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Discus and support Medal of Honor Airborne in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; I recently got a CD for MoHA and on my windows 10 it says video card not supported if you could help please reply thanks... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by Ali EmirAtak, Mar 10, 2019.

  1. Medal of Honor Airborne

    I recently got a CD for MoHA and on my windows 10 it says video card not supported if you could help please reply thanks

    Ali EmirAtak, Mar 10, 2019
  2. BossDweeb Win User

    Medal of Honor Airborne on Steam

    I am using the disk based version, but there should be no real difference. However, if there is an issue with

    the Steam version the Steam forums would be the best place to find a fix for that particular issue.

    It depends on which cpu your particular machine has. This model has three options.

    - The i3 cpu uses Intel HD4000 graphics, which will run the game. I just gave it a whirl on an i5 with HD4000

    and it runs a little bit slow. Assuming your machine has the i3 cpu...

    This game has no proper setup screen, but you can access the .ini files that are in your

    User\Documents\EA Games\ Medal of Honor Airborne(tm) folder and tweak the settings there.

    You may be able to find suggestions for which settings to change on a MOH-A site or on the EA games forums.

    Intel only specifies Intel HD graphics with no number for the other two cpu options for this machine.

    If they use HD3000 or lower models games will have bigger issues running games.

    This would be compounded by there being no Win10 specific drivers for these models.

    - You need to go back a little bit farther - eg- COD - 2 and earlier. Medal of Honor Pacific Assault and earlier.

    Games that do not have DirectX 10 or higher options are good prospects.

    Release dates earlier than '06, but if a game more recent game only mentions DX9 it should be OK on HD4000.

    Should being the operative word. Some older games don't recognise Integrated graphics either.

    Laptops are a what you see is what you get deal. You cannot upgrade laptop graphics, with the exception

    of a few high end expensive models. I've read recently that there is currently a move toward making more

    laptops upgradable.
    BossDweeb, Mar 10, 2019
  3. SarajXH Win User
    Medal of Honor Airborne on Steam

    Hi. Firstly I should say I am totally inept on the laptop.

    I have an ASUS X551C Notebook pc which originally had windows 8 and my children updated it to windows 10.

    So at Christmas they got me to get a steam account and I have just downloaded the above medal of honor, but it tells me that my driver card is not supported.

    I have tried disabling it (after searching the web), and the game now loads but video is very slow and jerky. Also, the mouse now doesn't work.

    The game says it supports ATI Radeon x1300 pro, and NVIDIA GeForce 6600 GT, my question is - can I just download these and enable, disable them as required, and are they compatible with Windows 10 - or any other solutions - but please - a step by step guide.

    Hoping for help. Thanks
    SarajXH, Mar 10, 2019
  4. Medal of Honor Airborne

    Unable to play medal of honor allied assault on Windows 10

    Original Title[medal of honor allied assault ]

    Medal of honor allied assault will not play on windows 10 but pacific assault will. I have tried patches - updates etc. still will not work. Any answers out there? Thanks for any suggestions!
    timwells_887, Mar 10, 2019

Medal of Honor Airborne

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