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Discus and support MacOS Catalina - BOOTCAMP - WIN10 - Parallels Desktop 15 in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; Just before I start - I have tried all regular responses found on forums, and no, I will not appreciate blanket scripted copy paste answers that I am... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by maaxaam, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. maaxaam Win User

    MacOS Catalina - BOOTCAMP - WIN10 - Parallels Desktop 15

    Just before I start - I have tried all regular responses found on forums, and no, I will not appreciate blanket scripted copy paste answers that I am capable of finding myself. I wouldn't be writing here if I managed to fix the issue with "those" answers.

    please note that I've been using Parallels since v9 and this is the first time I am coming across these issues described here.

    I've been using and troubleshooting Mac and Windows systems for a better part of my time with computers.

    My Windows installations are clean as they are used for gaming exclusively. The installed apps are Steam, Origin, Blizzard's, Epic games launcher, Uplay, Java, TuneUp from AVG, WinRar, Chrome, DirectX, ATIlol, it is AMD Radeon these days, so now you know my age drivers, BOOTCAMP drivers, ExpressVPN, VPNUnlimted, Spotify, WeChat and and other .net frameworks needed. That's it.

    Machine 16in MBP
    i9, 32GB RAM
    Parallels 15

    Issue 1: After loading BC partition - Activation dies - PERMANENTLY
    Yes, this happening the 1st time is expected.
    When you reactivate Win10 over a troubleshooter it works the 1st time. Restarting the computer into Windows over BOOTCAMP natively - GUID or HWID or which ever ID that gets generated for Win10 activationchanges seemingly again and now activation is not possible anymore. Not over Troubleshooter, not over 'I changed HW on this device recently". When you list the devices that have WIN10 bound - it shows both theMAC and Virtual machine on the list but does not allow you to select the machine and say - This is the machine I am using now. This happens both in BOOTCAMP and in Virtual machine when you start MacOS again andrun it from the PD15. I have 4 different keys and none of them seem to work to reactivate Win10. The basic Win10 support did not manage to resolve the issue as well. They suggested reaching out to Level 2 support. As I needed to dig in deeper I did not contact them yet. Interestingly the issue gets fixed if I delete thebootcamp partition and reinstall windows 10 again - et voila - all is fixed activation-wise. But the problem repeats as soon as I run P15 even without installingparallels tools which were my first suspect. So far the only functional solution I found was NOT to boot my bootcamp partition through parallels. The other solution that fixed the activation but BROKEEVERYTHING else was the "Roll back" option in windows and using a restore point. I've lost everything from the desktop, all apps there, shortcuts etc...

    I have tested this with Insider edition of build 2041 as well as 1909 regular edition from November or December 2019.

    the insider edition breaks a plethora of regular functionality through updates such as Windows MediaPlayer in one instance. You would think this is not an issue per se, but for some reason WMP functionality is a key to some games operating properly. Like Borderlands 3 as it does not want to start up the intro animations nor in game videos which are key to game progression. In case some of your games are not working - take a look if ur WMP is working fine. And no - no codec pack installs, WMP classic, KB packages or media packages from MS or similar will fix it. Windows fresh reinstall will be the only solution yet again was to me.

    Issue 2 - Parallels breaks Windows store functionality

    Resetting the Windows store does NOT fix the issues with INSTALLED sw. Re-registering components and using Powershell commands I have found seem to focus on only Windows store which does not refresh the installed apps contracts with new HWID/GUID.

    If you installed Bootcamp, used bootcamp for a while and installed any apps from Windows Store - Like any windows based apps solitaire, paint and onwards - asthey get updated when you run store for the 1st time,WeChat, Spotify and Forza Horizon 4 of 88GB - they will stop working.

    Forza Horizon 4 stops loading as it says it is not present on the account and throws an 0x8007005error. I wasn't sure what the deal was exactly even though I had a notion it may be connected to the potential HW change from Win10 perspective. It wasn't until I tried to launch the small app like Spotify until I got a clear clue from there:
    "CLiP license device ID does not match the device ID inthe bound device license" and crash. I saw that the win apps automatically re-download themselves and reacquire licenses when doing so.

    no clues found on ForzaHorizon 4 forums as well as on MS forums, Reddit or similar yielded any effect but the 4th download of the frikkin game mastodont.

    I have used the commands found here in this forum to try to restore Win10 Store functionality to no avail. Win Store does not have the functionality to test the integrity of the files like any other gaming system. Sigh so re-download of ALL previously downloaded apps is the only solution I found to be working.

    I am not sure if there is a way to safely roll back the HWID that shifts with starting the BOOTCAMP through parallels or is there a way to setup the virtual machine in such a way that would not push windows into this change? For now, I am giving up on Parallels as trying to deal with this issues has taken days to figure out this far and re-download/re-install items.

    phew. This is a long post that may help someoneunderstand the issues faced.


    maaxaam, Jan 31, 2020
  2. Tetsujin Win User
    Tetsujin, Jan 31, 2020
  3. K_RKrick Win User
    Transfering Win10 from Parallels VM to Bootcamp Partition


    I have Win10 installed via Parallels in a VM. This is really not optimal for games so I now have a 200 GB Partition made with Win10 installed via Bootcamp. However, I cannot activate my version of windows. I already have my Microsoft account set up on the
    Bootcamp machine and it shows the last 5 digits of my product key. Can I deactivate the parallels VM and transfer the Product Key to the Bootcamp version? I really don't feel like shelling out $120.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!
    K_RKrick, Jan 31, 2020
  4. MacOS Catalina - BOOTCAMP - WIN10 - Parallels Desktop 15

    Windows license problem in bootcamp and Parallels Desktop

    I am a MacBook Pro user and using Bootcamp and Virtual Machines Parallels Desktop 14 in the same time. The license suppose to be able to use in both engine cause it is the same computer.

    However, I activated the Windows license in the Parallels Desktop first.

    Now, the Windows in Bootcamp is telling me that the product key was already used on another device.

    Please help me. I do not want to purchase again the license using in the same computer.
    rena-0620123, Jan 31, 2020

MacOS Catalina - BOOTCAMP - WIN10 - Parallels Desktop 15

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