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Discus and support Lost start menu windows 10 in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; I've lost my start menu on windows 10. Any advice on getting it back please?... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by Kath Clark, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Lost start menu windows 10

    I've lost my start menu on windows 10. Any advice on getting it back please?

    Kath Clark, Dec 6, 2018
  2. scevism Win User
    scevism, Dec 6, 2018
  3. Jetster Win User
    Jetster, Dec 6, 2018
  4. DonGirvin Win User

    Lost start menu windows 10


    After trying all suggested fixes, I finally was forced to use Windows Recovery under Settings to reload the full system. I lost all non-Microsoft applications but recovered the start menu. Though this was a painful, no other suggestions worked.

    Windows created an HTML file listing all programs that was deleted and that was very helpful for reinstalling mt lost programs.

    Thanks to everyone for their effort, perhaps Microsoft will discover the root cause of so many who are losing the Start menu and can prevent it in the future.
    DonGirvin, Dec 6, 2018

Lost start menu windows 10

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