Windows 10: MACRIUM REFLECT 7.0 - February 26

Discus and support MACRIUM REFLECT 7.0 - February 26 in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; Macrium Software 76690 Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by wen, Feb 5, 2017.

  1. WEN
    wen Win User

    MACRIUM REFLECT 7.0 - February 26

  2. SpiritX MS MVP, Feb 5, 2017
  3. garybear89, Feb 5, 2017
  4. Steve C Win User

    MACRIUM REFLECT 7.0 - February 26

    Will there be a free version?
    Steve C, Feb 5, 2017
  5. Kari Win User
    Of course. Macrium Reflect Free will also be upgraded.
    Kari, Feb 5, 2017
  6. So is there any upgrade path for current V6 owners (excluding purchases after Nov 26, 2016) ?
    storageman, Feb 5, 2017
  7. WEN
    wen Win User

    v6 Home Customers

    All Macrium Reflect v6 Home Edition licenses purchased between 26th November 2016 and the release of v7 will be eligible for a free upgrade to v7. All v6 Home Edition licenses purchased prior to this date will be eligible to a 50% upgrade discount.
  8. MACRIUM REFLECT 7.0 - February 26

    Do you have a link where that is stated ?
    storageman, Feb 6, 2017
  9. Bree New Member
    Bree, Feb 6, 2017
  10. pparks1 Win User
    I had been an Acronis user, but I had some problems with Acronis when Windows 8 came out and UEFI. I switched at that point to Paragon Backup and Recovery. I'm still on version 14, and it's worked fine thus far with Windows 10.

    I've thought about purchasing a Macrium license, but I get a 30% discount on Paragon since I am a previous user. So, that makes my license only $27. But if I didn't already have this relationship, I would certainly look closely at Macrium.
    pparks1, Feb 6, 2017
  11. Steve C Win User
    Try Macrium Reflect Free. I just use that for scheduled full & differential backups.
    Steve C, Feb 6, 2017
  12. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there

    My problem with some of these "newer" versions is that will they still be able to restore old (and I mean quite old) backups / archives.

    I have some "archived" files - note archive is different from daily backup since you save it and generally don't need it again until possibly YEARS later !!.

    To get round a possible problem I've also saved a copy of the OS that I ran the archive on - so in the worst case I can restore the old OS and then restore the archive.

    I have heard of some versions of these backup programs failing to recover old backups so when upgrading TAKE NOTE.

    While I think Macrium Free is a great product and have used it a lot I'm coming more and more round to just running something like Rsync in Linux which once you get to know it is a great tool, won't go out of date, can run scheduled easily (crontab) and even has a GUI (Grsync) so a bootable live Linux distro can restore data for you even on a "Bare metal recovery".

    Don't get me wrong - ANY tool that makes taking backups easier should be applauded -- I sometimes think though software developers often go a bit "feature-itus" or "bloatware crazy" - and all the extra stuff isn't useful to most people and really often isn't worth the extra payment.

    Just look at adobe reader or Nero as prime examples for "Bloatware Kings" -- who bothers with adobe reader these days - edge will handle PDF's and if you do download adobe reader it will try and install toolbar and chrome and rabbit on about cloud stuff etc --avoid !!!!.

    I'm dreading the day when Macrium or others will add some type of cruddy A/V software into their program to check backups for viruses etc on backup -- apart from the possibilities of introducing errors this type of stuff would be horrendous -- might intuitively seem a good idea but since none of this stuff is ever 100% effective and a load show "False positives" it would be more trouble than its worth !!!.

    Anyway apart from the one use where I take a system image with Macrium I do all my DATA backups with Rsync or Grsync these days and won't have the issue any more of "version out of date" or "backup can't be recovered".

    Grsync has a slew of decent options for data backup including compression, don't copy if newer version on target (optional) etc etc.

    Just takes a bit of learning but it's brilliant. Try on a Linux VM for practice.

    MACRIUM REFLECT 7.0 - February 26 [​IMG]

    MACRIUM REFLECT 7.0 - February 26 [​IMG]

    jimbo45, Feb 6, 2017
  13. WEN
    wen Win User

    MACRIUM REFLECT 7.0 - February 26

    MACRIUM REFLECT 7.0 - February 26 [​IMG]
  14. f14tomcat Win User
    Can anyone explain this a bit further?

    This form is intended for users who have support subscriptions that are due to expire, or have expired within the last 90 days.

    On this link..... which a link from the one above.... I need coffee..........

    Renewals - Macrium Reflect
    f14tomcat, Feb 6, 2017
  15. WEN

    Thanks - 50% is better than 100%
    storageman, Apr 5, 2018

MACRIUM REFLECT 7.0 - February 26

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