Windows 10: keyboard hotkeys with ctrl partially working

Discus and support keyboard hotkeys with ctrl partially working in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello Just installed win 10 I have 4 input languages: English, Hebrew, French France, French Canadian multi I can rotate the input with shift... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by g2c, Feb 11, 2017.

  1. G2C
    g2c Win User

    keyboard hotkeys with ctrl partially working

    Just installed win 10
    I have 4 input languages: English, Hebrew, French France, French Canadian multi
    I can rotate the input with shift leftAlt and have access to these languages in sequence
    But when I assigned ctrl hot keys (0,1,2,3 in the above language order) to jump directly to a language, not all of them work, but only English and French
    ctrl0 switches to english
    ctr1 does nothing
    ctrl2 switches to French
    ctrl3 does nothing
    Could someone suggest how to fix this? I never encountered this issue with win vista/7/8/8.1

    Your help is very much appreciated

  2. KonstAndr Win User

    language hotkeys problem

    Hi, I have the following problem with language hotkeys in Windows 10 (the same problem existed in Windows 8 and 8.1). I have different keyboard layouts with hotkeys for different languages, for example, ctrl+1 – English, ctrl+2 – Russian,
    ctrl+3 – Spanish etc.

    The problem appears when my computer goes into sleep mode – when I activate it, all the hotkeys are reset and don’t work anymore, and in order to fix it I have to REBOOT my computer. The same problem appears when I switch between languages in Skype
    – the program starts hanging (I have to restart Skype then) and all the hotkeys don’t work anymore.
    KonstAndr, Feb 11, 2017
  3. Pavel A Win User
    Why my keyboard hotkeys disappear or don't work?


    This problem persists since the 1st Win10 release and got even worse in 1709.

    I have three keyboard languages and want to assign hotkeys to switch directly, rather than cycle "between" layouts.

    I have assigned ctrl/shift 1, ctrl/shift 1 and ctrl/shift 3. It worked well for me since WinXP thru Win8.1.

    In Win10, the hotkeys work for some time, but after few hours, or a day after, these assignment disappear - revert to "(None)".

    Why? How can I debug it? Does anyone know where these hotkeys are saved (registry? files?) so I could watch for them using, say, the process monitor?

    Chrome browser and/or Google sites seems to intercept ctrl/shift 2 for its own shortcut, so recently I've changed them to left alt/shift+1, alt/shift+2, alt/shift+3. This did not help, the assignments still keep reverting to none or just do not work.

    The 'cycling' hotkey, ctrl/shift does work.

    Any ideas?

    -- pa
    Pavel A, Feb 11, 2017
  4. keyboard hotkeys with ctrl partially working

    Hi g2c

    This nirsoft utility may be able to tell you if those keys are already assigned.

    Saw a couple of post where nVidia experience had some of the CRTL keys mapped.

    Caledon Ken, Feb 12, 2017
  5. G2C
    g2c Win User
    Thanks Ken,
    Nirsoft does not find any used crtl+<number>
    I thought it might be chrome who's using this combination for tab switching but even after uninstalling it (with revo) the issue persisted. Even with just English with ctrl+0 and Hebrew is ctrl+1, only ctrl+0 works: I can go Hebrew with shift+left alt and back to English with ctrl+0. Also, the hotkey ctrl+1 becomes unassigned after reboot
    screenshot below

    keyboard hotkeys with ctrl partially working [​IMG]
  6. AndreTen Win User
    Do other combos work? like Ctrl+5, 6 etc? Some laptops can have Ctrl and Fn reversed or Fn sticks...
    AndreTen, Feb 16, 2017
  7. Does you Asus have nVidia? Did you look in GeForce experience.

    Would be interested in AndreTen idea. Do the other number keys work?

    Caledon Ken, Feb 16, 2017
  8. G2C
    g2c Win User

    keyboard hotkeys with ctrl partially working

    Thaks for bothering. Will test them all and report here
  9. G2C
    g2c Win User
    The shoth answer is NO
    Test results with two languages: English and Hebrew; leftAlt+shift set as sequential switch
    I can set English to any ctrl+<num> and it will always switch correctly from Hebrew to English (and disable chrome tab switch for that <num>

    No ctrl+<num> or ctrl+shift+<num> or (with disabled sequential) leftAlt+shift+<num> allows to switch to Hebrew. The only mean available to me to have Hebrew is the leftAlt+shift sequential shift

    The long answer is that Surprisingly, yesterday I could switch *once* to Hebrew with ctrl+<a num which I don't remember>
  10. G2C
    g2c Win User
    NO, no nVidia but Intel
  11. AndreTen Win User
    Strange that you can assign key for English and not others..

    Check please, that you don't have any options under "Ease of Access" check - Keyboard only (sticky keys). Also check if switching works with Chrome closed. If not, try removing and adding other languages.
    AndreTen, Feb 18, 2017
  12. G2C
    g2c Win User
    First my apology: after having failed to rename my home folder from windows assigned stupid name to my own I reset the computer to 8.1 and this is my os now. Before the abortive installation of win10, I had chrome and 4 languages on 8.1, all directly selectable with ctrl+<num>, num=0..3

    I have no sticky keys but only "hear a sound on caps/num/screen lock"

    When I assign a num to a language, Chrome does not react to this shortcut (does not jump to the corresponding tab), when the hotkey (language switch) works or when it does not work.

    I tried to add French and it works on any <num>, just like English

    Tried Georgian - does not work on any <num> just like Hebrew though it's LTR

    Finally I found: I need to "add input method" whatever it means and then it works for Canadian and Hebrew just as I want.

    Thanks you very much Andre, your questions did guide me
  13. AndreTen Win User

    keyboard hotkeys with ctrl partially working

    You're welcome g2c *Smile Think you did the main job here. Too many unknown variable for me.

    You can mark thread as solved, if it works now *Smile
    AndreTen, Feb 19, 2017
  14. G2C
    g2c Win User
    clicked "marked as solved" but it nothing seems to happen

keyboard hotkeys with ctrl partially working

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