Windows 10: Latest Update to 18362.356

Discus and support Latest Update to 18362.356 in Cortana to solve the problem; Recently, there was an "optional" update from 18362.295 to 18362.329. I have 8 Windows 10 computers and tried it on one and had no problems, so I... Discussion in 'Cortana' started by RCoover, Sep 11, 2019.

  1. RCoover Win User

    Latest Update to 18362.356

    Recently, there was an "optional" update from 18362.295 to 18362.329. I have 8 Windows 10 computers and tried it on one and had no problems, so I updated them all. One of the computers, an older Toshiba Portege Z935 with a i5-3337U CPU and 6 GB RAM did have a problem, which, apparently Microsoft became aware of. I uninstalled 18362.329 and went back to 18362,295 and all was well with the Toshiba.

    Yesterday, MS published another update to 18362.356 which supposedly fixed the problems created by 18362.329. I installed it, and found that while the problems were no where as severe as they were with the previous update, I still a problem with the Search button on the taskbar not opening. I'll probably go back to 18362.295 to get this back unless there is some other way to fix this.

    Has anybody else had this problem?

    I also wanted to report this via the Feedback app, but apparently my version of Windows 10 on this machine is "Enterprise" (it activated that way) and, apparently, the Feedback app is not available for Enterprise machines, or is it and it is missing on my machine?

    RCoover, Sep 11, 2019
  2. 3Colors Win User

    Windows Updated(16299.309).KB4088776 Restart is required to complete.

    Hi dalchina. Good news, I followed your suggestion and reinstalled the update and now it appears as "installed correctly" *Biggrin Maybe it was not necessary to run the Windows Update Troubleshooter or maybe if necessary. But using it I do not think it could have worsened something. The installation was very fast, unlike the first time it showed step 1 and step 2 completed.

    Thanks for the suggestions and for the time to respond Latest Update to 18362.356 :) Best regards.

    And thanks for the tip of that program, I'll have it on my list.
    3Colors, Sep 11, 2019
  3. btarunr Win User
    Intel E5200 Gets Updated, R0 Stepping Coming Up

    Intel's Pentium Dual-Core E5200 processor is getting on course for a specifications update. The chip will feature in a new, improved Wolfdale-2M core, spec'd out as the R0 stepping, from its current M0 stepping. The new stepping is intended to add new instructions, power-management features, and bring about changes in the chip-package. A short list of known changes is as follows:
    • CPUID changed from 10677 to 1067A
    • Power State Indicator (PSI) support with Intel 4 series chipsets
    • New instructions - XSAVE and XRSTOR
    • New S-spec and MM numbers
    • New halide-free chip package
    Due to the changed CPUID, users may require BIOS updates to detect the CPU. According to the company, E5200 R0 should be out by April 13.

    Source: TechConnect Magazine
    btarunr, Sep 11, 2019
  4. btarunr Win User

    Latest Update to 18362.356

    Intel Gives Core i3 and Core i5 Dual-Core Processors K0 Stepping Update

    Intel is giving some existing 32 nm "Clarkdale" based Core i3 and Core i5 processors an update. The processors will transition to the new K0 stepping from the existing C2 stepping. The parts that will be made on the K0 silicon are Core i3 models 530 (new sSPEC: SLBX7), 540 (new sSPEC: SLBTD) and Core i5 models 650 (new sSPEC: SLBTJ), 660/661 (SLBTK/SLBTB), 670 (SLBTL). Newer and upcoming models such as the i3-550, i3-560, i5-665K, and i5-680 are already being built on the K0 stepping die. Motherboards will require a BIOS update to support the new K0 stepping processors.

    The K0 stepping change includes the following highlights:
    • New S-spec and MM numbers for the converting products
    • Extended CPUID will change from 0x00020652 to 0x00020655
    • Host RevID will change from 0x12 to 0x18
    • K0 stepping package is pin compatible with C2 stepping package
    • Adds Processor Context ID (PCID) support
    The revised older SKUs that are built on K0 stepping will be market-available by October 16.
    btarunr, Sep 11, 2019

Latest Update to 18362.356

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