connection out of a sudden.

    I've tried numerous fixes:

    - Winsock reset and the likes
    -Every option present in Complete internet repair
    -To top it off I used the Windows 10 reset feature(Yes I did this after I managed to break my internet completely so I could not connect to the internet anymore, the reset allowed me to go back to square 1 aka random disconnects)

    I also called my ISP numerous times and they did these:

    -Chopped off my internet cable end and replaced it
    -They gave a router to test for 1 week(They told me when the light turn red I have no internet and it did so but sometimes it might have turned off completely, there was 1 case where it definitively took more than usual activating the internet at windows startup)
    -They chopped my cable again and they split it in 2, 1 end they considered might be bad and 1 end I plug into the jack
    -They said they worked on the pole, I didnt see them so I am doubt full

    Some notes: They said they did everything on their end and that my PC is the fault, last thing they are willing to do is replace my internet cable completely, from pole to house-PC.(Funny thing is: I told their manager-Boss lady that my internet cable is Cat 5e, she said o definitively it needs a change that's not a cable for internet. In my head I was like WTF is this a telephone cable ?)

    The internet guys seemed unprofessional(among other things for various reasons), when internet first installed on fresh PC they said they can make it connect automaticaly like on old PC but it might dissconect, I was like ok... guess I'll bear up with doing it manually if it means trouble free.

    When internet disconnects it's like I click the disconnect button it does not attempt to recconect.

    I used a broadband connection, pppoe connection wtih username and password until I tried to call the ISP to make it automatic, they refused and told me to do it miself... I hooked up the old PC and took all the settings and now the connection is automatic.

    When internet fails now, the internet icon does not change colour, sign etc, it remains as if I have a stable internet but it acts like I have no internet but since it is automatic the internet comes back in under 15s.

    I told the ISP to check the pole in front of my house, they said it has nothing to do with my internet since the internet box is on another pole, but they did put a ladder to the pole, watched for 10 sec and said: Yeah, everything seems fine.

    I dont think my PC is at fault since I was no the one assembling it, I also think Windows 10 has nothing to do with my problem, I got to this conclusion when I hooked up old PC and it disconnects also.

    I dont really have a happy history with this ISP, I use them only because the cheap-fast internet.

    I didnt tell the ISP to check the house because I dont think they will do it.

    I would gladly change ISP If I know the problem is definitively not at my end.

    I have this problem for over 21 days on new PC, the ISP says my neighours dont have any internet problems-My reply is my neighours dont use the internet that much, one being a mechanic, the other one beying a very old lady but except of the lady he told me about some kinds a few houses back.(I also was not aware of my neighours even using the same ISP)

    Well guess these are all the major things I did, hope you guys can help me.
    Silas Woodruff, Sep 24, 2020
  3. YIN
    Yin Win User
    Random Internet Disconnect, whats up ?

    don't get me wrong here.
    I mean there are a few steps that I know of which no one has suggested.

    The reason why I ask ADSL or Cable is because they work differently (obviously).
    Since its Cable I wont bother with ADSL for now.

    You 100% correct about the MAC address because cable authentic via MAC address.
    But there are heaps of simple things he can do before he contacts his ISP which may just get him to waste his time, such as checking the lights on the modem which usually are from top down

    PC Link

    If the power light doesn't go solid green it indicates a power problem.
    check power cables.

    If receive and send light aren't flashing signal problem.
    check coaxial cable connection (also its a good idea to disconnect it and reconnect it to reset the signal)

    If receive is on and send is flashing.
    You can adjust the signal frequency inside the interface of the modem.

    I used to work in a ISP and majority of the time just disconnecting the Coaxial cable and reconnecting it solves the problem. Also adjusting the has helped in situations.
  4. TIGR Win User

    Internet Disconnects and Keyboard Freezes Seemingly At Random

    Random freezes or shut downs

    Completely random freezing/shutdowns on a system with no recent hardware changes, and hard drive, memory, and PSU fine, usually means a software issue (file corruption or malicious software). I suggest following DavidV's recommendations.

Internet Disconnects and Keyboard Freezes Seemingly At Random

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