Windows 10: Laptop continues reboots

Discus and support Laptop continues reboots in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; We are wanting to sell my sons laptop so we did a factory reset. We thought it was doing the reset but now the same process repeats: 1. "Acer... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by winchesterstoke, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Laptop continues reboots

    We are wanting to sell my sons laptop so we did a factory reset. We thought it was doing the reset but now the same process repeats:

    1. "Acer explore beyond limits" for ~1 min.
    2. The screen is on but no words for ~1 min.
    3. The screen is off.
    4. Back to reboots.



    Any ideas/help please?

    It's a Acer Aspire One Cloudbook AO-131-C732


    winchesterstoke, Mar 10, 2017
  2. LindaRah Win User

    Continuous Rebooting

    My new computer did not come with a word processing program. I had been using Office 2013 on my old computer. I am in temporary living conditions and my disks are in storage. I did find the product key for Office 2010. I called Microsoft and they installed
    the program. It did not work and gave an error message about using a 32 bit program and a 64 bit. I called MS back and a rep was working on issue trying to remove the program so it could be reinstalled. This was done over a couple of days. The tech had been
    making changes to my computer when the continuous rebooting started. Any help would be appreciated as MS is "researching the issue" since Wednesday and has had no one available to work on issue they caused.
    LindaRah, Mar 10, 2017
  3. LindaRah Win User
    Continuous Rebooting

    compuer keeps rebooting every few minutes after MS rep tried to fix download issue. Spent 4.5 hours on phone with 10 reps and 3 hangups, 2 disconnects and no call backs. Told unable to escalate call, will have tech 2 call on Friday
    LindaRah, Mar 10, 2017
  4. Laptop continues reboots

    Hi winchesterstoke

    I assume you tried to enter enter vendor's recovery partition when its starting to boot. I can't find that device on any Acer site, either US or GB. Wanted to see what F key invokes or how to enter through alternate means.

    One option, as there is no data on device I would just do a clean install following the Clean Install tutorial. You will need another Win 10 machine to create USB Media key (4GB).

    Caledon Ken, Mar 11, 2017
  5. winchesterstoke,

    Have you tried pressing Alt and F10 on boot to access recovery if the computer can't boot into Windows?

    Also, try shutting down the computer pressing the Power button. You may have to press it for 15-20 seconds until it eventually shuts down.

    Now, press the Power button to turn on the PC, and, just as Windows starts to load (round dots rotating), press and hold the power button down until it turns off.

    Repeat the same actions two more times, and, on the third try, instead of the round dots, the PC should show 'Please wait...' and then boots into Recovery mode.

    At this screen, press the following button: See Advanced Repair Options
    cottonball, Mar 11, 2017
  6. Many thanks! We really appreciate the help!

    I am starting to go through your advice (I had a stroke last year so I am very slow at the moment), so my wife will help on the problems. Hopefully I'll get a response to you shortly. Cheers!
    winchesterstoke, Mar 12, 2017
  7. Many thanks for your help, but unfortunately no luck yet :-(. Apologies for the responses– as I hopefully mentioned as I’m now very slow!
    We tried the vendor but they wanted ~£70 to try to fix which we refused. They have suggested ideas but none helped.
    I’ve managed to work out the laptop:Acer Aspire One AO1-131-C726 Notebook (Blue/White): Computers & Accessories. Hope this helps? Thanks!
    I would be really happy to do the re-install, but I’m struggling for the Windows 10software license (as Windows won’t boot). I’m not certain if the attached picture if the Windows 10 license? I suspect my best hope is if the windows license is on the picture?
    Thanks for the ideas!
    I tried Alt & F10 as you suggested: which helps a bit. I get the Windows option“Troubleshoot” option. We then get “Reset” or “Advanced”.
    “Reset” would be the ideal! I select “Remove everything” , then either “Just remove my files” or “Clear the drive fully” (which I select). “Reset” then confirmed.
    After about ~1 hour (which looks it should be working with the “acer” name followedby “Resetting this PC XX%”), the message says “Reset this PC.There is a problem which resetting your PC”…
    So this does it again – i.e.:
    1. "Acer explore beyond limits" for ~1 min.
    2. The screen is on but no words for ~1 min.
    3. The screen is off.
    4. Back to reboots.
    Ahhhhh! :-(

    I also tried your suggestion
    “ try shutting down the computer pressing the Power button. You may have to press it for 15-20 seconds until it eventually shuts down.
    Now, press the Power button to turn on the PC, and, just as Windows startsto load (round dots rotating), press and hold the power button down until it turns off.”
    I’ve tried the steps, I can’t get Windows to start at all?
    Any ideas would be really appreciated.
    (Sorry if the words in this response aren’t that quite right, I’m slowly re-learningafter my stroke).

    Laptop continues reboots [​IMG]
    winchesterstoke, Mar 22, 2017
  8. Laptop continues reboots


    No apology necessary, we are in the same boat. Best thing to do is to keep on going. Doing one significant thing a day does wonders, and keeps you smiling.

    Do not wory about the Product Key, which is a set of 25 alpha-numeric code in five sets of five. What you are showing appears to be it (normally preceded by Product Key: XXXXX-..., and it is not??), but, if it is not, or it does not work, then you can click/tap on: I don't have a product key

    Press on and try the clean install, as suggested by CaledonKen:

    Clean Install Windows 10

    Ask whatever questions you have before you start. However, looking at the pictures helps. *Smile

    There are experts around here that can help you with whatever issues you have questions about.
    cottonball, Mar 22, 2017
  9. Agree with Cottonball.

    When it comes to product don't even try to enter one. Just click I don't have. MS has fingerprinted your machine. It had windows 10 and it gets to keep Windows 10.

    When you do the clean install you do have to use the same version and bitiness. So if it was Home don't try installing Pro.

    Caledon Ken, Mar 22, 2017
  10. Here is another resource with additional explanations:

    How to do a Clean Install of Windows 10, the Easy Way

    cottonball, Mar 22, 2017
  11. From looking at the specs, it has Windows 10 Home, the 64-bit Edition
    cottonball, Mar 22, 2017
  12. Thank you! I really appreciate my help!

    Hopefully I'm nearly there but another (silly :-( ) question:

    I have thought about doing the reinstall of Windows 10 but I always use to think that when doing a Windows install asked you for the Product Key? So if I don't have the product key then Microsoft won't be installed? Am I missing something?

    Again, thank you for your patience again. Cheers!
    winchesterstoke, Mar 24, 2017
  13. Laptop continues reboots

    You could install without license but it wouldn't activate.

    If you had 10, which you did, your machine was "fingerprinted". MS servers will interrogate your machine when you go online and assuming no major changes it will activate. If there are major changes you handle through a different process.

    Caledon Ken, Mar 24, 2017
  14. Thank you. Trying to do the install (but it will take a while).

    Many thanks!
    winchesterstoke, Mar 26, 2017
  15. Ahhh!

    I'm trying to create the bootable USB for 32 bit (as I think it was 32 bit), and it's failed twice now on error 0x1800130 - 0x90002 with "There was a problem running this too"? Any ideas please?

    Thanks again for your kind help and my patience!
    winchesterstoke, Mar 27, 2017

Laptop continues reboots

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