Windows 10: Lenovo M58 won't boot Win10

Discus and support Lenovo M58 won't boot Win10 in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; 3 years ago I bought a couple of refurb Lenovo M58 SFF desktop computers (Core2 Duo CPU, 4Gb RAM, Win10 Home for Refurb PCs), one with a 250 GB HDD for... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Sidecar Bob, Jan 10, 2020.

  1. Lenovo M58 won't boot Win10

    3 years ago I bought a couple of refurb Lenovo M58 SFF desktop computers (Core2 Duo CPU, 4Gb RAM, Win10 Home for Refurb PCs), one with a 250 GB HDD for me (most of my data is on the NAS & backed up nightly) and the other with a 500GB HDD for our daughter and her husband.

    Mine is still ticking along nicely (I'm typing this on it). Theirs stopped working over a year ago. They live several hours from here and both have tablets they can access the internet with so they asked a friend in their city to look at it but that never happened so when we visited them over the holidays brought it home to see what I can do. I'm far from an expert but I know more than they do (including to ask here) and at least t won't end up sitting for another year.

    The first thing I found was that it gave me a CMOS Time Not Set error so I checked the mobo battery and sure enough it was dead. I put in a new one and it got as far as asking for a user password, which I didn't have. After I got the password I tried again but this time it went to Automatic Repair. I made all the selections and it started (I think) but when I came back the screen was black but the cursor responded so I left it alone for a while. When I returned again it was still not doing anything so I killed it with the power button and tried again.

    I've been trying it a few times per day for the last few days.
    - Sometimes it can't find the boot device and other times it goes into a loop with a line something about trying to connect and a MAC address scrolling up the screen as it tries over & over.
    - Once in a while it tries to repair but after I click US keyboard it sits longer than I want to wait and when I come back the screen is black.
    - Occasionally after I click US keyboard it goes to the screen with Troubleshoot and Turn off your PC and occasionally even to the list of troubleshooting options but whatever I choose it gives a reason that it can't do that.
    No matter what it does in the repair utility it takes several minutes to respond to anything I select.

    Yesterday I tried swapping the hard drives between my computer and theirs and the problem moved with the drive so I think it is fairly safe to assume that the problem is in either the software or the drive itself.

    I'm open to suggestions about what to do next. I thought about doing the Media Creation Tool thing to re-install Windows but I'm not sure if that would destroy their data...

    Sidecar Bob, Jan 10, 2020
  2. tops Win User

    Skype won´t wok in 17063

    Skype Won´t work... games won´t work...

    Making backup and re-format...

    Maybe I Install a Windows 7 again, At least, all of my games run smoothly ...Sadness!!

  3. Asus Transformer t100ta won´t turn on Win10

    Yesterday was reading on it. All of a sudden turned off and now it won´t turn on
    GabrielaAraya, Jan 10, 2020
  4. Lenovo M58 won't boot Win10

    Win10 start menu won`t open (SOLUTION)

    To all people that suffer from same problems as I did:

    -Win 10`s start menu won`t open after restart

    -Win 10`s menu stops working after few days if your pc has been idle or just on.

    -Win 10`s menu works after AC power down

    -Win 10`s menu won`t work after restart unless you log out and relog through CTRL+ALT+DEL

    It took me 7 hours to find cause of this problem, lots program reinstallations and browsing through internet.

    Even Microsoft support didn`t provide the right answer for this problem, they just give you commands and advices to create new accounts, cleanup this, reinstall that, clean boot this, normal boot that. But what they don`t say is that all those problems are
    caused by their so called "feature" that released with their "Fall Creators Update". A feature that saves some data into the memory, so after restart it start`s to open all your chrome windows and other programs.


    Your windows might get some conflicts with some programms during the session, before the update if you shutdown/restart your pc, windows where just dumping all the data out of the window, after the update it started to save it to the memory (including all the
    conflicted data). THANK YOU MICROSOFT!


    Go to your Search icon on the taskbar, type > Settings > Accounts > Sing-In options > Under "Privacy" uncheck/disable "Use my sing-in info to automatically setting up my device after an update or restart" > Restart

    Hope it helps folks!


    And ofcourse:

    Microsoft, you`ve already forced us into updates with Win10.

    Will you now please stop screwing up windows even more with your pointless system breaking features!

    Stop reinventing the wheel.
    3DArtist_007, Jan 10, 2020

Lenovo M58 won't boot Win10

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