Windows 10: Lost user accounts on Windows 10 after disconnecting from work account

Discus and support Lost user accounts on Windows 10 after disconnecting from work account in Windows Hello & Lockscreen to solve the problem; Hello I was following the directions in this post to fix a sync issue... Discussion in 'Windows Hello & Lockscreen' started by Tanya_PM, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. Tanya_PM Win User

    Lost user accounts on Windows 10 after disconnecting from work account


    I was following the directions in this post to fix a sync issue

    I go to disconnect from the work account and it tells me I have to enter alternate account info see screenshot below

    'to make sure that you can sign in to this PC after disconnecting from the organization, enter the sign-in info for a local administrator account. This can be a Microsoft Account or a local account. If you don't have one you'll need to create one'

    I tried my own account, which is an administrator account, but that did not work.

    So then I created a 'local administrator account' per these directions. Step 1 was to create a local user account and then step 2 was to make it an administrator account.

    I did that, Lost user accounts on Windows 10 after disconnecting from work account 13f0716c-0a31-483d-b6e9-f036e4644774?upload=true.png

    Now with the local administrator account created, I repeat the above instructions and disconnect from the work drive. Then I restart the computer per the original instructions here

    Now when I login the only option for login is the new local administrator account. Furthermore, all of my old accounts including my own are gone. I cannot find any trace of them. I want to get back to my old account at the very least, which was an administrator account. Any ideas?

    Tanya_PM, Nov 20, 2020
  2. Zakin Win User

    Strange Windows 10 User Account issue.

    Unfortunately I had done those steps numerous reboots, it just, reappears for no good reason. The base account isn't even a Microsoft account, it's a local account.

    I haven't quite tried the built in administrator account on W10, but so far in my experience on my own computer, the built in account seemed to have absolutely no more control than I did on my own.

    It's just strange, I go in, it warns me twice about deleting the account, then it's gone. Reboot, and it's back?

    EDIT: Just to specify, both command line and Netplwiz both say only HIS account exists on the computer, it doesn't list this rogue account. This is what I meant in my first post about the fact that even Windows doesn't seem to believe it exists, HALF the time. *Frown Lost user accounts on Windows 10 after disconnecting from work account :(
    Zakin, Nov 20, 2020
  3. 95Viper Win User
    95Viper, Nov 20, 2020
  4. Lost user accounts on Windows 10 after disconnecting from work account

    Lost User Account

    After upgrading from Window 7 to 10, I lost my wife's User Account got messed up, using my email address and login password, with no ability to change them. I received the reply below, but still have problems:

    I understand the inconvenience you are facing with user accounts, we will help you to resolve this issue.

    I would like to inform that there can be only one Microsoft user account on one device, and that might be the reason you are unable to change the email address for the user account.

    I suggest you to create a new account (Local account) on your computer and transfer the content to newly created user account.

    Step 1: Creating a new user account

    • Type cmd in the Search bar form the desktop.
    • Now, Right-click on cmd.exe from the result and select Run As Administrator.
    • User Account Control or UAC dialog box will appear, click on Yes.
    • Type net user username password /add

      [Replace ‘username’ and ‘password’ with your desired username and password]

    Step 2. Copying old files to newly created User Profile

    • Go to C:\Users\(Your-Corrupted-
    • Copy all files except three files:

    • NtUser.dat

    • NtUser.ini

    • NtUser.log
    3. Go to C:\Users\(New-User-Profile-

    4. Paste all those copied files here.

    I tried to create a new user account as in Step 1, but when I put in the command as written above, I kept getting messages about correct syntax for the command. No matter what I tried, it wouldn't work. I
    then tried to set up a new account using the Settings/Accounts/"Add someone else to this PC" menu. I set up the account, but no folder was created under C:\Users\. I tried adding a folder using the new accounts user name and transferred the files from the
    other account. When I tried to log in, I received the same error message. I am at a loss as to how to get back the user account with the correct username, email address, and password. HELP!!!
    LouisHafken, Nov 20, 2020

Lost user accounts on Windows 10 after disconnecting from work account

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