Windows 10: linked account error

Discus and support linked account error in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; i had my microsoft account linked to my ps4 accunt then i had uninstalled the game and just got it back and now it wont let me connect to my account... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by trapxgamin, Jun 10, 2021 at 3:27 PM.

  1. linked account error

    i had my microsoft account linked to my ps4 accunt then i had uninstalled the game and just got it back and now it wont let me connect to my account and everything i bought is now gone

  2. Vesao Win User

    Remove account

    I suggest you backup your personalized files first before removing the account.
    To delete an account, follow these steps:
    1. Press WIN + X keys and click Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu.
    2. Type the following command and press Enter. Replace test with the name of your sister's account. Code:
  3. Azhar Win User
    RPi2 from Windows cross compilation Error "The test for linking against libxcb failed!"

    Error in Cross Compilation, I am using Qt5.0, Windows10, Raspberry Pi 2.
    I was following this tutorial and the process failed at step 16 and tried with its suggestion but cannot find a solution.

    Error prompted after step 16 is:

    Running configuration tests...
    The test for linking against libxcb failed!
    Use of pkg-config is not enabled, maybe you want to pass -force-pkg-config?
    You might need to install dependency packages for libxcb.
    See src/plugins/platforms/xcb/README.

    and when I printed log in file as tutorial suggested, there are some errors mentioned like:

    • cc1plus.exe: error: unrecognized command line option '-fuse-ld=gold'
    • error "Symbolic function binding on this architecture may be broken, disabling it (see QTBUG-36129)."
    • etc.

    I tried but still find no solution.
  4. Addie Win User

    linked account error

    Cannot link/add my Microsoft Account to Local Account

    Hello Ken,

    Im using Win10 Build 1607 with all latest update.

    I also run all related troubleshooters:
    • Windows Update
    • Store Apps (says i have to login in my microsoft account but thats the problem, i can't)
    • Microsoft Accounts

    No Problem found. Also the suggestions from Microsoft didnt helped.

linked account error

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