Windows 10: Laptop brings down/swamps LAN

Discus and support Laptop brings down/swamps LAN in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hi, I have a HP laptop that has developed the annoying habit of making our LAN extremely slow. Using as a guide, I typically get... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by cplloyd, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. cplloyd Win User

    Laptop brings down/swamps LAN


    I have a HP laptop that has developed the annoying habit of making our LAN extremely slow.

    Using as a guide, I typically get 1.3Mbps download speeds with our 2x desktops (ethernet connected) and another laptop (WiFi connected). Our Internet connection here is via ADSL.

    Every time I connect the 2nd laptop, either via ethernet cable or WiFi (using the built-in card, or a USB dongle), the utility almost (and sometimes does) grind to a halt. Disconnecting the laptop from the network whilst speedtest is struggling immediately returns it to its former speed.

    The laptop (as is all the other PCs) is protected via Macafee Total Protection, fully maintained, and I have just run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and have found no issues. It is running Windows 10 with auto update enabled.

    If anyone has an idea for me to follow up, I would definitely appreciate it.


    PS Just to add confusion to this mix: I have just tried connecting to our ISP via their WiFi modem (their mobile network service) and I'm getting normal performance from - 2.5+ Mbps. What's up with the ADSL that our 3 other PCs are not suffering? (Note: with this test, the laptop is not connected to our LAN.)

    PPS Even further confusion: After running the laptop with the mobile network service for about an hour, reconnecting to our LAN via WiFi has not caused the problem. I'll continue monitoring and advise of any further problems.

    cplloyd, Sep 30, 2016

  2. windows 10 updates failed.

    Haven't ever updated, not once! Now I can't use my printer or scanner as port configuration isn't supported. WONDERFUL! How does this get fixed? Wing my laptop into the swamp and forget it?
    DAVIDODLAND, Sep 30, 2016
  3. Arslan2.0 Win User
    Keyboard the numerical buttons,. five and six no.s are not working properly

    You can clean out your keyboard by holding the laptop upside down. Make sure to power off and disconnect the charger of the laptop first, to avoid injuries. After turning the laptop upside down, shake it down a little, dust and debris will fall out. If there
    are no more debris that are falling out, power on your laptop and see if the keys work.

    If the keys does not work, press the Power button of your laptop for 10-15 seconds to shut down your laptop, then remove the battery and charger for a moment. While the laptop is turned off, without the battery and charger, press the Power button for 60
    seconds, this would remove any static in your device. After doing so, connect the battery and charger, then turn on your laptop. If the keys still don't work, you'll need to bring that laptop to a computer technician to replace the keyboard or the keys. If
    the laptop is still under warranty, bring it to the seller of the laptop so they can replace it for you.
    Arslan2.0, Sep 30, 2016
  4. cplloyd Win User

    Laptop brings down/swamps LAN

    A further update:
    1. The problem-free session lasted about 3 hours, before the Internet speed "crashed". We just had to disconnect the laptop if we needed to access the Internet. We switched off all PCs overnight (but kept the modem on and ADSL connected) and checked again this am - the problem was still there. We then switched everything off for an hour+ and connected only ADSL, problem laptop with WiFi - no problem found and it's been like this for the last 3 hours.
    2. Checking our ISP's link statistics we find huge volumes of downloads - very much larger than we were actually downloading.
    3. Whilst the problem existed I tried copying a 300MB file across our LAN to the problem laptop with and without the ADSL connected - there was essentially no real difference.

    I'm starting to suspect that a Web site my wife was using to view tutorial videos might be a source of the Internet overload problem.

    More test results to follow.

    cplloyd, Oct 1, 2016

Laptop brings down/swamps LAN

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