Windows 10: Lastpass and Edge

Discus and support Lastpass and Edge in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Until today, Lastpass has worked no problem with Edge. Today I noticed after rebooting the machine, I have to put the master password in Lastpass.... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Maggidon, Oct 15, 2020 at 7:17 PM.

  1. Maggidon Win User

    Lastpass and Edge

    Until today, Lastpass has worked no problem with Edge. Today I noticed after rebooting the machine, I have to put the master password in Lastpass. Prior to this, I didn't although there was one time it did that a long time ago and one of the settings in Lastpass fixed it.
    But today's issue does not reside with Lastpass itself. It works flawlessly in Chrome but here in Edge, I do have to put the password in there each time after closing down or a reboot. So the problem resides in Edge.
    Cookies are enabled & I really didn't change anything apart from updating on Tuesday.
    Has anyone an idea how to overcome this or has anyone else experienced this as of late?

  2. JIMHARDER Win User

    Lastpass does not start after cold boot of Windows 10

    I am using Lastpass under Edge for password storage. When I boot Windows 10 after an overnight shutdown, I start Edge, the Lastpass icon appears in the upper right corner along with a panel saying 'Click on Icon to Log on to Lastpass'. I click on the icon
    and cannot get the Lastpass logon panel. I restart Windows 10, start Edge, the same Lastpass panel comes up, I click on the Lastpass icon in the upper right corner and the Lastpass logon panel appears, I can successfully logon. I asked the Lastpass Tech support
    for help, they suggested reloading Lastpass, I did that, it did not help. They then suggested contacting Microsoft. Why do I have to restart Windows and Edge to get Lastpass to come up?
  3. LastPass

    Installed LastPass for Internet Explorer but, every time I try to sign into LastPass it crashes Internet Explorer. Any suggestions?
    SilverBack70, Oct 15, 2020 at 7:26 PM
  4. Buzzmag Win User

    Lastpass and Edge

    Where To Get LastPass Extension forMS Edge

    OK. I have downloaded and installed the app. The LastPass icon is still missing. Checking for installed Extensions under the three ... dots does not list the LastPass Extension.

Lastpass and Edge

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