Windows 10: Losing signal following by device connect audio

Discus and support Losing signal following by device connect audio in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; Hello, I have been having a problem with my PC losing signal and then hearing the device connect audio a few seconds later. The only way to temp... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by TFSD, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. TFSD Win User

    Losing signal following by device connect audio

    Hello, I have been having a problem with my PC losing signal and then hearing the device connect audio a few seconds later. The only way to temp resolve the issue is to restart pc. I have a reset button on my case so I have been using this.

    This has been happening quite frequently and it happens randomly. The screen goes blank then a few seconds later I here the device connect audio. Then nothing after that, the computer is still running just no display.

    I have ran a driver scan and all drivers are up to date and I have checked display drivers and they are up to date. I also keep my PC maintained using Tuneup and I am always running scans to make sure everything is perfect.

    My pc specs:

    Windows 10 Pro


    64gb ram

    GTX 2080ti

    Samsung nvme m.2 for storage

    Would love to get this problem fixed as it is happening more and more frequently.

    Thanks in advance


  2. Receiver loses audio signal

    Hi Norlig

    You tried Run Windows 10 Audio Troubleshooter?

    Step 1. Open the search box

    Step 2. Type Troubleshooter in the search box and then press Enter

    Step 3. Click View all

    Step 4. Select Playing audio and Run the troubleshooter

    Step 5. Follow the instructions to complete the audio troubleshooting process

    Note: The Audio Troubleshooter will detect the audio issues. When the search is finished, the audio issues will display.

    Please Keep me informed of your progress

    Good luck
    Wilfredo_Soto, Jul 12, 2019
  3. awd_ Win User
    xbox 360 splitting video signal


    I just happened to come over your post.

    Could you please tell us exactly where you don't get any signal? Both the screen and the computer (via capture device)?

    Have you tried the following?
    • Make sure you get a signal to the screen when using an HDMI cable directly from the Xbox 360 to the screen. Please make sure all cables work.
    • Make sure you get a signal to the capture card with the same cables.
    If you get a signal on the screen but not on the computer, could you please try the following?
    • Set the Xbox 360 to output at 720p. The frame rate will (or should) be 59.94.
    • If possible, make sure you capture the video with the same settings on the computer.
    • Try any other settings if this does not work.
    If it still does not work, please try this in the same order:
    • Power off computer (and capture device) and Xbox 360.
    • Power on computer (and capture device) and wait until the capture device is properly powered on and initialized.
    • Power on the Xbox 360.
    • Make sure you can capture properly.
    If it still does not work, make sure that one or more of the following are not defective:
    • The HDMI-VGA/composite adapter.
    • The VGA cable.
    • The capture device (could be just the input connector).
    If that works, please install the HDMI splitter.

    I am wondering a bit why you show us the wires inside the HDMI cable. Did you remove the isolation and/or do something with the wires?

    I am not sure what else to suggest at the moment.

    Could you please tell me/us the model of your capture device, and also the adapter between the HDMI cable and capture device?

  4. Losing signal following by device connect audio

    Re-enable audio device


    I would be happy to assist you.

    Before we proceed with troubleshooting, I would need little information on the issue.

    • Are using speakers / head phones to listen to audio?
    If you have disabled the audio device, then you might not see it under the list of playback devices. I would suggest you to follow these steps to make sure you see the disabled devices:

      • Open
        Control panel

      • Click Hardware and Sound and then Click on

      • Under Playback tab, right click on the empty area and make sure
        “Show Disabled Devices” has a check mark on it. If headphones/Speakers are disabled, it will now show up in the list.

      • Right click on the device and
        Enable it. Click OK.
    If the issue still persists, try enabling speakers automatically using steps below.

    • Go to Settings> Click on themes> Advance sound settings> right click on the speakers or the audio device youo have connected > click on
      Configure device.

    • Test the sound level you want, click Next.

    • And configure the audio devices.

    Hope this helps you. Do reply if you need further assistance on Windows 10.

    Thank you.
    Vidyashree_C, Jul 12, 2019

Losing signal following by device connect audio

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