Windows 10: Latest Update to v1903 Hangs a 7% Install

Discus and support Latest Update to v1903 Hangs a 7% Install in Windows 10 Updates and Activation to solve the problem; Using a Dell Inspiron15 3000-3552, Windows 10, 64-but, v1809 build 17763.557. I attempted to update from 1809 to 1903 via normal update and the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Updates and Activation' started by dustymars, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. dustymars Win User

    Latest Update to v1903 Hangs a 7% Install

    Using a Dell Inspiron15 3000-3552, Windows 10, 64-but, v1809 build 17763.557. I attempted to update from 1809 to 1903 via normal update and the download took forever, then it just it just stuck on 7% during install. I reset the update and thank Heavens it actually reset, so now my PC is back to ground zero. Not sure it is worth the effort and wasted time to do this update. Suggestions?

    dustymars, Jun 19, 2019
  2. HAT
    hat Win User

    Windows Update suddenly hangs?

    Windows Update is suddenly hanging for some reason... I went and downloaded and installed the first bunch of updates, restarted when asked, and now when I go back to windows update I just get the window with a white box forever. Reboot and it still does it. This happens to be on my main machine, running windows 7.

    I've also noticed when I reboot it says configuring windows update, step 3 of 3, 47%. Maybe it somehow skipped something and is screwed forever?
  3. SirYandi Win User
    Windows 7 install hangs at "completing installation"

    Fix: Windows 7 install hangs at "completing installation"

    I am aware that this Thread is rather old but I still want to make a reply as it came up right at the top my google search for "install windows freezes on completing installation".

    Hi all,

    Follow each point carefully and hopefully you'll avoid the frustration I went through! I find singing to myself semi-manically helps during such times...

    To begin

    Minimize comp configuration:
    - Only 1 HDD; simply unplug all HDDs except the one you'll be installing to
    - Only one chip of RAM (2GB in my case); (primary ram slot is usually closest to the processor)
    - Only PS2 keyboard; (actually worked for me using USB keyboard)
    - Should be fine to leave your video card/wireless card in

    So, the back of your computer should now only have a power cable, DVI/VGA/HDMI and PS2/USB keyboard plugged in. Also, possibly a USB stick if you're using a USB flash drive to install (guide to creating a bootable Windows install flash drive here: How to Install Windows 7 Via a USB Drive | The Mighty Geek)

    Step 0, Optimize HDD as recommended at : (SSD / HDD : Optimize for Windows Reinstallation - Windows 7 Help Forums) I found this worked best by using CMD both to "cleanall" (not just "clean") and format NTFS

    Step 1, Ensure BIOS boot order is set to boot from CD/DVD (or USB flash drive). With the Windows 7 DVD (or USB Flash drive) in your DVD drive , press any key when prompted 'Press any key to boot from CD / DVD...', as soon as the message is gone, quickly press F8 to show the boot options list. Select Safe Mode and install 7. It will allow the initial stages & file copying.

    Step 2, When the Window 7 installation has completed all the stages, such as copying, expanding, installing features, and then installing updates, it is going to restart; REMOVE THE DVD/USB BEFORE THE RESTART! Once restarted, you can reconfigure BIOS to boot from your HDD (if you miss this then you will be you will be prompted to choose the boot device, choose HDD).

    Step 3, When 7 restarts for the first time, spam F8 and select 'safe mode'. When you boot to SAFE MODE wait for a few minutes at the "SETUP IS STARTING WINDOWS FOR THE FIRST TIME" screen, then you'll get the popup that states "WINDOWS CANNOT CONTINUE SETUP IN SAFE MODE, CLICK OK TO RESTART"
    NOTE: DO NOT restart, AND DO NOT click on the 'X' (close button) in the upper-right of the pop-up. You are going to do steps 4, 5 & 6 first before clicking to restart!!!!!

    Step 4, Simply press SHIFT+F10 (possibility of not working with USB keyboards although worked for me) - that will bring up a COMMAND PROMPT after a few seconds.

    Step 5 From there you can enter COMPMGMTLAUNCHER

    Step 6: Go to your device manager and disable:
    - ALL your drivers that display the YELLOW TRIANGLE.
    - ALL "unknown" device(s) drivers in any category.
    (this can be time consuming using only a keyboard so use the "tab" key to cycle through menus, the "D" key to disable drivers and the "Y" key to confirm)

    Also keep in mind that Video is always a huge culprit... just disable ALL unknown devices and ALL yellow triangles...

    If you DO NOT know which is causing the problem AND you CANNOT see an obvious with a YELLOW TRIANGLE or EXCLAMATION POINT in Device Manager then try disabling any and changing any services from automatic to disabled for any that you don't recognize or that seem VENDOR (software or hardware) specific.

    Step 7: Once you have disabled all of your drivers press alt+F4 to exit. You can now close command window by clicking ok on the dialog box. Windows will now use a standard (with less functionality) when it restarts. The final setup should now complete successfully.

    Once the installation has finished (congratulations by the way) and you actually have a screen up & running you should be able to install your original drivers as well as re-enable these and devices A really useful site to identify/audit the components you'll need to download drivers for can be found at Products: Belarc Advisor

    Note: If you successfully install Windows 7 using this guide, but but are left with a corrupted or missing driver(s), I would suggest enabling only the internet driver and re-downloading all your drivers from the manufacture site.

    I didn't write this entirely myself; I compiled and edited information from a few sources after exhausting a silly amount of options and time trying to fix this issue. Credit goes to SheilaP from; and MKtorn from Windows 7 Freezes at "Completing Installation" Solved - Windows 7 Help Forums

    Hope this helped!

    SirYandi, Jun 26, 2019
  4. Latest Update to v1903 Hangs a 7% Install

    Windows 10 update hangs on downloading updates at 98%

    Hi vinodh,

    In step 3 you state to press enter after after each command but its written like one sentence,could you list them so we can identify each command pc just hangs on "checking for updates" so i installed the win 10 updater and that just hangs on 99%
    so i will try what you suggest above.

    but not with this email add, Jun 26, 2019

Latest Update to v1903 Hangs a 7% Install

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