Windows 10: ipconfig shows only "Windows IP Configuration" after upgrade to Win10

Discus and support ipconfig shows only "Windows IP Configuration" after upgrade to Win10 in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; I decided to upgrade my PC from Win7 to Win10 before the free upgrade time expires. It has been a bit of a nightmare. After the upgrade completed I... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by Golden Rule, Jun 29, 2016.

  1. ipconfig shows only "Windows IP Configuration" after upgrade to Win10

    I decided to upgrade my PC from Win7 to Win10 before the free upgrade time expires. It has been a bit of a nightmare.

    After the upgrade completed I have no Internet Access. I know the hardware is good because when I revert back to my image of Windows 7 I do have Internet Access.

    When I type
    ipconfig /all
    I get only this. No ipconfig numbers at all.

    Windows IPConfiguration

    Host Name: MyComputerName
    Primary Dns Suffix: blank
    Node Type: Hybrid
    IP Routing Enabled: No
    WINS Proxy Enabled: No

    The Ethernet card shows working properly

    I uninstalled and reinstalled driver.

    I ran
    C:\> netshwinsock reset catalog
    then I ran
    C:\> netsh int ipreset reset.log
    This gave me an error message
    Access denied

    My initial attempt to do the upgrade failed at about 44%. I googled this and removed my symbolic link that allowed me to move my user data to my D:. Google said there could be problems with that. After that the upgrade completed but I can't activate because I have no internet connection.

    I suspect that deleting the symbolic link may have something to do with the problem but I don't know.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Golden Rule, Jun 29, 2016

  2. ipconfig shows only "Windows IP Configuration" after upgrade to Win10

    No. I never did find a solution. I'm not currently using that computer.
    Bryan_S..., Jun 29, 2016
  3. ipconfig shows only "Windows IP Configuration" after upgrade to Win10

    First step. Did you remove and re-install the network driver./

    Please download this app (minitoolbox)
    Run it with "select all" checked
    Upload the output to one drive or any file sharing service
    Put a link to them in your next post

    Please type each of these into an elevated command prompt after you have run the above and saved the file

    ipconfig /flushdns

    ipconfig /registerdns

    ipconfig /release

    ipconfig /renew

    NETSH winsock reset catalog

    NETSH int ipv4 reset reset.log

    NETSH int ipv6 reset reset.log

    ZigZag3143 (MS -MVP), Jun 29, 2016
  4. ipconfig shows only "Windows IP Configuration" after upgrade to Win10

    I you just upgraded to Win10, the easiest way to resolve issues is to do a Clean install
    as long as Win10 is activated

    If you upgraded a while ago, then it's your call to troubleshoot the issue(s) or do a Clean install.

    A Clean install means CLEAN.

    The box is like it was when new - no extra drives, no external devices connected (mouse, keybd, monitor are the exceptions)

    The only disk in the machine should be unallocated space - no partitions

    Audit you system with Belarc Advisor - save the HTML report to an external drive. This gives you the keys for purchased software so you can install that software afterwards

    Backup your personal data to an external drive

    This is all covered in the tutorial, but some people miss some of it and have to start over or experience other issues.

    Read the tutorial, ask questions, back up your data, then install Clean.

    After the Clean install, let Windows Update (WU) provide all of the drivers for your devices - don't install from disc or OEM download.

    Then check Device Manager for any flagged devices. Since WU did not provide the driver, you'll have to visit the OEM (either PC or Device mfgr) site to resolve it.

    Then install your favorite software - weeding out any you don't use very often. This has an additional benefit of getting updated 3rd party software, much of it updated for Win10. An upgrade carries over the old versions and does it's best to make it work with compatibility - better to have updated software.

    Windows 10 - Clean Install - Windows 10 Forums
    Slartybart, Jun 30, 2016
  5. Thanks for trying to help. As I mentioned in my initial post I can't get activated because I don't have an internet connection.
    Golden Rule, Jun 30, 2016
  6. and so you did *Redface

    Launch Command Prompt (Admin)

    Method Screen Shot
    Quick Access menu
    Right click the Windows menu (logo) on the Taskbar

    Select Command Prompt (Admin)
    and yes to the UAC prompt

    ipconfig shows only "Windows IP Configuration" after upgrade to Win10 [​IMG]
    Enter slui 4
    Pick your country
    Phone in and activate
    Slartybart, Jun 30, 2016
  7. Well after begging me for almost a year to upgrade it sure is making it hard.

