Windows 10: Macrium image mystery

Discus and support Macrium image mystery in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; I have two images as below [img] [img] [img] Image 2 starting with A9 occupies 16.4 GB in disk but its disk volume is 25.39GB. Image 1 starting... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by lvgandhi, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. lvgandhi Win User

    Macrium image mystery

    I have two images as below

    Macrium image mystery [​IMG]

    Macrium image mystery [​IMG]

    Macrium image mystery [​IMG]

    Image 2 starting with A9 occupies 16.4 GB in disk but its disk volume is 25.39GB. Image 1 starting with 1C occupies 15.6Gb in disk but its disk volume 27.5GB. Why this anomaly?

    lvgandhi, Sep 15, 2018
  2. topgundcp Win User

    Restoring Windows 10 Image using Macrium Reflect

    In addition to the above. Here's my suggestion in step by step.
    I assume you have Macrium Installed in your current HD and already made a backup copy.
    1. Connect your new HD via USB port and boot up.
    2. Run Macrium, click on Restore tab then select the Backup Image that you made to restore
    3. click on "select a different target disk" then select your new HD as destination

      Macrium image mystery [​IMG]
    4. Proceed to restore then Shutdown and disconnect the old HD and replace with the new HD
    5. Boot up with your new HD.
    topgundcp, Sep 15, 2018
  3. System Image Problem

    I'm getting a head start in case you get on early.

    Can you post camera pics to your thread from your phone?

    There will be steps later that require attention to detail and I'd feel better if I could see what's on your screen. I had to try the steps more than once when I tested the process and I'd like to avoid that on your machine.

    Here's what I'd like to do for the Macrium Rescue steps later on in the process
    I'll post the the step, you'll post an picture of the Macrium screen,
    I'll echo same screen back if I see something that needs changing or I'll just say Go Ahead

    When I confirm that the Macrium screen, you'll make any changes I've highlighted and THEN execute the step

    Here's where you begin today's session, we'll get as far as we get and then pick up when you get back home.

    Step 1: Safeguard the System Image by moving it to a new folder

    1. Connect the Seagate exp drive

    2. File Explorer: Navigate to the Seagate drive

    3. Create a new Folder named 1_sysImage

    4. Move WindowsImageBackup to 1_sysImage

    Step 2: List the VHDs in the System Image

    1. File Explorer: Navigate to 1_sysImage\WindowsImageBackup\machineName\Backup date-time

    2. Press the Type column to sort by Type

    3. Post a screen shot
    Slartybart, Sep 15, 2018
  4. Macrium image mystery

    [HELP]Image recovery issues

    Guys i am trying to fix my cousins Asus Eee netbook. It has a backup image file that is partitioned on the hard drive but when I go to use it the app will run through a few steps and stop. It is running Vista . Any suggestions?
    Rapidfire48, Sep 15, 2018

Macrium image mystery

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