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Discus and support Locked File acess in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I recently decided to move my archived video and photo files, from a small (250GB) drive to a larger (500GB) drive as the smaller one is maxed out.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by FreedomRydr, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Locked File acess

    I recently decided to move my archived video and photo files, from a small (250GB) drive to a larger (500GB) drive as the smaller one is maxed out. However when I tried to move them, I got an error message "You need permission from 'Doug' to access this file" (or similar). In review of the source files, I see the majority of them have a padlock icon in front of them. I checked the parent file and I ('Doug') am the owner of the entire drive, all folders and all files, with total control and permissions over all of them. Yet I cannot move them, open them, rename them, or in any way utilize these archived files.

    I did not ask for any encryption on the drive (which is also open for sharing with 'everyone') I have been using this drive since many previous OS setups, and other computers, since Vista, and never had problems accessing them before. I see in looking at the target drive, that all files that did not have the padlock, were moved to the new drive. I am thinking that these files may be encrypted with the old EFS(?) security, but not sure as I have never used it, at least not deliberately, but if I did it would have been under the same owner name, and passwords. I am hoping by this time in the tech evolution, that there is a workaround as some of these files are digitized 30-40 year old videos and photos, with no originals left, so I need to get these back. I am talking thousands of files! Any ideas out there? *Confused

    FreedomRydr, Feb 14, 2016

  2. App locker

    Sometimes we trust people but dont want to acess to the 1 or 2 apps for that reason we need to lock whole mobile , thats not good .
    Abhinav Bansode, Feb 14, 2016
  3. Yusluv442 Win User

    guys,my n96 is been locked for java app,thereby it is not acessing network for java apps.and when searching for wlan,its unable to connet
    Yusluv442, Feb 14, 2016
  4. dalchina New Member

    Locked File acess

    Hi, this may help:
    Lock icon appears beside file names

    If not, screenshots might help point the way.
    There are plenty of protection programs around, but you say you've not used these.

    For such data, you should keep at least two physically separate copies (You've just got to drop a HDD and it fails if you're unlucky).

    Also, if you want to move it, best not try simply moving it. Safer to copy and then delete.
    dalchina, Feb 15, 2016
  5. Britton Win User
    The lock beside a folder usually means you had those files shared at some point, either through network share or via the homegroup, but then suddenly stopped sharing them. I do not know your specific skill level when it comes to folder permission properties but I assume you have set the files to not be shared anymore.

    If not you can try right clicking the locked folder and going to properties then the Sharing tab. Click advanced sharing, make sure the check box that says "Share this folder" is not checked. Hit OK.

    Next go to the security tab right beside the Sharing tab and check the user groups. Ensure you have the following user groups present: SYSTEM, Administrators (Domain\Adminstrators), and Users. You may also see your own user name in this list. If you see all those, then the next thing to do would be to hit the advanced button at the bottom of the Security tab.

    This will bring up the Advanced Security Settings dialog window. From here click add, then at the top of the next window click "Select a principal" and enter the term Authenticated Users in the object name area. Click "check names", it should update itself then hit ok. Then click ok on the Security Settings window. You'll then be back at the regular properties window and you should see Authenticated Users in the Group list. You do not need to allow it any special access controls, simply hit ok and the lock should go away.

    If you are still unable to copy/move the data then this could indicate that the files are in use in the background, possibly by the Windows Media Player Sharing Service, if this is the case then ensure you do not have any media applications running, such as WMP, the Photo's App or any 3rd party software that could be indexing the files in that location.

    That's about all I know about that particular issue but I hope it helps you sort out your locked folder issue.
    Britton, Feb 15, 2016
  6. simrick Win User
    So, you own control of the parent folder completely - have you checked if it's the same for the sub-folders? And no idea when these locks appeared? I see from your system specs that you upgraded from W7U to W10 - was the drive attached when you did the upgrade? How were these files "archived"?

    Just a WAG, but if you boot to a live Linux distro, are the locks still there or are you able to copy/paste the files, or at least open them?