    I followed the process and entered all of the seven digit numbers. Then it said "Oh dear we can't activate" "Connect to an agent." I do. Then it says "Your call will be answered by the next agent". Then a moment later it says "Your call cannot be connected at this time." and disconnects me.

    I have tried this three times with the same result each time.

    Now what do I do?

    Golden Rule, Jun 30, 2016
  8. ipconfig shows only "Windows IP Configuration" after upgrade to Win10

    Since I don't know what symbolic link you deleted or which website instructions you followed that told you to delete a symbolic link .....and since Phone activation did not work ....

    I would feel more confident if you could fill in the blanks
    I'm going to suggest that your rollback to Win7 .... cross my fingers ... and pray that it works after you deleted something.

    Read first, ask questions
    Top of page Windows 10 - Go Back to Previous Windows version

    Option to use: Go back to Previous Windows from Windows 10 in Settings
    Slartybart, Jul 1, 2016
  9. I reverted to an image I made before upgrading from Win7 to Win19 this evening. The symbolic link I deleted pointed C:\User to D:\Users.

    I am trying again to upgrade without success. I have been working on this off and on for over a week now. I'm running into the same problems I had previously. I've solved many of them. And expect I will eventually again. Except the problem with the Internet connection. That one I haven't been able to solve. I called Windows tech support this afternoon and they weren't able to solve it either.

    Golden Rule, Jul 1, 2016
  10. Ok, you're back on Win7, correct ?

    Two things that might help are a Speccy report and a Disk Management screenshot.
    Please use the methods below as they present the information in a usable fashion.

    There are some known minor issues with an upgrade - AV pgms and disk schema are the two most common culprits. The inofrmation you post will help me understand if those might affect your install or if there's somethings else that catches my attention.
    Speccy - Publish Snapshot of your System Specs

    Disk Management screen shot

    • Download (contains dmDskmgr-vg.mmc)

    • Open the compressed folder,
      Double click dmDskmgr-vg.mmc to launch it
      Press the Open button if prompted Do you want to open this file?
      Answer yes to the User Account Control prompt
    • Press Alt+PrtScn to grab a snapshot of just the Disk Management window
      Open Paint and Ctrl+V to paste it, then save the image

    • Attach the image to a new post

    As long as you have your personal data backed up, a clean install is preferable to an upgrade.
    The only drawbacks are that you
    • have to reinstall 3rd party programs, which can be beneficial

    • copy your personal data on to the new setup
      The easiest way to do this is to copy the data to an external drive - an image might not allow you to grab pieces.

    Clean Install Windows 10 Directly without having to Upgrade First - Windows 10 Forums

    As always, read through it and ask questions if there anything you're not sure about.
    Slartybart, Jul 1, 2016
  11. I believe this file will give you all the information you are look for. The disk info is at the very end.

    Let me know if you still need me to follow your suggests.

    Golden Rule, Jul 2, 2016
  12. I don't see an attached file.

    It is easier if you provide the information requested the way it was requested. Your method might provide the same information, but then I have to figure out how the information is reported.

    Exmaple: Disk Management and Partition Wizard both provide disk information, but the terminology and presentation is just a bit different. I have to translate the differences - it's just a matter of which tool is more familiar to the person helping you.
    Slartybart, Jul 2, 2016
  13. ipconfig shows only "Windows IP Configuration" after upgrade to Win10

    Here is disk manager
    Disk Manager

    Here is Speccy

    Here is the link I meant to put in my last message
    System Info

    Golden Rule, Jul 2, 2016
  14. Thanks, farbar does give a lot of good information ... I always had trouble translating it
    Please publish a Speccy

    And thanks for the Disk Management - looking at it, there are some minor things I would change, and with a few posts could help you do that. Those things aren't going to solve the issue on your machine though.

    After I see the Speccy, I might have something - but I can't tell what's on your machine (well Farbar would tell me, but I'd have to spend my time making sense of it ... other people know Farbar well, I don't)
    Slartybart, Jul 3, 2016
  15. ??? I don't understand. I did publish a Speccy in my last post.
    Here it is a again.

    Golden Rule, Jul 3, 2016

ipconfig shows only "Windows IP Configuration" after upgrade to Win10

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