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Discus and support Lost Everything on Windows 10 Install in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; how can I retrieve my lost data and art work. I have tried everything. thanks 13426 Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by lakoksal2777, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. Lost Everything on Windows 10 Install

    how can I retrieve my lost data and art work. I have tried everything. thanks

    lakoksal2777, Aug 5, 2015
  2. LeoVDH Win User

    windows 10

    I had windows 10 install 12 months ago , but now it is gone I was writing in words and then lost everything waited for a little while then it came back but lost my 12 pages of writing, so redone the writing and got to 10 page then lost everything windows
    10 and all my files so turned of computer left it for a while came back and turned computer back on and it reset itself back to windows 7 and lost all y settings tried to install widows 10 and my printer again but it won't let me please advise cheers.
    LeoVDH, Aug 5, 2015
  3. fiedlerh Win User
    Locked out of Windows 10 laptop

    Yes, that was the solution; create an installation drive and reinstall Windows 10.

    Lost everything on the hard drive, but that's to be expected with Windows.

    Only took 12 hours to get everything restored.
    fiedlerh, Aug 5, 2015
  4. NavyLCDR New Member

    Lost Everything on Windows 10 Install

    If you did a clean install .... you can't, unless you had it backed up on a different drive or partition. That's what the "clean" part means in clean install.
    NavyLCDR, Aug 5, 2015
  5. I didn't think it did a clean install.
    lakoksal2777, Aug 5, 2015
  6. How did you do the install?
    thunderclap, Aug 5, 2015
  7. NavyLCDR New Member
    On an upgrade you should not have lost your data and artwork. You can try looking for a C:\Windows.old folder and see if it is there - but I don't know if user data gets saved in that folder from the previous version or not. Also, look in C:\Users and check in each of the accounts listed there and see if you created a new account where your data is not - and see if an old account is still there where the data might be.
    NavyLCDR, Aug 5, 2015
  8. slyphnier Win User

    Lost Everything on Windows 10 Install

    i think it really important to always backup user-account-data when doing os migration
    this save trouble, and it can used for restoring some software setting also
    slyphnier, Aug 5, 2015
  9. It did it while I was asleep....
    lakoksal2777, Aug 6, 2015
  10. Slugger Win User
    ouch. I hope you have backups. For example use Macrium Reflect.
    Slugger, Aug 6, 2015
  11. linw Win User
    You really need to get someone with the skill to be able to check this drive out. Certainly, an automatic upgrade wouldn't take it upon itself to do a clean install but something has gone wrong.

    If the data has been deleted, Data Recovery specialists could very likely retrieve it, at a cost.

    So, my advice is to stop using this comp now and get a tech to look it over.
  12. Rocky Win User
    I didn't think that there was any such thing as an AUTOMATIC upgrade to Windows 10. At some point doesn't the user (end consumer) have to agree to the terms and conditions? This really can not happen automatically.
    Rocky, Aug 6, 2015
  13. linw Win User

    Lost Everything on Windows 10 Install

    I wouldn't have thought it possible, either, but 'something bad' seems to have happened.
  14. Slugger Win User
    I hate to say but most agree. Make backups of your PC and work. I hope you get your data back. I've read too many horror stories of people losing all their pictures, music and work.
    Slugger, Apr 4, 2018

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