Windows 10: Keyboard Weirdness

Discus and support Keyboard Weirdness in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Hi all, I'm having an issue with keyboards. They will randomly stop working. At first I had a wired keyboard and had to physically remove it from... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by brettanw, Feb 20, 2017.

  1. brettanw Win User

    Keyboard Weirdness

    Hi all,

    I'm having an issue with keyboards. They will randomly stop working.

    At first I had a wired keyboard and had to physically remove it from the USB slot (then plug it back in).

    Now I have a wireless keyboard, and I can fix the issue by opening the battery compartment, take out the battery for a second then put the battery back in. Then it works.

    Anyone else had this issue?

    brettanw, Feb 20, 2017

  2. Weird Keyboard Problem

    Hey, everyone!

    I'm using an Aspire E 14, and I noticed that my left shift key has stopped working with the I J K and
    , keys (they work with the right shift key), the M key doesn't work with
    both shift keys, and my left ctrl key doesn't work with the
    I key.

    I've already done virus scans (negative), checked the sticky keys settings (not turned on), and reinstalled the keyboard driver.

    Would you guys happen to know what else I could do to get this to work? Thanks in advance!

    [And I don't know if this is relevant, but I recently tried playing a game and I
    could use X key together with Z + the right arrow key, but it wouldn't work with Z + the left arrow key.]
    NocturnalSylph, Feb 20, 2017
  3. Orabi_ Win User
    keyboard weird shortcuts

    I recently upgraded to windows 10.

    While playing a game(GTA V) whenever I press ( W) + 5 Numpad + 6 Numpad it pause the game . So to make sure that the problem is not from the game i went to youtube played a video on fullscreen and tried the same combination it exit full screen which means
    the combination is for esc . I tried several things like changing keyboard settings , language settings and trying usb keyboard still same problem .

    My laptop is asus rog g75vw upgraded from win7 to 10 .

    Sorry for my bad english and thanks in advance
    Orabi_, Feb 20, 2017
  4. Keyboard Weirdness

    Possible paths:
    1. try disabling USB selective

    Keyboard Weirdness [​IMG]

    2. use usb 2.0
    3. use an Y-usb cable for more current.
    amimandami, Feb 20, 2017
  5. brettanw Win User
    Thanks, but that didn't work. Changed my USB settings and had another recurrence with the keyboard.
    brettanw, Apr 5, 2018

Keyboard Weirdness

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