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Discus and support Macrium backup question in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; [img] Can someone tell me if that one box marked in red is something to ignore in the backup process. Thanks. 126596 Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by patriceltic, Feb 5, 2019.

  1. Macrium backup question

    Macrium backup question [​IMG]

    Can someone tell me if that one box marked in red is something to ignore in the backup process. Thanks.

    patriceltic, Feb 5, 2019
  2. topgundcp Win User

    Restoring Windows 10 Image using Macrium Reflect

    In addition to the above. Here's my suggestion in step by step.
    I assume you have Macrium Installed in your current HD and already made a backup copy.
    1. Connect your new HD via USB port and boot up.
    2. Run Macrium, click on Restore tab then select the Backup Image that you made to restore
    3. click on "select a different target disk" then select your new HD as destination

      Macrium backup question [​IMG]
    4. Proceed to restore then Shutdown and disconnect the old HD and replace with the new HD
    5. Boot up with your new HD.
    topgundcp, Feb 5, 2019
  3. Kari Win User
    Question on Macrium backups

    Short answer:

    This is not about archive bit, it's all about a backup plan; if the Sunday and Wednesday full backups belong to same backup set, a differential image when restored restores the last full backup regardless if it's your Sunday full or Wednesday full, then the last differential backup.

    In other words, archive bit has nothing to do with Macrium Reflect backup.

    If your Wednesday full backup files have a different backup definition (the 16 character hexadecimal part of the filename) than your Sunday full / every other day differential set, then it's exactly as it should be. The Wednesday full will not be used when the original plan's differential will be restored.

    Somewhat longer answer:

    Let's say that you created a full backup now on Sunday, today Tuesday a differential, tomorrow Wednesday again a full backup, on Thursday a differential and so on.

    If you now restore the differential made on Tuesday, it restores itself and full from Sunday. If you restore the Thursday differential, it picks up besides itself the full from Wednesday. This is not because Wednesday full backup cleared the archive bit, it is because both Sunday and Wednesday full backups belong to the same backup plan.

    A backup set is a set of full, differential and incremental backups. When you created your first backup with Macrium Reflect you were asked to name that backup set (backup plan):

    Macrium backup question [​IMG]

    The file names of each backup file in each backup set have the same hexadecimal string as filename, followed by digits. Below an extract from Macrium Reflect tutorial here at Ten Forums, its Part Four Step 8:

    What you want to achieve is simply done by creating a new backup plan for your Wednesday full backup. This puts the Wednesday full backups to a new backup set, without any whatsoever connection to your other backup set. Macrium Reflect is an intelligent application, by default it assumes you want to create a new plan and prompts for the name:

    Macrium backup question [​IMG]

    If you now give a new plan name, the backup will belong to new backup set with a different filename. To include this backup to your existing backup set you would need to browse and select the name of that set.

    How backup sets are created and maintained - KnowledgeBase - Macrium Reflect Knowledgebase

    I might have misunderstood the highlighted part in above quote, but just to be sure I want to add this:

    You don't have to restore first the last full image and then the last differential image. Simply restore the last differential image, it will automatically restore last full it finds belonging to same set, thereafter itself.

    Restoring first a full image is completely unnecessary.
    Kari, Feb 5, 2019
  4. Macrium backup question

    Windows 10 Backup Question

    This can be debatable as far as safety is concerned, however backups on external HDD are more reliable. Two reasons:

    • Hard drive failure would lead to loss of the backup as well.
    • Infections like ransomware would surely render the internal HDD backup useless.
    Macrium Reflect Free is a better tool to backup if you want to go for a 3rd party.
    Hope that helps.
    Sumit Dhiman2, Feb 5, 2019

Macrium backup question

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