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Discus and support Macrium: Rescue Media in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; Having turned to Macrium for daily backups, I have created a Rescue Media DVD. When testing to see if it would boot (as Macrium advise). I was unable... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by Stevekir, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Stevekir Win User

    Macrium: Rescue Media

    Having turned to Macrium for daily backups, I have created a Rescue Media DVD. When testing to see if it would boot (as Macrium advise). I was unable to choose which of the options offered was correct. Attached is a clip of my boot menu with the DVD in its tray.

    Oddly, the image below is the same whether the DVD is in the tray or not!

    Which should I choose please for the Rescue Media?

    Macrium: Rescue Media [​IMG]

    Stevekir, Aug 24, 2016
  2. johnptd Win User

    Blue Screen Error 'PC/device needs to be repaired file:/BCD error code:0xc000000d'


    I just fixed an error like that on a Dell Inspiron yesterday. The best and easiest tool for fixing this is to use Macrium Reflect's Rescue Media. It has a "Fix Windows Boot Problems" option. This is what you have to do:

    1. Download the "free" version of Macrium Reflect from here:

    Download Macrium Reflect Free

    2. Install it on a working computer and create the Rescue Media (Create Rescue Media). Make sure you set it to use
    Windows PE version 10. If it has not picked that, click the "Change PE Version" and select PE version 10. You can create the Rescue Media on either a CD or a USB Flash drive although a USB Flash drive would be better and you
    only need a minimum of a 1GB drive.

    3. Once the Rescue Media is created, you need to start your problem laptop with the Rescue Media connected to it and change where you are booting from. As soon as you press the power button on the laptop, continually press the "F12" key.
    This will allow you to access the Boot Options screen to modify from where your laptop will boot. It should eventually give you a list of devices to boot from. Select the USB Flash drive which contains the Rescue Media. Use the keyboard arrow keys to get to
    the correct line and then {Enter} to select it. Once selected, it should then boot into Macrium Reflect running off the USB drive.

    4. Follow the instructions on this page (How to fix Windows Boot problems) to perform the repair.

    Good luck,

    johnptd, Aug 24, 2016
  3. Greg Carmack - Windows MVP, Aug 24, 2016
  4. dalchina New Member

    Macrium: Rescue Media

    Hi, glad to hear you're using disk imaging and Macrium.

    The equivalent screen for my laptop is even more obscure- the entry corresponding to the DVD doesn't even mention 'DVD'.

    You might like to..
    - see what happens with a Win 10 boot DVD (it's a good idea to keep one handy)
    - consult the Lenovo forum

    What you see there may well not include any info from the disk - i.e. mention Macrium. Rather, it will be device level info.
    dalchina, Aug 24, 2016
  5. Stevekir Win User
    1. Please tell me what is meant by "Win 10 boot DVD ". My new computer did not come with any DVD. I have a DVD with a clean install of Windows, made recently, that my computer shop used when installing Windows after fitting the SSD. It was made via MS's Media Creation Tool. It just installs the OS, no programs, so is a bind to use. Is that what you mean?

    2. I experimented by booting on my DVD by choosing Sata 3 > UEFI and was surprised to get Macrium's restore window (with a lot of italics in its tabs etc.) So I have proved I can reboot my computer and get back to the latest .mrimg backup. That's good.

    3. Does that mean that I have achieved my objective of being able to boot on the latest BU (via the DVD) and get back exactly to where I was yesterday, without bothering about a Macrium's Rescue Media?

    4. What is the Rescue Media Disk supposed to do? The oddity remains of why the blue boot window was unchanged whether the DVD was in the drive or not. I store by daily backups (.mrimg) on my external USB drive. It seems clear that was what was offered to be restored (correct date, file number), and the DVD was incapable of doing anything.

    5. I thought Macrium was easy to use.
    Stevekir, Aug 25, 2016
  6. dalchina New Member
    1. It
    - installs Win 10
    - can be used to boot your PC and hence access Safe Mode, Command Prompt, System Restore...
    - can do startup repair
    - can be used to do an in-place upgrade repair install

    2. Don't know what you booted up from there.
    a. Could be Macrium's boot disk
    b. Macrium can also install as a boot option, so you choose to boot to Windows or Macrium

    3. If your PC is unbootable, you are advised to have external medium available. Always think 'worst case'.
    For example- your HDD fails. You replace it. What are you going to boot from then? Not your HDD... So...

    4. What's a Rescue Media Disk? unsure which you mean.

    5. That depends on your expectation and how deeply you delve into its features.

    If you prefer sthg simpler, try Veeam Endpoint. I don't know how far that compares in terms of features.
    dalchina, Aug 25, 2016
  7. Looks like the OP needs to select the "Sata-3" device which is where his Macrum PE disk probably resides. The list is the current boot order as presented by his BIOS.
    storageman, Aug 25, 2016
  8. Stevekir Win User

    Macrium: Rescue Media

    a) Yes. I booted on "Sata 3 > UEFI: HL DT ...." It found my Macrium system backups xxx.mrimg I haven't yet completed booting up on it yet (to test it).

    Macrium Reflect - Backup Restore - Windows 10 Forums

    b) This tells how to use all Macrium backup and restore procedures. I recommend this to everyone using Macrium. Following dalchina's comment 3 (post no. 4) I have printed out, on paper, part 5 of it (on restore) because Kiri (the author) recommends for safety reasons restoring from within Macrium's Rescue Media rather than from within Windows, and obviously part 5 would not be available at that time if not on paper.

    c) Another advantage of restoring from within Macrium's Rescue Media is that the confusing blue boot window does not appear and the only choice to be made is which of your Macrium backups you want to be restored.

    d: dalchina asked "4. What's a Rescue Media Disk? unsure which you mean." I mistyped. I meant Macrium's "Rescue Media" which I have on a DVD.

    e) I wrote in post 3: "5. I thought Macrium was easy to use." Yes it is. I was confused (not now I think) about what was on the my Rescue Media DVD and how to make my way through the geekery of the blue boot list.

    f) However, I have always found boot lists (in a blue background, see post 1) very unfriendly. It would be good if software companies or Microsoft made them more friendly, like having a title for a start: "Macrium Rescue Media", and in the case of the first entry mentioning UEFI and Legacy stuff, something more intelligible to help with choosing the correct option. Not many average users even know what UEFI means, and average users often do have to tackle boot lists when restoring.
    Stevekir, Aug 26, 2016
  9. dalchina New Member
    Absolutely agree with f) (1st point) - I couldn't understand my options at all... with previous laptops it had been obvious.
    dalchina, Aug 26, 2016
  10. Stevekir Win User
    So what friendly boot front end did your previous laptops have? I want one!
    Stevekir, Aug 26, 2016
  11. dalchina New Member
    Depends on who writes the BIOS code.. this custom laptop's base is by Clevo.. so not such a 'Clevo' feature- rather like their USB port positioning..
    dalchina, Apr 5, 2018

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