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Discus and support M.2 in Windows 10 Customization to solve the problem; For a better picture, I have an SSD, a brick, and an m.2 SSD I boot from this m.2 I just purchased another m.2 with more memory that I would use to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Customization' started by Caelum_86, Feb 28, 2021.

  1. Caelum_86 Win User


    For a better picture, I have an SSD, a brick, and an m.2 SSD I boot from this m.2

    I just purchased another m.2 with more memory that I would use to store my games to increase load times.

    However, I installed the new m.2 and when I boot the computer, I am getting an m.2 error. Do I need to format this new m.2 when the pc is on or am I missing a step?

    Caelum_86, Feb 28, 2021
  2. Lagged Win User

    M.2 SSD not being able to boot from it, windows doesn't recognise.

    Ok, this is what happened after all the comments and suggestions, @dude: Thanx for the video, my mb had non e of those settings, it had the raid/option memory gene or achi. Can only choose one or the other. @Saltgrass, my settings did point out auto and enabled the pcie x4, gen 3. I did an bios flash as suggested, because my bios was not the latest version, after a reformat the m.2 was picked up, still cant install OS onto it as it states legacy not found, removed my dvd rom from the sata port to another, and the drive was found and installed. Only issue now is that it's still not my OS drive but it at least now works and is installed, but on the Intel rst drive the obtain memory gene option to enable is greyed out, and shows as disabled. However the program lists the M.2 and it is working 100%,. I installed overwhatch onto it, it performs perfectly. But will update the intel driver tonight and see if that makes any difference. Seems the bios flash enabled the settings listed by @dude that was not present pre-flash.

    So the m.2 drive works. I can game off it and install omnto it. Can not install windows on it, gene memmory is enabled, pcie x4 is on and on auto detect, Motherbaord lists all the drives connected, motherboard ahs been updated to latest bios. After flash new settings became available, m.2 is now on memmory gene enabled not achi, windows os is enabled and fast boost is enabled, intel rst is installed and lists all the ssds and the m.2, however the m.2 on memmory gene is dissabled and the option to enable is greyed out. Will update the driver as Essenbe suggested of the m.2 and see if anything changes. Thank you all for the help, I can now atleast use my m.2
    Lagged, Feb 28, 2021
  3. bobkn Win User
    Adapter for M.2 Drive

    The adapter "steve108" listed is of the correct type.

    You need one that supports a SATA M.2 drive, and the B+M slots. M.2 - Wikipedia
    bobkn, Feb 28, 2021
  4. M.2

    PCIE to M.2 adapter.

    Thanks @cadaveca. M.2 in raid, wonder what the benefits are.

    So any suggestions on a better adapter?
    DeathtoGnomes, Feb 28, 2021