Windows 10: Issue with various apps and features/ freezing

Discus and support Issue with various apps and features/ freezing in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; ...OK, I'm not real tech savay so bear with me while I try to explain this issue. I have an issue on both my HP laptops that is just ripping my hair... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by jjmonroe8, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. jjmonroe8 Win User

    Issue with various apps and features/ freezing

    ...OK, I'm not real tech savay so bear with me while I try to explain this issue.
    I have an issue on both my HP laptops that is just ripping my hair out. One laptop is New and worked for 2 weeks (with wifi connection issues) and the other is my previous laptop which worked perfect until I started re-using it when my new one crashed. OK now the issue.
    ...First thing I notice is opening Microsoft edge and it is reset as if I've never used it before. It won't let my bring my favorites back over from explorer or type in any of the search bars.
    ...Second, I can use Explorer except videos won't play. YouTube, Yahoo, Ebay (that I've found) go unresponsive, yet other sites load fine.
    ...Third, my icon for my Ethernet connection disappeared and won't come back even after restarts though I am still connected and can use my explorer under the limitations that I listed above.
    ...Forth, Windows defender freezes when I try to turn it back on and I run Malwarebytes and there are no threats.
    ...I can't update windows or wipe it and start over (just freezes.)

    Now this is on 2 separate computers which one is 3 years old and NEVER had an issue with it till I had an issue with my new one and switched back. Anyone with any insight on this would REALLY be appreciated. I can give more details as asked, but that's all I got off the top of my head. Thank you

    jjmonroe8, Jan 5, 2017
  2. Alden Rey Win User

    Various apps are freezing: Chrome, Office 365,

    Hi Joseph,

    For us to narrow it down and provide you the proper resolution, may we ask if you made any changes to your device prior to the concern?

    What's the version of your Windows 10? to check, simply type in Cortana winver (Version *** OS Build *****.**)

    Have you tried any possible troubleshooting steps? If yes, what are those steps and did you get any error messages?

    Alden Rey, Jan 5, 2017
  3. Various apps are freezing: Chrome, Office 365,

    When I hit Control-Alt-Delete, I noticed that I have two rundll32 which are using ~268 MB of memory each... I am wondering if this app is causing the problem...

    This has been an intermittent problem ever since I purchased my Surface about 18 months ago. It appears that the combination of New Surface with windows 10 + One Drive is a serious problem. The internet is full of complaints about this...

    Recently for about one month, this problem was not causing too much of an issue; however, recently there was a Windows update and now it's back again as bad as ever....

    This has caused me so much pain and frustration... I am very close to giving up on MS and going for an Apple.

    Please help!

    I know next to nothing on how to fix such an issue.

    Now I am having difficulty finishing submitting this problem because the drop down menus below are not working...
    JosephAbys, Jan 5, 2017
  4. telepro21 Win User

    Issue with various apps and features/ freezing

    Hello jjmonroe8,

    I have read through your description. Interesting situation to say the least.
    What other computers are on your network?
    I suspect that you may have an infection that has spread to the computers that have been attached/attaching to your network. Now I could be wrong about this but two separate computers with the same problem...after being connected to the same network?...hmm...seems to point in the direction of network compromise and your network seems the only common denominator.
    telepro21, Jan 5, 2017

Issue with various apps and features/ freezing

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