    Also, I wonder, if you boot into the W10 hidden administrator account, if you are able to manipulate the files from there?
    simrick, Feb 15, 2016
  7. lx07 Win User
    I hate to disagree but no, if the lock looks like this:

    Locked File acess [​IMG]

    It means it is encrypted using EFS. There isn't much you can do if you can't decrypt it. Even if you stored the original key it still may well not work. See EFS, and why you shouldnt ever use it! - gHacks Tech News

    Any copy or backup you made of an EFS encrypted file would not be encrypted though so there is that possibility to look into.
  8. Britton Win User

    Locked File acess

    I understand, I may have just misunderstood the original question. Thanks for pointing that out to me. His post does not give much in particulars like screenshots. I agree with you though, if he's encrypted it then he'll have to unlock the files with the key first and no amount of permission changes will fix that. Wasn't trying to step on anyone's toe's here, just trying to help.
    Britton, Feb 15, 2016
  9. lx07 Win User
    Speculation on my part really.

    EFS is my guess though (as s/he mentioned EFS). A terrible idea so it was. That is for sure.
  10. The link you left does not open.
    Screenshots will only show a row of folders with locks.
    I have always kept 2 and 3 copies and never delete without moving and verifying. This is how they got to the small drive from my main drive. You cannot MOVE between drives, only COPY (without using command lines). So this is not an issue. The initial COPY to the small drive was to make room on my main drive, as these files are quite large and use a lot of space, but are seldom accessed. None of this addresses WHY? there are locks on these files. *Sad Later... OK, got the link to open. I will investigate the thread. Thanks.
    FreedomRydr, Feb 15, 2016
  11. dalchina New Member
    A screenshot is sometimes worth 100 words or more.. it might just remind someone of sthg they've encountered.
    See lxo7's post above.

    Move or copy between drives? Well, for me, rt click + drag and release offers either move or copy...

    Hope the link gives some idea on the lock... at the moment it's a guessing game for me..
    dalchina, Feb 15, 2016
  12. Apparently this 7 year old thread is about BitLocker on Windows 7, which I do not have on Win 10 Pro.The graphic they show to remove the lock does not work as mine is already set at full permissions for all. Changing this does nothing to the lock, which remains firmly in place.

    Tried the cut/paste trick the OCD kid posted and said it worked I got
    Locked File acess [​IMG]

    The rest of them were either tried and failed previously, like security changes (I own them all and have full control), or are so old (they are still talking Vista and Win98) they are not relevant. Somewhere there is a Win 10 expert who knows how to fix this! One would think that by clicking on the lock icon, you would get some info on what it is and why it is there, even if not how to get rid of it. But at least I would know what created it and can figure out how to get rid of it! I will read on.... *sarc

    OBTW... I clicked on the CONTINUE tab and got this:
    Locked File acess [​IMG]
    I need permission from myself to access folders and files I already own and have full control. Go figger....
    FreedomRydr, Feb 15, 2016
  13. Locked File acess

    My BAD. I actually DO have BitLocker (Thank you, Cortana) but checking the drives in the Control panel, NONE of them are protected by BitLocker, (I even found a text file with the BitLocker Key, but if they are not locked with BitLocker, I still cannot open them! The files in question are on Drive O: and I am trying to copy them to Drive L:

    Locked File acess [​IMG]
    FreedomRydr, Feb 15, 2016
  14. lx07 Win User
    Well, obviously you don't. Just because your name is Doug doesn't mean you can unlock every EFS file encrypted by someone else who is also called Doug.

    Read up on EFS. It has nothing to do with Bitlocker.
  15. That's a bit cryptic. What do other people named Doug have to do with it? There are none in MY network, nor were there in previous iterations of OS and 3 other computers where these files and folders have been migrated for the past 12-15 years. I doubt if another Doug snuck into my house and encrypted my files, just to bust my chops! I know it is not BitLocker, I figured that out. I have 'read up' on EFS for the past couple of years and everything I have read boils down to 'tough luck- you cannot open them!' This is why I am here, yet again, hoping the tech has gotten to a place where someone knows a work-around for EFS. So if 'obviously I don't', then I am being lied to as it does not say "Full Control- Except if EFS protected". My logic tells me, someone wrote the code for EFS, so someone knows a way around it! I am just hoping he/she will make themselves known. Is there a 'dark web' for hackers? (Or is that just on CSI Cyber, LOL!)
    FreedomRydr, Feb 15, 2016

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