Windows 10: Is paying for antivirus a waste of money?

Discus and support Is paying for antivirus a waste of money? in Windows 10 News to solve the problem; Commentary: It's been a long time since anti-malware suites have found anything on my computers. Maybe the Windows Defender that comes with Windows 10... Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by Brink, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. Brink
    Brink New Member

    Is paying for antivirus a waste of money?

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    Brink, Mar 3, 2016
  2. Winuser Win User

    IMHO Windows Defender is OK and I use it in the Preview Version of Win 10. For my RTM versions of Win 10 I will continue to use ESET Smart Security and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

    Winuser, Mar 4, 2016
  3. microsoft support is a useless waste of time

    My connection was with Lark. The issue took approximately an hour. Brand new 1X. Had connected to internet for a couple of days. It wont now. They suggest Sky is the issue (provider) they, Sky suggest Microsoft as I have laptop and iphone connection to the
    web. I then waited 45 mins for a reply from Lark...Nothing!

    I reconnected with William. William cannot liaise with Lark, so I'm stuck in limbo. The Xbox goes back to Argos tomorrow. What a complete utter waste of time, **** service!!
    DuncanCameron3674, Mar 4, 2016
  4. NVFOX Win User

    Is paying for antivirus a waste of money?

    microsoft support is a useless waste of time

    I have in past replies already said how useless the support of MS is. Now I have another incident of the useless MS support. Via the new feedback, I reported a problem with the MS Account in a factual form. In the feedback, I was told that a MS rep. would
    reply very soon. This did not happen at all!! What is MS doing with these feedbacks anyway. Read through it (doubt that) or just delete them? This support process of MS is a total unclear process, if there is a process at all.

    I wish that MS itself would make a public statement about their support process, in particular that in India which is a complete waste of time and a failure of investment, In the past 25 years using MS products, I received only ONCE a good support. In all
    other cases, the support was 100% useless, and so did not help to resolve an issue.

    MVPs etc. try sometimes hard to help, but often even they cannot resolve basic issues/ problems. I do not blame them, but all direct Microsoft employees (incl. the CEO, CFO, COO, etc., etc.).
    NVFOX, Mar 4, 2016
  5. WHS
    whs Win User
    I agree. Especially Win10 seems to be safe enough out of the box.
  6. aelaan Win User
    Nothing is safe, nobody can protect you against your own but YOU. Antivirus is a load of crap costing CPU cycles to warn you too late that you are going to reinstall. Backup your data, did you hear that? Your data, nobody else but you. If you as end user choose to download questionable information from the internet, or even if you just quickly keep clicking yes install, yes also install this pop up in IE and oh please connect to my pictures and what not, your data is at risk. On a day by day experience I get more junk mail and I see more stuff not to click on than is good for any human being. It is what the internet has become, a trap to lure you in. I do not install anti virus software I make sure all my data is backed up three times, once local, once in the cloud and once a week to the vault, paranoid maybe but after losing all my pictures and music collections multiple times I now do not care if I am infected, I quickly put in my recovery USB stick, wipe my system clean, reinstall my OS and apps and the data recovers in the background. Of course I feel stupid when it happens, but I no longer but blame myself. Antivirus gives you a false sense of security, so does windows defender but I leave it there because it is part of the "experience". Once RedStone is stable and ready for prime I will most likely disable it for a while to see if I truly need it.
    aelaan, Mar 4, 2016
  7. +1

    I am with you on this 100% I want that security, even though I have my files backed up as other state, sometimes its one-click that could be the difference of being saved from a nasty virus or bug, then having to re-load the entire O/S from a backup because I find that as a waste of time and not rather amusing. Especially, all that time needed to customize everything to your liking. It's not a 30 minute procedure, it takes hours and causes frustration.

    Why not save yourself the trouble and stay safe? ESS user since version 3.0 and Windows XP, and Malware-bytes as long as I can remember. Lifetime licensed myself before it went to 1 year mode. I feel at ease. Good combination sir, I like it.
    heyyahblah, Mar 4, 2016
  8. Winuser Win User

    Is paying for antivirus a waste of money?

    I have the lifetime license also. I'm very glad I took advantage of the offer when it was available. Even though I know no security program is going to make me 100% safe I will continue to use them. I believe in the old saying a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
    Winuser, Mar 4, 2016
  9. Craig Win User
    I have been on Windows 10 since it became available and all i have used is the default Windows Defender...I've gotten hit a total of 3 times since them with some pretty bad stuff (mostly trojans) and defender worked flawlessly...I was notified by windows notification center about it right away and Defender proceeded to knock them cold and isolate them...

    Then all i had to do was manually request that it trash them, and DONE...So i have total confidence that Defender at this point in time, works so well, that nothing else is really needed...*Smile
    Craig, Mar 4, 2016
  10. Geneo Win User
    The best antivirus is backups.
    Geneo, Mar 4, 2016
  11. What a complete waste of time if you ask me.

    SMH, If you like wasting time formatting and restoring from backups, be my guest. I could think of other things to do during that free time, whilst I was protected from that malware that could have prevented a long and tedious mess in the first place.

    I guess a lot of people like playing with fire and feeling invincible, until the day comes that they finally get burned.

    I like the way you think. They will get burned sooner or later, what can you do? Nothing right.
    heyyahblah, Mar 4, 2016
  12. Windows Defender is flaud. You can send it into a permanent program boot-loop of cleaning, quarantine and exlcude and all you have to do is run the FFF-WinRaR keygen. Which is clean, comes up as a false positive everywhere. But run it on W10 with Defender on and your done. It will never remove it, constantly ask for removal or cleaning or exclusion and repeat over and over. Not even a system restore can save you, its a format. If you have time, try it in a VM. I did, and boy they were right. Don't rely on Defender.

    I'm glad at least @Winuser uses some type of protection.
    heyyahblah, Mar 4, 2016
  13. jeffrys Win User

    Is paying for antivirus a waste of money?

    me too,

    4 pc's 1 tablet 1 laptop only Windows defender and firewall for years now.

    lot's of B-U.

    jeffrys, Mar 4, 2016
  14. cereberus Win User
    What complete crap. What you are saying is like having unprotected sex eg you obviously can avoid high risk persons, but that does not mean even a person you would are pretty sure is ok, is actually ok!

    Modern av packages put so little demand on resources, and are very effective.

    The only valid point you make is regular backups, but even then you still have risk of backing up a lurking virus.

    Anybody who follows this user's idiotic advice deserves to 'get infected'!
    cereberus, Mar 4, 2016
  15. Snakeyes Win User
    Stop mincing your words, just come out and say what you mean.

    Love it.
    Snakeyes, Mar 4, 2016

Is paying for antivirus a waste of money?

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