Windows 10: LOST.DIR problem

Discus and support LOST.DIR problem in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; About two years ago I did some recording of a show on a Sony Camcorder or on my android phone - my memory is too poor to remember which... I then took... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by meridius, Dec 27, 2018.

  1. meridius Win User

    LOST.DIR problem

    About two years ago I did some recording of a show on a Sony Camcorder or on my android phone - my memory is too poor to remember which... I then took out the SD Card and put it into Windows XP and pulled out the USB too quickly. Unfortunately I was left with a LOST.DIR folder with one big file of 4GB plus and a collection of smaller ones mostly under 1GB (see screenshot attached).

    I copied these files to Windows, which has now been upgraded to Windows 10.

    I tested one of the smaller files with EaseUS Data Recovery and nothing changed i.e. the file name was recovered in the same name and format.

    I really don't know what to do now. Is there some free software that recovers files more than 4GB? EaseUS has a data limit and then asks you to pay but it couldn't recover the file (number 777820) in a new format (i.e. MP4) and just duplicated the same format I tested. The file size is 337,152 KB (337 MB).

    If there is free software that recovers files under 1GB that may also be a solution as I think, if it was recorded on it, the Sony Camcorder divides big files into smaller ones and perhaps I could piece them all together and recover the complete show.

    Many thanks for any advice.

    meridius, Dec 27, 2018

  2. dir Difficulties

    I am getting the hang of this command set.

    Maybe somebody know a work around that will list the three time stamps at one time.
    Theoretically dir /TC /TA /TW.
    dir will only show one of the three at one time.

    To me it seems that the only way to get all three on a line is to run loop with output to file, then boiling down the three outputs to one line. Clumsy but maybe the only way to get the job done?

    Thanks for any suggestions.
    mikeincousa, Dec 27, 2018
  3. Try3 Win User
    dir Difficulties

    Kari - We are both saying the same thing. Dir lists files and its lists can be sorted. Dir does not do anything to the files themselves but only to the lists it produces. Denis
  4. Kari Win User

    LOST.DIR problem

    dir Difficulties

    DIR uses whatever time definition you tell it to use. Following command would list all files and folders in X:\Downloads in order they have been created:

    dir X:\Downloads /t:c

    DIR is fully capable to sort files and folders. Following command would list all files in X:\Downloads, oldest first:

    dir X:\Downloads /o:d

    The minus sign before a parameter reverses the results, so the following command would list the same folder in reversed order, newest first:

    dir X:\Downloads /o:-d

    You can also combine switches. Following command would list all files and folders in X:\Downloads and all its subfolders (the /s switch), listing them in newest first based on time of file / folder creation:

    dir X:\Downloads /s /o:-d /t:c

LOST.DIR problem

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