Windows 10: Keyboard Keys behaving weird

Discus and support Keyboard Keys behaving weird in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Windows key = volume downUp key= brightness lowSpace = enter Backspace = tab+backspace"W" not working... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by AbhinavVaidya, Sep 18, 2021.

  1. Keyboard Keys behaving weird

    Windows key = volume downUp key= brightness lowSpace = enter Backspace = tab+backspace"W" not working

    AbhinavVaidya, Sep 18, 2021

  2. Keyboard Volume Keys not working while in-game

    I happen to have used the Tt Challenger Pro keyboard in the past, and the volume keys worked flawlessly in every game, so it's indeed a weird problem. I would suggest the same thing sneekypeet suggested, using the keyboard software and assign this function to a hotkey, but you said that didn't work either, so yeah...
    George_o/c, Sep 18, 2021
  3. Keyboard behave weird

    Hello Fikri,

    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft community.

    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused and will certainly assist you regarding the issue.

    I would require more information to help you better.

    • What is the make and model of your computer?

    • Did you try connecting another keyboard and check if the issue persists? If not, let us know regarding this.
    Let’s try the following methods and check if it helps.

    Method 1: Run the Troubleshoot Hardware and Devices.

    Hardware troubleshooter reviews, diagnose and identifies operational or technical problems within a hardware device.

    1. Press Windows Key +R, type Control Panel.

    2. Type troubleshooting in the search bar, click on troubleshooting.

    3. Click on Hardware and Devices.

    4. Follow the steps from the wizard to run the troubleshooter.

    If the issue persists, let’s clean boot in safe mode to see if any 3rd party application is causing the issue.

    Method 2: Perform clean boot.

    Let's place your computer in clean boot
    state and then try to install updates.

    Putting your system in Clean Boot state helps in identifying if any third party applications or startup items are causing the issue. You need to follow the steps from the article mentioned below to perform a Clean Boot.

    Refer the below link to learn how to perform a clean boot in Windows:

    Note: Once you are done with the troubleshooting, perform the steps in
    "How to reset the computer to start as usual after troubleshooting with clean boot"
    to reset computer as usual.

    If the issue persists, follow the method below to update drivers

    Method 3: Update Keyboard Drivers

    I suggest you to Update the Windows 10 Drivers for the Keyboard and check if it help.

    Please refer to the below article “How to: Install and Update drivers in Windows 10”by Mr. Andre Da Costa
    to update the drivers:

    How to: Install and Update Hardware Drivers in Windows 10

    Hope the above information helps. Reply with results and necessary information to help you further.
    Pushyanth K S, Sep 18, 2021
  4. Keyboard Keys behaving weird

    Keyboard behave weird

    suddenly when i use my keyboard this morning, it behave weird,

    when i turn my numlock on, my alphabet e will write e9 and my num 9 will write e9 too, when i turn off my num lock, my alphabet e became home and my num 9 became e with home button after i press it. my num 7 suddenly became caps lock button and vice versa
    , in chrome when i click page down it became num lock on/off, my home button became 3 and my 3 became home9 , please99 help

    gigabyte p35
    Fikri Maureza, Sep 18, 2021

Keyboard Keys behaving weird

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