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Discus and support Let's Talk About Edge in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Edge is a nice browser, currently my default. But Edge does not have a Command Bar to save a page to file (Documents). The only way to delete... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by torre, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. torre Win User

    Let's Talk About Edge

    Edge is a nice browser, currently my default.

    But Edge does not have a Command Bar to save a page to file (Documents).

    The only way to delete all Edge favorites at the same time is to "dig" deep into the system to find the Favorites folder or run a bat file.

    So the question is why doesn't MSN make Edge easier to manage like IE ?

    (I have extensively "googled" the issues. If there is a better way to manage saved pages and favorites in Edge, please inform)

    torre, Aug 27, 2017

  2. EDGE and Federal Courts Pacer/ECM interface problems]

    Edge is shutting me out of downloading my free (First) copy of a filing from the court's system. Problem started about a week ago. Courts' technical support folks said is was like an Edge problem because they had not tested with Edge. And lets not
    even talk about trying to call Microsoft's Customer Abuse line.
    DanCPissedOff, Aug 27, 2017
  3. e.gray Win User
    Windows 10 upgrade wipes favorites in Internet Explorer 11

    Are you talking about Internet Explorer 11... or are you talking about the new Microsoft Edge browser?
    e.gray, Aug 27, 2017
  4. Edwin New Member

    Let's Talk About Edge

    I'm accustomed to doing things a certain way with a conventional browser, so, I do not like Edge.

    I give it an honest whirl with each new Build but, no, I do not like it! (yet!) *Wink
    Edwin, Aug 27, 2017
  5. Tony K Win User
    Ok, let’s talk Edge. Welcome to the new way of computing where UWP Store apps comingle with each other. That's been the navigational magic of them since inception in W8. i.e. Click/push an address within a People app contact and Maps app opens to that address, then one can get road navigation via another link. Just one of many ways to quickly navigate to fulfill a task or tasks.

    The article you linked is 15 months old. Many more features added since then. I’m sure Roland Waddilove is keeping up on things.

    First, I suggest you read up on Edge features: Microsoft Edge Tips Make sure you go through all the categories.

    Let's Talk About Edge [​IMG]

    To answer your question. No, can’t save to file, but you can place it in Draw mode (Add notes) and save it to OneNote (or in that mode use other features in that bar).

    Let's Talk About Edge [​IMG]

    Once saved, it can be opened in OneNote via the “comingle” link. This would be the UWP OneNote. It cannot be viewed in Office WIN32 OneNote.

    Let's Talk About Edge [​IMG]

    Once in OneNote you can do all sorts of things with it via the tabs with their bars.

    Let's Talk About Edge [​IMG]

    One is that the Reader will speak read it via the play button within the "Immersive Reader" mode.

    Let's Talk About Edge [​IMG]

    One can delete any individual Favorite or Favorite folder (except Favorites Bar folder) by right clicking to obtain the context menu. I created a folder called “Edge Favorites” and took some time to open all my IE Favorites to place into it in which that folder will always tag along with me.

    Let's Talk About Edge [​IMG]

    One’s Edge Favorites folder can be backed up: Backup and Restore Microsoft Edge Favorites in Windows 10 Windows 10 Browsers Email Tutorials

    Here is a site that has a lot of info with utilities: Manage Edge Favorites

    To be continued…..
    Tony K, Aug 27, 2017
  6. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there

    Doesn't support SKY GO

    Doesn't properly handle NETFLIX

    Doesn't support JAVA (although that in itself isn't per se evil -- just a lot of applications still require JAVA).

    Doesn't support SAP GUI for Windows -- loads of people log on to SAP as consultants/ users etc - SAP is probably the biggest software supplier for large enterprises world wide in ERP market and Cloud applications (HANA etc)

    None of these might not be importance to an individual home user but for me these are 100% deal breakers.

    The only thing Edge has going for it is a built in PDF reader. In any case free things like foxit work very well or on a Linux VM the OKULAR app comes as standard anyway.

    Chrome, Firefox and even IE11 are much better currently - plus a spattering of other such as OPERA and Pale Moon.

    Firefox also has excellent integration with Thunderbird (email client) but you can install thunderbird without Firefox on Linux, Windows and Macbooks.

    For browsers Ms has come too late to the party -- I'd suggest fixing IE11 and forgetting Edge.

    I'm old fashioned and still like the idea of menus / cascading menus too -- on a computer I'm not using a tablet or mobile phone where edge might be better suited.

    When I'm on a PC I'm not obsessed with all this "collaboration stuff" -- we've got mobiles and tablets for things like "Farcebook" and "Twats Central" etc.

    jimbo45, Aug 27, 2017
  7. torre Win User
    @ Gypsie -

    As stated in my OP, I "googled" extensively and read about the apps/procedures you quote. I quoted the article you decry because it was the most direct explaining the issue.

    I feel many, if not most, would prefer a simple command line to Save a page to file and be able to directly delete all Favorites after exporting to file without doing a search into the system or making folders. Actually, the most simple way to Save a file is to use the IE app as stated in the article I quoted.

    May I say you seem to be a wise individual but with a condescending manner.
    torre, Aug 27, 2017
  8. Tony K Win User

    Let's Talk About Edge

    No, you may not say. You don’t get to judge me anymore than I do you. If you felt it was done in a condescending manner, then that's your problem. I was only attempting to be helpful. Your thread title suggested you want to talk Edge > I talked Edge the way I understand it.

    As with a lot of features added to Edge with time, they may be working on a way to save to file. In the mean time, there’s a link in the three-dot context menu to quickly open the page in IE to do so.
    Tony K, Aug 28, 2017
  9. Edge will get better as time goes on.
    Josey Wales, Aug 28, 2017
  10. jimbo45 Win User
    That might be true - but if you need the thing to work PROPERLY now with the current applications I listed in my previous post then it's still not fit for purpose - and these are still current requirements -- not long dead obsolete legacy functions.

    jimbo45, Aug 28, 2017
  11. Tony K Win User
    Keep up or go elsewhere.

    Microsoft, as a corporation, made a decision a long time ago to develop for multi-platform. Why? It's not that the desktop PC is dead, nor will ever die off any time soon, but rather that people desire to be mobile. This technological direction has been true since the inception/introduction of the cell phone and then onto the smart phone. Then the pad was introduced. Now we have devices of various form factors as seen in the quote of the article below. Anyone who's in the know knows that the desktop PC market has flattened. People/companies are simply spending more money on less expensive mobile devices. Add the trend of BYO.

    Therefore, MS has developed OSs (10 & 10 mobile) and the UWP platform to run apps across multiple devices. It’s all still in a transformation period really. Out of infancy and into later development period. In a very short time they will work it all out. That includes Edge.

    If your software doesn’t work on that platform, then you can continue running it on the desktop. That’s if the software continues to keep up with Windows 10 development. Same as all past Windows editions. Will developers continue to develop in the Win32 environment? Only time will tell, but I have a feeling that most developers will follow suite, otherwise sooner or later they may be SOL.

    It’s either that or open source OS as an option. I have a good friend that works IT for a rather large US medical lab certification company that doesn’t use one byte of MS software. Thing is, they must allow access to that software via Windows. Why? Because a greater percentage of devices in this world run on Windows. Kind of a catch 22.

    More here: What's a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app? - UWP app developer | Microsoft Docs

    MS is making it easier to convert:

    Universal Windows Platform Bridges - Windows app development
    Tony K, Apr 5, 2018

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