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Discus and support Mail app table in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; I am tring to place a 13 column 5 row table in my Windows Mail app email but a) there is not much space to allow this due to the design of the page,... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by jamandjerusalem, Nov 22, 2017.

  1. Mail app table

    I am tring to place a 13 column 5 row table in my Windows Mail app email but a) there is not much space to allow this due to the design of the page, where one writes is not very large and b) whilst I can put in a 5 col, 4 row table I can't work out how to change the size..
    Manny thanks

    jamandjerusalem, Nov 22, 2017

  2. Windows 10 Mail Table

    When I open Windows 10 Mail app I get this error:


    The only option I have is to click OK. This happens every time I open the mail app, regardless if I have mail or not.

    How do I find out which table, where are the tables, how do I repair it?

    After clicking OK, Windows 10 mail appears to be operating normally.
    Wayne La Borde, Nov 22, 2017
  3. Wallet purchase is confirmed but the details are not updated in the Table Tennis 3D app.

    Hi Guys,

    Recently I did a purchase in the Table Tennis 3D app using the Microsoft Wallet option. The purchase is confirmed and also I received the confirmation mail from Microsoft but the details are not updated in the Table Tennis 3D app.

    Please let me know will there be delay in the process or when can I see the changes in my app.
    Pravyn Baalu S R, Nov 22, 2017
  4. philc43 Win User

    Mail app table

    Try using the Table functions to insert rows and columns as required. It might help to work with the message in its own window.

    Mail app table [​IMG]
    philc43, Nov 22, 2017
  5. Thanks Phic43, I must have been stupid not to have fathomed that out. I have made my table but am not able to use it as I need to merge cells. I was also hoping that when I sent the table in the body of an email the recipient could autofill and return. This, like all others, is not the case. I can only get over it by either sending as attachments, which I don't want to do or asking recipient to copy and paste into reply when they will be able to fill it in. Many thanks for your help.
    jamandjerusalem, Nov 23, 2017
  6. Helmut Win User
    You really need to use a PDF which has those form filling facilities you require.

    In the Mail App - Zoom out to 50% will make it easier to produce more table columns and rows.
    You can then Zoom back in to 100% and scroll around a larger table.
    Helmut, Nov 23, 2017
  7. Thanks Helmut. The problem with using a pdf as I read it, is that the recipients need a program such as Acrobat, Nitro et al to be able to edit it. As this is a one off occasion to this group of contacts who are not tech savvy I think I will stick to the cut and paste method which I think they can probably cope with I will certainly use the Mail App in future for a different type of email.
    jamandjerusalem, Apr 5, 2018

Mail app table

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