Windows 10: Major problems and System problems

Discus and support Major problems and System problems in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Hello people, Is the black screen a bug or a major problem? Will Microsoft will fix the problem in the next update in 2021? I would to suggest to... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by Nicolaj1986, Dec 4, 2020.

  1. Major problems and System problems

    Hello people,

    Is the black screen a bug or a major problem?

    Will Microsoft will fix the problem in the next update in 2021?

    I would to suggest to fix problems like Black screens if PC turned of middle of an update or something like that I just seen videos about it

    I worried about it :



    Feel free to post your opinion! :

    Nicolaj1986, Dec 4, 2020
  2. dalchina Win User

    Windows 10 1709 System Restore problems...

    That seems to be an attempt at Option 2 in the tutorial, which requires you to
    a. Boot to a command prompt (Did you?)
    b. You then seem to be mixing steps 3,4 and 5, thus your command is incorrect.

    I suggest Option 1 is easier.

    If you still have problems, please repost listing each specific step and saying which option from the tutorial you are using. Thanks.
    dalchina, Dec 4, 2020
  3. BigJunit Win User
    Can anyone see a problem with this system

    thanks for the replies - have checked the Asus manual and the OCZ memory is listed. Only problem may come from the power supply as I have quite alot running in the 12v rails. PCProbe II shows it as running at 11.78v both idle and load, this suggests to me that the 12v rail has more to give.

    Have order parts, they will arrive tuesday so will post followup (if the system works of course)
    BigJunit, Dec 4, 2020
  4. Major problems and System problems

    System Image Problem

    I'm getting a head start in case you get on early.

    Can you post camera pics to your thread from your phone?

    There will be steps later that require attention to detail and I'd feel better if I could see what's on your screen. I had to try the steps more than once when I tested the process and I'd like to avoid that on your machine.

    Here's what I'd like to do for the Macrium Rescue steps later on in the process
    I'll post the the step, you'll post an picture of the Macrium screen,
    I'll echo same screen back if I see something that needs changing or I'll just say Go Ahead

    When I confirm that the Macrium screen, you'll make any changes I've highlighted and THEN execute the step

    Here's where you begin today's session, we'll get as far as we get and then pick up when you get back home.

    Step 1: Safeguard the System Image by moving it to a new folder

    1. Connect the Seagate exp drive

    2. File Explorer: Navigate to the Seagate drive

    3. Create a new Folder named 1_sysImage

    4. Move WindowsImageBackup to 1_sysImage

    Step 2: List the VHDs in the System Image

    1. File Explorer: Navigate to 1_sysImage\WindowsImageBackup\machineName\Backup date-time

    2. Press the Type column to sort by Type

    3. Post a screen shot
    Slartybart, Dec 4, 2020

Major problems and System problems

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