Windows 10: Lenovo Laptop Hibernate (?) issue?

Discus and support Lenovo Laptop Hibernate (?) issue? in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; So I've had a 'situation' with this laptop for almost two years. It's not a bug but a setting. But it does bug me, lol. I finally remembered to finally... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by The Pool Man, May 24, 2021.

  1. Lenovo Laptop Hibernate (?) issue?

    So I've had a 'situation' with this laptop for almost two years. It's not a bug but a setting. But it does bug me, lol. I finally remembered to finally look into it. And what should have been simple (as usual with Windows) ain't. I have four PCs in my house. If they're asleep, you hit any key -- and it reawakens and brings you to the login screen. Except the Lenovo. It simply shows my how charged my battery is and goes right back to sleep. So then I have to slip my finger on the side and find that subtle power button, hit it, and wait like 6 seconds. Man I'd like to eliminate that. So today I (finally) looked into turning off hibernate. The thing is it wasn't turned on in the old school CONTROL PANEL settings. So........................................ how do I make this laptop behave like the rest? Thanks for any and all help. And I'm so embarrassed I can't fix this myself.

    The Pool Man, May 24, 2021

  2. Laptop no longer hibernates on critical power

    Hi Mike,

    The laptop's battery is possibly wearing out. Since you haven't change any settings, we suggest that you change the critical battery level a bit higher so that your laptop can perform a hibernation on a much higher percentage than the default. Follow the
    steps below:

    • Type Power Options on the Start menu search bar.
    • Under Battery, click on Critical battery level.
    • Chang the default percentage to 10% or higher.
    • Click on Apply.

    Looking forward to your response.
    Radney Dri, May 24, 2021
  3. Lenovo shutdown, sleep and hibernate issues

    According to your description, I suggest the following two options:

    1. Confirm that you have installed Windows is the official original, if not, recommend the installation of Windows official original, and then go to Lenovo to download device drivers, and then install them, and then try to see if there are any problems.
    2. Since you use the computer version is very old, within the scope of tolerance, I suggest you go to Lenovo official outlets to pay to refresh the BIOS, try again to see if the problem is solved.
    hurry yang, May 24, 2021
  4. Lenovo Laptop Hibernate (?) issue?

    Another power related issue (Hibernation error)

    Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for your reply with the Hardware configuration information of your device.

    1. What is the make and model of the laptop?
    2. Have you tried all the above mentioned methods which was suggested to fix the issue with the Hibernation?

    Awaiting for your response.


    Microsoft Community Moderator
    Muralidhar_G, May 24, 2021

Lenovo Laptop Hibernate (?) issue?

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