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Discus and support Junk email in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; When I get junk email, I click on the link that says, "Add sender to blocked senders list" But it does no good as I still get the junk from them. Is... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Frank1, May 11, 2015.

  1. Frank1 Win User

    Junk email

    When I get junk email, I click on the link that says, "Add sender to blocked senders list" But it does no good as I still get the junk from them. Is there anything I can do to stop it?
    Thanks, Frank

    Frank1, May 11, 2015
  2. rockydean Win User

    Windows 10 Block Junk Email

    With Windows 10 email support, it there a way to stop junk email from even getting stored in the Junk folder (I was able to do that with Windows Live Mail) ? In other words, I don't want to see anything stored in the Junk folder.

    How do I set the filtering level for junk email ?
    rockydean, May 11, 2015
  3. GordonB-P Win User
    Junk Mail folder in Windows 10 mail is not called "Junk Mail"

    In on the web, the Junk Email folder is called "Junk Email".

    In Windows 10 Mail app, the Junk Email folder is called HM_BulkMail_ with no option to rename it.

    How do I fix this?

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    GordonB-P, May 11, 2015
  4. Mystere Win User

    Junk email

    It's a never-ending battle. They spammers change their email addresses, so while the previous spammers email address was added to the blocked senders list, the new one is not. The only way to combat this is to engage the high sensitivity filters, which basically block all but people you have in your contacts list. This means all email goes to your junk mail filter unless the sender is in your contacts. But, this means you can't get any email from senders you aren't expecting unless you check your junk mail folder and add them to your contacts.

    This also isn't perfect, since the spammers use tricks like using your own email address as the source, or hijacking your friends email accounts and sending spam from their accounts.
    Mystere, May 11, 2015
  5. John035 Win User
    I don't recommend set up filters to delete spam emails -- those may mess with spam filters and make them less effective in your account. When you get spam in your inbox, report it as spam and that's it. No further action is required.
    John035, May 11, 2015
  6. Frank1 Win User
    Thanks for your comments. It seems as though I'm not the only one.
    Frank1, May 11, 2015
  7. Spam is like weeds, you can limit the number but you'll never get rid of it all.

    Here's what I have set up:
    Spam filter is active on my Mail server
    I do not download spam to my eMail client - it's already filtered out on the Server side, why do it again.

    I set up filters to move known senders to specific folders (Friends, Family, Work, NewsLists, ...)
    I use the eMail client function to only show unread mail (it looks in all of the folders for me)

    If something is in my inbox, then it is either Spam that got through or a new sender that is not defined in my filters.

    Most spam is easy to spot: Viagra ... Gold Watch ... Call me Gloria ... hey big fella ... Women in Xville want to ...

    These won't help if the spammer sends from a compromised friends account - but that's rare in my case. Still it's the most dangerous and tempting to reply. DON'T ever reply to spam ... EVER! And resit the temptation to eMail your friend asking if they sent it ... use the phone or wait 'till you see them face to face. If you respond, they know they have a live address.
    Slartybart, May 11, 2015
  8. Boozad Win User

    Junk email

    I have a delete button on my keyboard which zaps my SPAM in milliseconds, and I never reply to any emails as I'm too anti-social for that so I'm safe.
    Boozad, May 12, 2015
  9. davehc Win User
    LOL. Me too! Even anti social has its advantages. 1. I drink all my booze myself.
    davehc, May 12, 2015
  10. CountMike New Member
    Ccccc, not sharing booze is a sin around here !
    CountMike, Apr 5, 2018

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