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Discus and support Log Ins/Outs in User Accounts and Family Safety to solve the problem; I have noticed that win 10 does not allow a generic log in screen like 7/8 did. I have 3 users on my pc; if I am the only one logged in, and log out,... Discussion in 'User Accounts and Family Safety' started by elbmek, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. elbmek Win User

    Log Ins/Outs

    I have noticed that win 10 does not allow a generic log in screen like 7/8 did. I have 3 users on my pc; if I am the only one logged in, and log out, it just reboots my desktop. If another is logged in and logs out, the same.

    Is there a magic key to return the log in process to the screen where the users are located and then the relevant person just clicks on their log in (no passwords involved).

    elbmek, Sep 30, 2015

  2. Keep getting " instead of @

    Thanks! Struggled for two days trying to sort this out, as it was OK on the other two log-ins!
    PolyannaJS, Sep 30, 2015
  3. switching log ins

    when i log out of my log in and try to sign into my girl friends log in account nothing shows up and it is really slow it was workinf fine when i first did the windows 10 update but now its all screwed up any ideas for me on what to do ???? because its
    pretty agravating
    josephrossi890, Sep 30, 2015
  4. Brink
    Brink New Member

    Log Ins/Outs

    Hello elbmek, *Smile

    This is a known issue in Windows 10. If you don't have a password for an account, and it's the last user, then it'll get signed in to automatically at startup.

    I'm afraid that the only way to stop this is to add a password to all accounts on the PC.
    Brink, Sep 30, 2015

Log Ins/Outs

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